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Lawyer’s Assemble! Horizon Takes Iron Man, Disney, and Marvel to Court

Iron Man may have defeated a cadre of super-villains during his cinematic career, but “shell-head’s” biggest challenge may be in a court of law. Actually, both Disney and Marvel are the ones facing a copyright infringement lawsuit. Whether or not the entertainment giants can win out remains to be seen.

At the core of the lawsuit is a contention over the originality of a modified version of Iron Man’s suit. Horizon Comics Productions owns the rights to a comic book called Radix and the title hero’s suit and the one worn by characters in the small publishing house’s line of books. Per the people at Horizon states Ray Lane, Iron Man had a relatively simple costume design for decades in the books. The advanced and complex look of Iron Man debuted in the movies and it is very close to what appeared in the indie publisher’s books.

Does Horizon have a strong case? Honestly, all does not look well for Horizon. Iron Man went through a number of upgrades in the 1990’s. The expansion of the “Iron Man team” with characters such as War Machine also debuted different spins on the old armor. And how distinct is the look of the Horizon Comics’ costumes?

This and other questions are going to be raised in court. Likely, Disney and Marvel are going to seek a dismissal. Whether or not they get one also remains to be seen. It is not too much of a jump to say Horizon has a huge mountain to climb to win this case. Stranger things have happened in the world of comics so you never know.