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Rocketship Education: Called for Impartation

As it is, most parents tend to stay at home naively without any idea whoever teaches their kids. Rocketship Education charter schools run their operations differently. Usually, the parents are invited to assist in the selection of the teachers they would wish to handle their children. The parents always take part in vetting the teachers to be employed in charter schools. So far they operate 13 schools and it that has been the trend for each, which means they do not regret the idea of parent participation. In fact, they are identified for their uniqueness in making parental engagement core in their programs. Precisely, every stakeholder has a crucial role to play in growth and development of the institution.

How Rocketship Parents Perceive Their Association with the Institution

Preston Smith serves as a co-founder and the chief executive officer at Rocketship. His position allows him to effortlessly evaluate how parents consider their significant participation in the school program. One of the parents, Jermaine Carter, had a chance to take part in the interviews and apparently, it pleased him to know the kind personalities their child would be under. Speaking to ‘The Post,’ at the District of Columbia school, several other parents expressed appreciation for an opportunity to know the candidates and potential teachers.

Parents Scrutinize Teachers for a New Charter School in D.C

Rocketship charter is opening a branch in Southeast of Washington D.C, and just as it is a norm, they invited parents to see around and comment on the structure as well as for the interview. Even aspiring parents like Christopher Smith and his girlfriend, Small had an opportunity to visit the school time and again, as well as take part in community meetings. Also, the duo has taken part in interviewing prospective teachers for over six times now. Such experiences make them own the school and look forward to enrolling their five-year-old daughter, Beautyful.

Explore More About Rocketship

Rocketship was launched in 2007 as a California-based charter when they opened their first elementary school. Their background test scores astonished so many people and attracted them to their programs. Their well-blended learning strategies integrate traditional learning with online tutorials. Such approaches have maintained relatively low costs and a high-quality education system.