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Reown Health Seeks to Serve Patients of the Greater Reno Area Through Newest Health Facility

Reown Health is proud to announce that it will be opening a new practice down in South Reno, Nevada at the Summit Mall this spring. The new health service location will provide primary care services and a full-service laboratory at its opening with the potential for services to increase in the future. The space is designed to help patients feel “at home” and relaxed when they come in to visit, kind of like they would feel relaxing in their living rooms. This will be a 10,000+ square foot clinic covering what are now three vacant storefronts. This will bring Renown to having 12 healthcare facilities in the area including locations in Reno-Sparks, Carson City, Fallon, and Fernley to name a few. The location is also due to open a primary care clinic in the Caughlin Ranch area.

Reown Health is a non-profit healthcare network that earns all of its rights to stay where they are providing quality healthcare to their clients while also giving back to the community. This includes reinvesting into programs, people, and resources that will give back to their patients. There are no out-of-state shareholders or stakeholders to satisfy so Renown Health makes the best decisions with only their patients interests in mind. Over 150 Renown Health Members serve on various boards in advisory capacities across Nevada. Click here to know more.

Good relationships with patients and building trust are the cornerstones of Renown Health and how they conduct themselves within the community. Their advances in healthcare seek to help their clients live healthier, happier lives while receiving the services they need at an affordable price. Renown Health also provides specialized services to patients in the local community as they strive to bring their customers services that would not otherwise be as readily available within the local communities. Soon their latest partnership will see them open the Stanford Children’s and Stanford Medicine facility in Northern Nevada to better serve yet another new community.

Renown Health Opens Latest Location in South Reno’s The Summit Mall

This spring, South Reno, Nevada welcomed a new family practice clinic to its Summit Mall. Renown Health is now offering a laboratory and primary care practice at this location with the possibility for future expansion. Already the current facility has a flexible, potentially multi-use space for such purposes as consultations with patients. As described by Renown Health medical director, Dr. McCormack, the facilities are designed to present patients with a more relaxing and accommodating environment in which to seek care.


The new Renown Health facility is 10,000 square feet, occupying three vacated storefronts, including one that used to be rented by menswear retailer Jos. A Bank. Carson City commercial contractor Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC was the general contractor hired for the project while MBA Architects + Interior Design’s Eric Fong handled the design and architecture. Forbes Engineering handled the structural engineering and MSA Engineering Consultants handled the electrical, plumbing and mechanical engineering. All participants in setting up the new Renown Health facility are Reno-based.

Renown Health’s new South Reno clinic is currently starting out with an 11-person staff while also seeking to add another primary care physician and nurse practitioner. Expansion plans are a bit uncertain, admits Dr. McCormack, in the face of current political uncertainty regarding the Trump administration’s efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”).The only non-profit healthcare network in Reno that’s locally owned, Renown Health has 139 locations throughout Nevada. Between these locations, Renown Health offers a comprehensive array of medical and health services, including laboratory services, x-ray and imaging and pediatric, primary and urgent care. Reinvesting all monies that come into the organization back into its programs, staff and equipment, Renown Health relies on no shareholders or out-of-state interests. This ensures that patients’ needs remain always front and center as Renown Health’s top priority.




Renown Health Opens New Primary Care Clinic in Reno

Renown Health, a Reno-area non-profit healthcare network, has announced the opening of a new primary care clinic location in South Reno. The new clinic will be located at the Summit Mall and provide primary care as well as basic diagnostic services, with a view to expanding the clinic’s services in the future.

Renown’s new South Reno primary care office will employ 11 staff members, and administrators are currently looking into recruiting an additional doctor and nurse practitioner. Renown’s medical director, Dr. Marie McCormick, indicated that the growth of Reno’s South Meadows area has necessitated the expansion of existing medical facilities to meet the needs of the growing population. The company already operates twelve clinics throughout the region.

Renown sees the potential for growing the new 10,000-square foot facility in terms of size and service. However, executives at the healthcare network are being cautious until Congress and the current presidential administration take definitive steps on the future of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

 Renown Health traces its roots to a clinic founded in Reno in 1862 to deal with an outbreak of smallpox, later becoming the first hospital in the Reno area. Renown has performed a series of firsts in the region, with the first pediatrics unit being opened and first open heart surgery taking place at the hospital, then known as Washoe Medical Center.

Since 1979, Renown has hosted a residency program with the University of Nevada medical school. In addition, Renown Health prides itself on being Northern Nevada’s only locally-owned non-profit health system, with more than 150 local residents serving on Renown’s advisory boards. Under the leadership of CEO Anthony Slonim, the organization hopes to continue to provide top-notch medical care as the world’s “Biggest Little City” area emerges as a major population center in the state and the nation.

