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Why Beneful is the Top Selling Brand

Beneful is a brand name dog food produced by Nestle Purina Petcare. The products under the Beneful line contains wet and dry food as well as snacks. The naming and marketing have been a smash hit with pet owners since 2001. The quality of the food has influenced the success of this particular food brand.

The word Beneful sounds like the combination of beneficial and healthful. All of the healthful ingredients included in the products are noted to be “full of goodness.” Marketing for the product has focused on how the food benefits pets and how nutritious the ingredients are. In addition to the nutritious aspect, the product’s appearance was a selling point. The Beneful dog food had a more homemade look including bits of beef and a stew-like consistency.

The product lines are promoted as natural as well as delicious. Beneful pet meals of both the dry and wet variety. Premium brands were added as early as 2005 and include Beneful Healthy Harvest and Beneful Prepared Meals. The latter of the two comes with eight flavors and has won the Pack Expo Selects Award in 2007 for its innovative resealable package.

It is one of the top American brands that pet owners purchase most. It’s one of Nestle’s most significant products and the fourth most purchase pet brand in America. The brand has an annual revenue of about $1.5 billion.

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