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Passion for the Issues

Thor Halvorssen is a dedicated activist, with tireless energy and desire when fighting for what is right. He founded the Human Rights Foundation, an organization whose mission is to shed light on injustices around the world. Halvorssen comes from a legacy of political rebels. Both of his parents gave their lives standing up against tyranny. Many other members of his family suffered greatly in the name of civil rights. He shows no signs of slowing down, as his organization has gained notoriety worldwide for championing highly controversial causes.

Thor Halvorsesen is of Norwegian and Venezuelan heritage. His father died after being tortured in a Venezuelan prison. His crime was exposing the corruption that existed in the government while working as a highly ranked drug official. His mother also gave her life standing up for a cause that she believed in. She was gunned down during a protest of the governing regime of that time.

Halvorssen continues to shed a light on corruption and social injustices. His goal is to support those who are willing to stand up against authoritarian oppressors. He prides himself on being a troublemaker within the establishment. A willingness to speak out sets an example for those who live in fear of expressing their true beliefs. Having a leader who is not afraid of the attention that comes with such actions inspires many others to speak out about their conditions. It is this inspiration that motivates Halvorssen and his followers. His message continues to spread, as support for the Human Rights Foundation grows worldwide.

Halvorssen’s Path of Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen founded The Human Rights Foundation, based on the ideas expounded in the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The non-profit organization is wholly dedicated to the cause of defending human and liberal democratic rights the world over. There are a number of individual and social rights that have remained part of their founding policy for years. At the same time, its rights control the government in its legal manipulation of the public. Although it is forceful in its defense, it in no way condones or instigates violence.

Although the fight for human rights itself is the main work of HRF, there are many other human rights related activities it engages in. For instance, it has several branches related to raising awareness and educating about human rights. They educated from very basic stuff like what makes a free society, what such things matter, and how to nurture and sustain such an environment to advanced, specific stuff like a closer look and criticism of current leaders and governments. The HRF has a current, detailed program about educational awareness projects.

Halvorssen was born in Venezuela in 1976. In 1993, human rights became very personal to him. At that time he was a freshman at college and his father was unfairly arrested, tortured, and beaten. With the help of Amnesty International, Halvorssen achieved his father’s release. And Thor Halvorssen didn’t stop there. He has remained deeply entrenched and committed to the human rights cause up to the present. He himself has been in some sticky situations.

His mother has also been active. In 2004, she was shot while attending a peaceful protest in Venezuela. During the protests, governmental security people opened fire on the crowd. Halvorssen himself wrote an article about the event which led to the arrest of those involved in her shooting. However, Halvorssen is not only in human rights for the protection of family. He is committed to protecting the rights of all humans. In the 2004 incident, he also secured justice for 13 other victims who were shot.