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Karl Heideck Explains What Litigation Is

KH621Litigation happens when proceedings are started between two opposing parties over a legal right. There are several phases involved with litigation. These cases are usually settled before going to court but sometimes they do end up with arguments before a judge and/or jury.

Once one of the parties hire an attorney the litigation has started. The attorney might file a demand letter on the other party which asks for compensation. There might be negotiations prior to the filing of a lawsuit, if the attorney and client deem that makes the most sense and will bring justice. If the two parties can’t come to an agreement than a lawsuit is formally filed at court, or they agree to have the case heard before a moderator that determines the outcome. If the case does get filed with the court both parties engage in Discovery, which provides all the facts of the case to both of them. It’s in this phase or earlier that most cases are resolved, but if it isn’t than the case is heard before a judge and/or jury who will decide the merits of the case and adjudicate a resolution.

Karl Heideck an example of an attorney that litigates. He is in Jenkintown, PA and specializes in Litigation, Compliance, and Risk Management Review. Heideck obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College and his law degree from the Temple University Beasley School of Law. He has been a practicing attorney since 2010.


Heideck started his career working as an Associate for Conrad O’Brien. After a short time he was able to use that experience to gain a position at Pepper Hamilton LLP as a Project Attorney. In 2015 he found his current position as a Contract Attorney at Hire Counsel. He mainly works in complex securities fraud and banking litigation.

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