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Angie Koch The Remarkable Lady Of Substance

Angie Koch will regularly be blogging after earning a contributor profile in the renowned media site, The Huffing Post. The CEO of U.S Money Reserve will be sharing on her to run a business successfully.

She will be using the contributor platform to extend her thoughts on leadership and also cover topics and advice on business culture, leadership and wealth management.

As the CEO of U.S Money Reserve, she is responsible for all operations and sets the pace for the organization. She is personally and professionally motivated by creating opportunities and value for others.

Angie has extensive experience in business strategy, operations, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence and planning. In her inaugural post, Three Ways The Political Convention Empowered Women which covered the notable moments in the 2016 Republican National Convention and in the 2016 Democratic National Convention that inspired the female and women leaders

The Huffing Post which has 79M visitors monthly is the first online news outline to win a Pulitzer Prize. It is a site where notable leaders highly covet contributor profiles. The Huffing Post is a renowned media site that covers world news, and it features many remarkable contributing writers. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

About U.S Money Reserve.

It is one of the world’s largest private distributor of US Money Reserve and foreign government issued legal tender products. It was founded in 2001and has a trained team of numismatic professionals and coin researchers who have expert market knowledge.

The professionals ensure they find products that offer the highest potential for the precious metal buyers. It has an exceptional customer service and a goal of seeking a long-term relationship with every client

U.S Money Reserve is based in Austin Texas distributes silver, platinum and gold products. It has hundreds of thousands of clients who seek to diversify their assets with a physical precious metal. Owning precious metals safeguards a person from an economic downturn .

With predictions of the price of gold hitting a record high, the acquisition of valuable metals is getting popularity and outperforming other asset types.

Why buy gold?

The paper currency is always at the mercy of the government that issued it which is not the same with gold. The scarcity of gold makes its value continue to increase as paper currency becomes worthless . Inflation is another cause every dollar becomes worth less as more dollars are required to buy commodities.

The demand for gold has increased in recent years thus setting the prices high. The rising global unrest makes gold the best choice of protecting your money.