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The Importance of Human Activism in Political Liberation and Freedom

Political freedom has been realized by the existence of different types of human activism around the world. Many people have been made aware of their rights to life and privileges found in their respective constitutions. Freedom comes with a price and many people who fought for freedom and liberation ended up being killed. This was the beginning of human activism that took a positive turn towards ensuring every person around the world is treated equally.

This has seen rise to many activists across the world that have fought for liberation among countries. About Thor Halvorssen he is a leading and renowned human activist that has been participating in the liberation of oppressed people in the society. He is the founder of Human Rights Foundation that was established in 2005 with its headquarters in New York City. Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela from a powerful family of a government minister and a vocal mother. He started her activism process while in Harvard University where he contributed as an editor of the university publication.

Through this process, he garnered a lot of experience and courage that saw her move to become a well-known and famous human rights advocate.His depute in the world of activism was evident when his father was detained without trial by the Venezuelan company when he was serving as a powerful cabinet secretary. This sparked street protests that were led by Thor Halvorssen where they demanded the release of his father who was innocent of the charges against him. The protest went on until the international communities gave their voices concerning the issue ion Venezuela. After the intervention of Amnesty International, Thor Halvorssen’s father was released and given a position on the Pan-American committee. Thor Halvorssen has also invested a lot in the film industry. He has produced many films that have hit the global limelight.


Thor Halvorrsen’s Campaign for Human Rights

Empathy is an important feature of the human being. It is that part of the individual that will make her sympathize with the struggles of another person. But there are few with both empathy and the drive and intelligence to do something about it. The world relies on the efforts of men such as Thor Halvorrsen. As the President of The Human Rights Foundation, Thor has the empathy that one needs to be motivated to help others. He has the intelligence and perhaps most importantly, he has the experience. After a long struggle against political oppression and human rights violations in his own, personal life, today he fights for the basic rights that everybody holds dear.

Freedom of Self-Determination

Freedom of self-determination means that every individual should be able to choose whatever path she is going to walk. She should not be compelled by others. This sort of violation has manifested itself in several ways throughout the generations. A family member could attempt to force her to live in a certain way, to pursue a career or to marry an individual. The government could do something similar. That is why Freedom of Self-Determination is one of the central human rights that is defended by the Human Rights Foundation.

Freedom of Speech

Scientific pursuits have been undermined throughout history as a violation of freedom of speech. If a particular scientific idea conflicted with the prevailing religious views of the state, then the state would be more likely to persecute them. Science has been stifled under the tyranny of this basic human rights violation for centuries. Perhaps it could be argued that Freedom of Speech emerged from the Renaissance, as a mechanism to encourage scientific pursuit. Further, Freedom of Speech preserves artwork. Art often expresses disdain or criticism of the culture, politicians or government. Accordingly, it has been targeted through history. But since art mounts these critiques, it can reveal a lot about the ancient world. Preserving Freedom of Speech is to preserve the history of humanity.

Thor Halvorrsen and  the Human Rights Foundation has labored to defend these two rights throughout the world.

Thor Halvorssen Leads the Fight Against Tyranny

***UPDATE: September 12, 2016

Thor Halvorssen has announced he will be producing an upcoming film The Clown has begun shooting in Georiga, and is set to wrap in October. Learn more about the production here.


In Matt Labash’s article Troublemaker for Tyrants, he explores the life and works of Thor Halvorssen, the human rights activist and founder of the Human Rights Foundation.

Thor is no newcomer to the battles for human rights. His Grandfather, who helped to shield Norway’s merchant fleet from the Nazis by bringing it to Venezuela during the second world war. And Thor’s mother was shot while participating in an anti-Che Guevara protest. With a family background so overflowing with anti-oppression zeal it’s no wonder that Thor spends as much time as possible with dissidents who are willing to stand up to tyranny.

However, the battle to show authoritarian governments for what they really are can’t be won solely with a microphone from a safe distance. Sometimes someone has to jump into the thick of things to bring out the truth, and Thor isn’t one to shy away from doing his part. In fact, he was beaten by Vietnamese security forces after interviewing the patriarch of a banned church in Vietnam.

The HRF has made a practice of only choosing the largest opponents on the field. Unlike other advocacy groups which often concern themselves with issues within the United States, the HRF tries to let other organizations worry about the smaller evils and instead focus their efforts on places like Cuba which is still holding 114 persons as political prisoners.

Thor Halvorssen is also a film maker and has produced several films in his battle to expose tyranny. For Thor and the Human Rights Foundation, political inclinations aren’t an issue.

The HRF isn’t alone in their fight. With the help of Thor’s charisma, the organization continues to attract notable donors like Peter Thiel, the co-founder of Paypal and Sergey Brin of Google. He’s shown his dedication to his cause by appointing people like Garry Kasparov, an outspoken protester to Russia’s President Putin.

Unlike other human rights organizations that may commit their resources towards small or trendy domestic issues, Thor and his HRF makes it their mission to focus on correcting only the biggest injustices worldwide and they have the track record to prove it.

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