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The WEN by Chaz Line: The Results of One Experiment And The Explanation Behind it

Advertisements are designed to encourage people to buy products. That is why when a hair care product is being advertised the results will always be amazingly shiny, soft, full and luxurious hair. Consumers are always a little skeptical, for good reason, about the actual quality of the line of items for sale. They want to be certain that the money they spend will get them the result they want. This is why a beauty editor decided to experiment with the WEN Hair by Chaz [] cleanser for herself. She documented her experience as she used the product and included the complete report on Would it give her more beautiful, healthy and shiny hair than she has ever had before?
The short answer is, no. However, that is not the whole story and may not even be a true representation of the actual quality of the WEN line  by Chaz Dean. Using the product on her thin, fine hair she experienced more shine than normal and increased volume directly after use. Unfortunately, her hair also had a hard time retaining a curl and would look flatter and greasy if she skipped washing her hair for a day. Anyone with basic hair knowledge will recognize the signs of hair that has been over-conditioned. Naturally straight, thin and fine hair is more manageable when it is not as sleek. Her problem may not have been the brand, but the formula she chose. In this example the tester used the product only for a week and the WEN company itself suggests that it will take approximately three weeks to see the complete results.

The Wen hair by Chaz line is not shampoo.  Sephora sells this 5-in-1 cleansing conditioner that puts a number of the products women use into one bottle. It was designed by Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean. He created a line made with only natural products that would protect hair and allow it to retain its own, healthy oils. It can be used by any hair type or texture. The line also includes a mousse and styling creme to boost the appearance and an intensive treatment for hair that is especially damaged and dry. This is the basic collection, but many other products are available as well. Since the choice can be confusing to someone new to the product, the Wen hair ebay website can even provide a recommendation for their customers with an easy hair questionnaire. Best of all, the products are always sold with no-risk, a money back guarantee.