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USHEALTH Group Offering Flexibility in the Era of Change

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is located in Fort Worth, Texas and deals with life and health insurance policies through its subsidiaries. The company specializes in offering policies to self-employed individuals, small business owners, and connected families and employees. USHEALTH Group has insured more than 15 million customers during its business lifetime.

The USHEALTH Group offers multiple choices and options to its customer base. It promotes this flexibility, reliability, and affordability in its various coverages.

The USHEALTH Group was awarded the 2017 CEO World Award for the category of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. This annual award is presented to select individuals and companies that evidence corporate responsibility, leadership skills, innovative and helpful new products. The awards were presented on June 26 of this year in San Francisco.

Many health insurance companies remain in a state of flux since the Republicans have made efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The ACA was implemented during the Obama Presidency when the Democratic party had control of congress.

Many insurance companies that are not able to adjust to changing conditions may find themselves in a position of duress. USHEALTH Group seems to have the flexible leadership to adjust to current conditions and to succeed in this contentious health care environment. The current administration has done nothing to lessen the plight of the underinsured and uninsured in the United States of America and has only added fuel to the flames engulfing the issue of Universal Health Insurance as evidenced by the Affordable Care Act.

Maggie Gill’s Healthcare Centered Career

It is a common thing for people to work in different companies. However, the types of companies they work for tend to be in the same industry. For instance, one could work for multiple stores. However, she may still be working in the retail industry. There are many different positions one can hold within one industry as well. For one thing, there are the mere associates positions and then the leadership positions. People like Maggie Gill have always worked in the healthcare industry. One of the highest positions that Maggie Gill has held in a company is that of CEO at Memorial Health which is where she works now.

In order to hold a position as CEO, Maggie Gill needed a lot of different skills and knowledge about the healthcare industry. Among the skills she need was that of leadership. She needs to be able to know how to speak and deal with people she has working for her company. She also has to know how to handle the paperwork needed in order to keep the business in line. Maggie Gill has also shown that she is willing to learn new lessons that will bring her efforts in healthcare to a higher level.

One of the most important things to know about Maggie is that she has the desire to help people. This is one of the reasons that she is involved in healthcare. She understands the importance of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. Therefore, she is willing to share what she has learned with others so that they will be able to apply their lessons to their lives.

Outside of her leadership in healthcare, Maggie is a really good family member. Her family is what brings her joy outside of her career as the CEO of Memorial Health.


Maggie Gill–CEO of Memorial Health–Superior Levels of Service is Her Mission:

Maggie Gill, CEO of Memorial Health, has one thought that predominates her thoughts: Delivering superior levels of healthcare service–without breaking the recipient’s bank account. She makes it her mission to achieve award-winning healthcare, as evidenced by the exceptional team she has on board at the state of the art facility: Memorial University Medical Center.


The Memorial University Medical Center is considered one the region’s largest sources of employment. It has, on board, approximately 5,000 team members and is continually growing. Its healthcare population is also quite tremendous. Despite the large figures, Ms. Gill maintains her composure, as one of the community’s strongest leaders.


She is continually involved in relationships with outside entities such as reliable healthcare providers; which engage in providing Savannah and southern residents with affordable healthcare plans.


She provides leadership, as it pertains to the institution’s following areas. Keep in mind, the listing which follows is not complete. Her areas of responsibility, as promised, follow:


1) Maggie is leader of all of the organization’s Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents and the Physician Leaders at MUMC.

2) She oversees the operations of the Heart & Vascular Institute;

3) Ms. Gill provides leadership to the Perioperative Services area;

4) She oversees the Financial Assistance Department;

5) She provides directive to the Corporate Communications area;

6) Ms. Gill oversees the Facilities Management area;

7) Maggie Gill heads up the Trauma Services area; and

8) Holds responsibility with respect to the Orthopedic and Neuroscience Programs.


The preceding is a mere sampling of what is on the plate of Ms. Gill. She generously donates her time and resources to the healthcare community which she so agreeably serves. Her service levels, year-after-year, with regard to her team of professionals, remain unquestionably high. It is this constant high level of customer care that makes Memorial Health one of the best health care systems in the region. Ms. Gill would not expect anything else.