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InnovaCare Health Emerges Triumphant Under Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto

Getting the right strategies for managing a healthcare services provider in a highly competitive industry is something that calls for the application of modern ideas that are supposed to improve performance. Many companies came to the scene of healthcare services when the Medicare Advantage system was rolled out. This system allows private healthcare providers to get in touch to support the provision of healthcare services to individuals in different categories. One of the companies that came to this scene and one that has proved successful is InnovaCare Heath, a Puerto Rico-based company.

InnovaCare Health deals with the provision of healthcare services to clients in different categories and has remained the most preferred provider of such services across North America. Its leadership can be said to have contributed a lot to the growth InnovaCare Health has experienced over the years. InnovaCare is steered by professionals who have been working in the healthcare specialty for more than 20 years and whose motivation is to improve the state of healthcare provision.

The team that has been steering the company is led by Rick Shinto, who works as the CEO of InnovaCare Health on Rick Shinto joined the company in 2012 after working as the CEO/President of Aveta Inc., for a period of four years. He is a highly skilled professional who has also authored articles and journals addressing the problems the healthcare industry has been facing. He also served at NAMM California as a top executive before moving to Aveta.

Rick Shinto enjoys many years experience and his presence at InnovaCare Health comes as an added benefit to the development of the company. His insightful ideas and methods of dealing with problems have been a major boost to the performance of the company. He seeks the support of Penelope Kokkinides, who heads the administrative office of the company. Penelope has helped to draft useful measures of development and she worked on having modern technology integrated with the services system of the company.

InnovaCare Health has managed to grow to become a leader in the North American market due to the support these individuals have offered. The company is the most efficient and reliable provider of managed healthcare services in the region, reason it is preferred by many individuals. Its customer base on has been growing steadily especially among those who use their Medicare Advantage plans (InnovaCare Health works with more than 250,000 members of Medicare Advantage).

The Success of Autism Rocks

One day when Sanjay Shah was expecting no guest who else other than one of the world’s most famous rappers Snoop Dogg showed up at his door. This came as a great surprise to Sanjay Shah when this rapper and his 10 person entourage showed up at his house. However, it was quite pleasant Sanjay Shah says to have this famous rapper hang out with him in his garden. This visit inspired Sanjay Shah to start a charity that would focus around getting famous musicians to perform on stage in order to benefit Autism research. He was able to book acts such as Prince and Lenny Kravitz.

Sanjay Shah is a very successful businessman who has been able to bring a great deal of success to himself and those companies that he has been a part of. SOLO capital has been his biggest venture to date, gaining him the most success out of any other business venture that he has been a part of. With 67.5 million pounds of assets, you can see the large amount of success that Sanjay Shah has had with this company of his. He has amassed a great deal of success that many other individuals in the world of business could never dream of achieving.

Solo Captial Partners have been a leader in the world of finance for quite some time. The forward financial thinking of Sanjay Shah has led his company to a position of power in the marketplace. Whether there is a high or a low in the market it is very apparent that the business practices that Sanjay Shah applies keeps Solo capital successful regardless of market conditions. It will be very exciting to see the progress of Solo capital over the next few years as the company continues to grow exponentially.

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The New Standard of Health Care

Nobilis health system is a top notch company that runs over 100 surgery sites around the United States. They have a variety of specialties that they perform. It is said that they are one of leading surgery centers performing spinal surgery. It is a company but they pride themselves in what they do for the people who they provide services for. If a patient is not getting their needs met elsewhere, they will, at a Nobilis center. The one thing that sets Nobilis apart from any competition is that they think about more than the bottom line.

It is often a concern to any patient, especially one experiencing injury or illness that is a bit worse than standard surgeries. They are generally looking for a place with an excellent bed side manner. A term that is often over used, while bed side manner is important there is much more to the whole patient experience than that. In today’s world we still misuse the term but have luckily became a generation where we understand that care needs to be a well round experience.

In the past there were a few select hospitals that people would go to if they were going through something major, such as cancer. Now it has become a standard model that most of the health care facilities are starting to swing in that direction. Holistic patient care is the most important thing an office or surgery center can do for any patient struggling with difficulties. What this means is that instead of having one doctor the patient goes into an office to see a doctor. He gets a diagnosis and this sets the clinic down a path that is absolutely major in the health care marketplace. That doctor not only diagnosis’s the illness but then runs with it to the rest of the team.

This way every aspect of the client’s health from that specific illness is then taken care of. So let’s say the client was diagnosed with cancer, everything needs to be considered. The surgeon speaks to the oncology expert working in the same office, the nutritionist, a therapist (if needed) and depending on where the cancer is a further specialist if needed. They don’t leave it at that. They get together and discuss the client. They float each and every idea back and forth. They are all used to working with each other, so many times they know what the other will say before he says it. This is the way the medical field is going and it is without a doubt a spectacular route.
Everything is taken care of with expert, caring and loving quality professionals.

This is something that in the past has always been a problem. No one wants to go to a doctor who prides themselves on how fast they can finish up with each patient. So it is important to recognize Nobilis Health according to for a job well done. They continue to pull out all the stops in excellent patient care.