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Hippeas: The New Go-To Snack in the Market

Entrepreneur, businessman, and innovator, Livio Bisterzo, launched popular snack, Hippeas, in 2016. Hippeas is a kosher, organic, fiber-rich, and tasty snack made from chickpeas. Due to its healthy properties and delicious taste, the food market has taken notice, and the brand is quickly becoming a global household name. Thanks to its popularity, Starbucks incorporated the snack into its grab-and-go assortment of Meals.

Bisterzo has reiterated that his company Green Park Brands ( wanted to come up with an innovative and fresh snack that was not only big on taste but also organic and healthy. He wanted the product to resonate well with today’s socially conscious consumer who is keen on eating and living healthily. He wanted people to enjoy Hippeas as much as any other conventional snacks.

Today, consumers conscious of their health find solace in Hippeas because it is a healthier alternative snack. Its marketing is largely geared towards the millennials who are seen as socially hip and active. Furthermore, the products come in bright yellow packets that allow them to stand out from other snacks on the shelves and attract customers.

Hippeas snacks come in four brands namely: Pepper Power, In Herbs We Trust, Sweet and Smoking, and Far Out Fajita. According to Bisterzo, Hippeas wanted to create a delicious product that did not steer far from what consumers were used to and would proudly buy. The product has received thousands of comments from happy customers who have settled on Hippeas as their go-to snack.

Livio Bisterzo

Successful Italian Entrepreneur, Livio Bisterzo, is the brains behind a series of several successful ventures in different industries including hospitality, consumer brands, food as well as fashion and lifestyle. Bisterzo moved to London, UK, from Italy at 18 to join the University of Arts. After graduating, he used his entrepreneurial and marketing background to establish an events business in the city. He later founded other ventures like Pollen St, Maddox Club, Little Miracles, Kyoku for Men, and Green Park Holdings.

His latest venture, Green Park Brands, launched Hippeas Organic Chickpeas Puffs – a successful range of healthy snacks that has become all the rage in the market. Bisterzo is keen on creating products that appeal to customers’ needs, cause cultural and behavioral change, and leave a lasting social impact. In fact, in 2016, Farm Africa and Hippeas partnered to support Eastern African farmers who grow chickpeas on their farms. Today, Bisterzo lives in Los Angeles, California, with his family.

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