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Purina: Your Best Choice in Animal Care Products

There are very few places you can go without seeing the Purina news about its many labels. This company is the largest of its kind anywhere in the United States and it holds second place worldwide. In 2001 the Nestle Company purchased Ralston Purina. Located in St. Louis, MI, the company continues to grow and hold its position as the best in dog and cat food manufacturing. The merger combined numerous pet foods such as Friskies, Alpo, Dog and Cat Chow, along with the many varieties of Pro-Plan foods.

Purina has advanced a long way since that original merger. The manufacturing of pet foods has been moved to different locations during its first years. It has also outlived much adversity when some of its pet foods were found to be contaminated and dangerous to animals. Acting quickly, Purina voluntarily removed the products from the store shelves to insure the safety of people’s pets despite the fact that many of these claims were found to be untrue.

Even throughout this turmoil, by 2009 the Nestle Company found Purina to be its fastest growing subsidiary. Over time it acquired other facilities expanding its products to include cat litter, animal toys, pet insurance, an adoption site known as Petfinder, and treats that are not only tasty but good for your pet. Since 2011,it has offered animal beds, piddle pads for training dogs, leashes, and just about anything a pet could possibly need.

Purina has listened to its consumers and produced animal products to fit into everyone’s budget. It should be made clear that just because you are paying less for your animal food does not mean your pet is getting a less nutritious diet. From the frisky pup or kitten, to the elderly animal, there is a food made specifically to fit the needs of pets of any age. Foods are well labeled to inform the consumer of its ingredients and which choices are best suited for an animals specific age and size requirements.

If getting to the store is a problem, all Purina foods and animal accessories are available for purchase by phone or internet. Keep a keen eye out for the many coupons available and even the occasional free shipping. As with everything else, Purina understands that a certain number of its clients live on a limited budget.