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WEN by Chaz Meets the Standard of Hair Care

Finding the right products for your hair can be a daunting task. Emily McClure recently discovered this challenged. She decided to test out the well known WEN Cleansing Conditioner often advertised on TV.  McClure set out to use the products for seven days straight to see if they truly lived up to the hype. Putting her fine, thin hair to the test, McClure was quite surprised by the results of her test.

McClure began using WEN right in the middle of her hectic busy schedule. She used the recommended large amount of product and noticed immediately that her hair felt thicker. Furthermore she noticed that fewer strands were falling out during her shower. All of these led to more oily hair the following day. This seemed to become less of an issue as the seven day test continued. McClure was not used to using a product every day and therefore had to adjust to a new way of hair care. Her final thoughts? The WEN by Chaz products are great for those with fine hair who make it a point to wash their hair each day. Those who do not have such energy may find other products more fitting.

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Chaz Dean is a stylist in hollywood that has become a household name. He has worked with the likes of Brooke Shields and Christina Applegate. His company has sold millions of bottles of shampoo and conditioner last decade plus. With more than ten million products shipped since 2008 WEN takes great pride in the quality of their products and they firmly believe each product meets high standards.

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The Benefits of Using Cleansing Conditioners

Cleansing conditioners have taken the hair care world by storm, but what are they and what are the benefits of using them? The use of cleansing conditioners, or co-washing as it is sometimes called, is the method of washing hair with specially formulated conditioners instead of regular shampoo. Traditional shampoos use harsh detergents to produce a sudsy lather which removes dirt and oils from the hair.

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These ingredients result in squeaky-clean hair, but they also deplete it of its natural oils when used on a daily basis, causing hair to become dry and brittle. They can also cause colored hair to fade more quickly. Cleansing conditioners, on the other hand, have no harsh detergents and use only gentle cleansing ingredients. The first thing that stands out when using a cleansing conditioner is the lack of lather, which can take a little getting used to in the beginning. However hair is noticeably softer and more manageable after the first wash.

The best cleansing conditioners use botanical extracts along with ingredients such as glycerin for moisturizing and panthenol for strengthening hair strands. Wen hair care, the pioneer in cleansing conditioners, uses chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, and rosemary extract in its gentle cleansing formula. These high quality ingredients are designed to work together to cleanse, soften and strengthen hair, all in one step. Cleansing conditioners work especially well for curly or textured hair, but there are special formulations for all hair types, including color treated hair.

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Washing hair with high quality conditioning cleansers such as Wen hair may seem strange at first, but the end result of softer, stronger, shinier hair will make a believer out of even the most dedicated daily shampoo user.

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