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Haidar Barbouti Opens Doors in Houston

Like any other industry, the real estate market has its fair share of ups and downs. Downturns and bubbles might scare some away, but not Haidar Barbouti, one of Houston’s most accomplished real estate professionals.

Mr. Barbouti hit the ground running in the real estate business over 20 years ago. Incredibly, he has only gained strength since. Prior to making transactions, Mr. Barbouti completed his rigorous and rewarding academic training at Columbia University in New York, NY. By 1990, Barbouti was already among the most respected real estate professionals in the country. He blazed a trail of success from New York City down to Houston, Texas by acquiring large numbers of commercial and corporate offices, complexes, and properties.

In addition to overseeing the purchase of numerous properties, Barbouti is a successful businessman. Upon purchasing the Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston, Texas in 1990, Barbouti appointed himself Director of Leasing. He holds that same position today and oversees the financial aspects of leasing and renting the myriad of companies in that facility. Barbouti also plays a key role in managing daily operations and activities. Mr. Barbouti participates in upgrades and enhancements when necessary, as he knows the importance visitors place on having a clean and attractive shopping district. Simultaneously, Barbouti assumed the role of President at Fairfax Management Inc. in Houston back in 1997. Today, he remains the acting President there, and handles all aspects of owning, operating, and maintaining several multi-million dollar properties in the Houston area.

While many will never have the privilege of meeting Mr. Barbouti themselves, they can see his hard work paying off every day. Some people work in the scenic corporate offices that Barbouti owns in New York City, while others enjoy shopping at the historic Highland Village Shopping Center. In fact, this remarkable retail hub is one of Houston’s most iconic and coveted, destinations for visitors and tourists. Name-brand stores like Anthropologie, Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel and more eagerly open their doors for customers every day. After shopping ’til nearly dropping, people can stop for food and drinks at the facility’s restaurants, which include Starbucks, Escalante’s, Smith & Wollensky, and more.