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IAP Worldwide’s Logistics and Technical Support Is Top Notch

IAP Worldwide is one of the leading logistics companies in the country today, and they are capable of operating all over the world in some of the most remote locations. Ingenuity and Purpose is focused on their mission, and never miss the chance to be professional and reliable for their many clients. When first starting out, the company was primarily a logistics support company, but today they have since expanded greatly on their services, both in scale and performance. IAP Worldwide’s professional services have even netted them several contracts with government agencies, including the US Government and US Army. Not only are these contracts extremely valuable, amounting to hundreds of millions in revenue, but they are testament to IAP Worldwide’s premium services.

Throughout their long history, dating back to 1953, more than 6 decades ago, IAP Worldwide has gone through several changes as a company. The company has gone through a few restructuring, and have become all the better for it, vastly improving on their services each time. In their early days, IAP also put a lot of support into spacecraft on Facebook and launches out of Cape Canaveral, Florida, more than 2000 in fact. This become a big foundation to the overall rise in the company’s reputation.

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Once IAP Worldwide landed their contracts with the United States Government is when they really started picking up business, as during that time they were supplying the military on Hoovers over in the Middle East with generators, and today they supply more than 175,000 troops for the armed forces. They currently stand as one of the largest supporters for the United States Military and will remain their long into the future.

Today, IAP Worldwide offers their services to any and all in need, this includes both individuals and businesses, regardless of being public or private. Along with their top notch logistics solutions, IAP continues to expand on their services to this day, which includes things such as engineering, transportation, disaster relief, aircraft repair, and more. With more than 1,600 dedicated individuals as part of the company’s team, IAP Worldwide services can provide support to customers all around the globe in hundreds of locations.

More information about IAP Worldwide:

Leading Logistics and Infrastructure Company IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide is a leading logistics, infrastructure and facilities management company based in the United States. The company often works with government entities such as the United States military. It helps the military and other government organizations set up facilities, build roads, construct buildings, implement energy systems and also manage technology and communication sources. IAP Worldwide Services also provides emergency disaster relief. With IAP Worldwide Services, government organizations and also private businesses can get the help they need in order to get established in remote locations anywhere in the world. Like a number of other companies, IAP Worldwide Services provides a number of employment and career opportunities for individuals who are looking to make a difference.

The history of IAP Worldwide Services dates back to 1953. During that year, a company known as Pan Am World Services on specialized in building the first space launch complex in the United States. It supported testing for more than 2,500 launches of air breathing missiles and the manned space shuttle program. In 1989, Pan Am was acquired by Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. This company was a global leader in operations maintenance and management of military bases and commercial facilities. A company known as IAP was founded in Irmo, South Carolina which specialized in logistics and procurement. At the beginning of its history, it would serve as a contractor for the United States Army in Saudi Arabia during the Desert Storm Gulf War .

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By the year 2005, IAP acquired Johnson Controls Worldwide Services to make IAP Worldwide Services. The company then combined all of the specialties of both companies to provide one conglomerate serving the government. It now specializes in global operations and logistics, base operations support services and professional and technical services. Over the years, IAP Worldwide Services has proven to be a leader at solving a number of complex problems as well as responding to changes in an every evolving global environment. IAP Worldwide acquired the British engineering company G3 Systems in the year of 2006. The company currently holds $370 million worth of government contracts.

Like many other major corporations, IAP Worldwide Services offers a number of opportunities for people to start and advance a career. There are a number of important jobs and positions that IAP Worldwide offers to individuals. Those looking to work for IAP Worldwide will have opportunities to serve as a HVAC technician, communications technician and also a pest controller. Individuals can also take advantage of opportunities such as an electro mechanical technician, finance analyst, finance project coordinator and also an air traffic controller.

U.S. Navy Chooses IAP Worldwide Services to Support Contract Valued at $900 Million

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., IAP-ECC managing member, has been awarded an infinite delivery together with four other companies. The indefinite-quantity contract includes the Support Multiple Award Global Contingency Contract II for over $900 million. The Engineering Command of the Naval Facilities has awarded the contract together with Hawaii, Pearl, and Pacific.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is proud to continue with the service they deliver to their highly-esteemed customers in the world. The clients rely on the exclusive support of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. to deliver and support their most impending needs. According to the CEO of IAP, they deliver the best solutions to the most challenging demands. Doug Kitani, the CEO of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., said that their selecting as the best company to support the cogency-based contracts would keep the United States Nava’s Global Services to highest standards possible. Their experts will make it their mission to work for the government agency. For this reason, they will develop a perfect solution for every arising need. The experts are committed to developing high-standard solutions.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has gained an excellence reputation all over the world for supporting these contingency-based contracts under the exclusive DoD entities. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is the only service provider for the government selected for all the four programs in the Air Force under the Contract Agreement for the Air Force Program in 1996. While it is currently under incumbent, the Navy is kept under the GCSMAC I predecessor. Doug Kitani said that they are executing current global Task orders to support NAVFC. The joint venture, the IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.-ECC Team, is pleased to continue with the providence of maintenance and critical support infrastructure operations. The team also provides services in contingency for the Navy. The Vice President of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., Nick Rohmer on, the team will continue to support the global efforts of the Navy throughout their programs.

The provided services to the United States Navy will encompass facility support services with construction incidental in support of humanitarian efforts, natural disaster, incumbent breaks in location services, and a wide range of military actions in the world.

The Naval Facilities Command for Engineering, Pacific, is the authority for contracting that expects the completion to come before 2024.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is an international service company leading the global efforts on towards assisting governments and other agencies in their most critical operations. The company has over six decades of experience. It provides a wide range of solutions and services to the United States Government and other agencies.