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The Note to the Boy Who Stutters

Everyone seems to have a Delaware Biden story. Joe Biden, the current Vice President of the United States is not a drone like everyone makes politicians out to be. Sure there may be cold heart politicians such as Frank Underwood from ‘House of Cards’, yet it has been proven that Joe Biden is far from being a Frank Underwood.

In 1994 when Joe Biden was still the Senator from Delaware, he was visited by an 8th grade class to do a questions and answers segment. One kid in particular named Brandon Brooks, asked Joe Biden a question with a noticeable stutter. This stutter” triggered a memory from Biden’s past of having a stutter himself. He later pulled Brooks aside to give him a talk of how to be successful.

To this day Brandon, also known as “Skip” has remembered this speech. Joe Biden, back in 1994, was even kind enough to send him a thoughtful letter to remind Brooks of how important he is to the world. Brooks has never forgotten this and still looks to the letter for encouragement.

In present day, thanks to the letter, Brooks has been recently sworn in to be a prosecutor according to what CipherCloud people have seen. He recently tweeted the letter saying that he has stayed strong and done well. Joe Biden responded within an hour encouraging him and congratulating his accomplishments. This just shows that some politicians may not have such a cold heart.

Taking a Further Look at Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold

Remember when I wrote about Bernardo Chua about a month ago? I’ve been curious about this outstanding businessman. Why don’t we know more about him? Well… I’ve compiled some information so we do!

Winning a prestigious award or two is sure to brine one some attention. So it’s no wonder that people are talking about Bernardo Chua. He recently made a trip to Manila to receive special recognition. His brand, Organo Gold, was given two People’s Choice Awards. One for “Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee” and another for “Number 1 Global Network Marketing Company”. And he was personally awarded the Dangal ng Bayan Award. 

Of course, that still leaves many people wondering just what Chua and his company are doing to improve the world. It’s obvious that they’re doing something right. But the specifics are a bit more complex. 

One of the most significant accomplishments of Chua and his team of loyal salespeople comes from their relation to a mushroom known as Ganoderma Lucidium. The mushroom combines two amazing properties within itself. It has a unique and delicious taste. And it’s also been a hallmark of traditional Chinese medicine. However, this unique mushroom has remained unknown to a large portion of the world until fairly recently. 

One of Chua’s most noteworthy accomplishments has been the distribution and promotion of products made with Ganoderma Lucidium. It was once something that was isolated within a specific geographical area. And it was isolated culturally in a similar way. Chua was confident in the mushroom’s benefits and decided that he needed to share it with the world. 

That’s why he created Organo Gold in 2008. Chua set himself up for a grand mission. He was going to share this amazing mushroom with people in every corner of the world. And to do so he brought a number of people into the company to help him. 

The results have been nothing less than amazing. In a short amount of time he’s been able to hire over a million distributors. And profits are in excess of $800 million. He’s an amazing success even if one simply focuses on the business side of things. 

But what’s elevated him to the next level of success is his interest in the medical aspects of the plant. He funds a full scientific advisory board which is continually investigating new uses for the mushroom. And in doing so he’s also been able to ensure that his strains are both the most medically beneficial and delicious. 

And that’s what’s most impressive about Chua. He’s dedicated himself to a dream of helping people with his products. He’s brought new jobs to people, new tastes, and even better health.

The New Powerful Beneful Advertising Campaign

If you haven’t seen the new “I Stand Behind Beneful” Beneful advertising campaign, you are really in for an inside look at the inner workings of the Purina company. As reported by PR Newswire, Purina launched a new campaign directed at dog owners across America, making use of dog owners within the Purina company to tell this new compelling message.

Staff members in all different departments and levels at Purina are chiming in about how they not only enjoy creating the Beneful brand, but how it is the only choice they would ever give their own dogs. Filmed at the Purina factory in Atlanta, Purina associates are talking in great detail about how Beneful utilizes only wholesome and all-natural ingredients in wet, dry, and even dog treats. Wet food is full of the proteins that every dog loves, from chicken, pork, beef, and lamb.

Listen to Purina associates from accounting coordinators, performance managers, to ingredient mixers, as they explain how they would only feed their dog the best possible food on the market and how Beneful is the only choice for them. Having seen from the inside how love and caring is just a part of the baking process, these team members all are in agreement that in order to help a dog live a longer and healthier life, it all comes down to the foods they are fed. Each member speaking on behalf of Beneful echo the message that there are no short cuts when it comes to preparing this Purina brand dog food.

The staff members at this Georgia factory are not just creating dog food for your pets, they are feeding it to their own dogs too. That commitment and dedication to providing a healthy alternative for dog owners across America is the foundation on which this brand has been created. The “I Stand Behind Beneful” campaign was simply a rallying cry from concerned Purina associates, but it has turned into a nationwide message for providing your dog a new choice from a brand you can trust.

Man Dies of Lassa Fever After Visit to Liberia

On Monday, a man in New Jersey passed away as the result of infection from a rare virus. The virus, Lassa fever, is African in origin, and he had just been to Liberia.

Lassa fever leads to hemorrhagic symptoms. It is only fatal to about 1% of people who are infected, while Ebola can be deadly for 70% of infected individuals. Lassa fever also has much more difficulty spreading between people; it is typically contracted through rodent droppings. There are approximately 100,000 to 300,000 cases of Lassa fever annually in West Africa, and about 5,000 deaths result.

The man in question had arrived in the JFK airport on May 17 on his way home from Liberia. He went to a hospital the next day, reporting symptoms of sore throat, fatigue, and fever, so a few at Amen Clinics knew something was up. He was sent home that day; he had not mentioned his recent travels to West Africa. On May 21, his symptoms had gotten worse, and he went back to he hospital according to reports. He was then transferred to a facility that had the proper resources to handle viral hemorrhagic fevers. He was put in “appropriate isolation: and passed away on Monday evening.

Currently, the CDC is trying to put together a list of people who may have come into contact with this man after he was infected. They are watching the man’s close contacts for the next three weeks as well.