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Betsy Devos and The Endless Fight for Education Equality

DeVos and her family are considered one of the largest financial contributors to donating causes (in Betsy’s case, usually related to education). She is also a fervent advocate of charter schools, a program that allows public funds to be used in private schools, as she believes that “public school time is over.” The educational model proposed by Betsy is as follows: education must be adapted to the circumstances of each child and learning methods must be modernized. That is why it seeks to throw the current model, which assigns each student a school based on their zip code.

Betsy DeVos is a strong advocate of concerted schools and allows parents to use tuition bonuses for private and religious schools in the name of the “right to decide,” believing that is the future of education and the perfect way to tackle inequality in schools. Her efforts over the years have been focused on helping students that come from minority backgrounds, and she is willing to bet on students, parents, teachers, and the communities.

Jack of All Trades

A businesswoman, philanthropist, activist in the national school reform movement and supporter of charter schools, DeVos served as the chairman of the Republican Party in Michigan and was a longtime associate of the Republican Party as a donor. The best way to have DeVos described is as a “brilliant and passionate promoter of education.”

Along with education, she is also a huge donor to causes that have to do with women’s issues and the promotion of culture. Not only is she an impressive woman, but I consider she has used her power for good, making a change in thousands of lives along the way, promoting wellbeing and the causes that many people forget are important too.

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Who Is Betsy DeVos?

Along with her family, the DeVosses have been among the families that donate the most in the United States. DeVos, 58, is a firm believer that the right to choose education will be a reformation of the current education system and will end up being beneficial for future generations.

She is the heir of Edgar Price’s fortune. She is married to Dick DeVos, who is also an heir of the Amway retail sales giant, and she is sister to Erik Prince, who is the founder of Blackwater USA. Aside from all this, she didn’t need to come from United States royalty to make in on her own. She has been involved in political and philanthropic work for years and is an active element of the Republican party. She is a woman I am sure we will hear a lot more of in the years to come.

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Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship Program

Keith and Keely Mann have implemented a scholarship program, an award which is designed to award one graduating senior annually at one of the Uncommon Schools. The Uncommon schools is based in Brooklyn, New York. It is a non-profit charter management organization with its headquarters in New York City. The main aim of the organization is to give low-income students a chance to not only attend college but also to succeed on their professions. Keith Mann, who founded Dynamic Search Partners, explained that they were willing to support such a worthy course. Uncommon Schools manages high-performing urban charter public schools and the hope to help in closing the gap in professional achievement between high-income students and low-income students in schools.

The management organization consists of a network of 44 schools in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Joe Frick, who is a College Counselor at Uncommon Charter High School, congratulated the Manns for implementing the scholarship program to support the schools. This comes as an inspiration to the hundreds of students who aspire to manage a four-year degree course and be successful in their careers. It was only natural for Keith Mann to implement the program as he advocates education for professional achievement other than being a philanthropist. Students are asked to apply for the scholarship by writing a 1000-word essay explaining how the college degree will help them be successful professionally.

In this way, Keith Mann, the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners helps identify future business leaders and then connect them to companies to ensure their ultimate success in the corporate world. DSP specializes in alternative investment sector. They are a hedge fund service that is tasked with looking for quality professionals for hedge fund industries. Mann has over 15 years experience in the hedge fund industry. In 2002 he launched the Alternative Investment Practice. This happened after he discovered that the hedge fund industry was growing really fast. He transformed the Practice into private equity industry and in 2009 he established DSP. Its sole purpose was to deal with alternative investment firms. DSP works with firms in the alternative investment industry in the US, Europe and Asia.

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