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3 Common Mistakes Companies Make with Global Marketing

Taking your business onto the international stage can be an exciting transition. However, it can be filled with potential pitfalls. Marketers hurry to reach customers ahead of their competitors overlooking some of the finer points of internationalization. Even though translating a website into a local language and waiting for customers to roll in can be tempting, it won’t just work on the international platform.


If you are wondering why your marketing is doing greatly at home but underperforming on the global platform, then continue reading this post. It covers some of the most common mistakes companies make with global marketing.


  1. Not breaking up broader geographic markets


Marketing executives often assume that the rest of the world as an extension of their home market. They think of overseas markets in vague regional terms. Unfortunately, this assumption is problematic. “We’d like to shift our attention to South America.”If you ask different individuals what they mean by “South America,” you will get very different answers. With that said, marketing executives need to realize that breaking up broader geographic markets into individual countries helps a lot with prioritizing markets, budget allocation and formulation of a staffing strategy.


Product positioning at the country level entails a lot of things. Most companies overlook critical factors such as the market size, strong local competitors, challenges local customers face among other things.


  1. Translation issues


Good quality translation is a basic component of a global marketing strategy. The most effective way of translating the content of your website is by working with a native speaking translator who is familiar with the market niche you are targeting. “People are moving away from taking a [piece of content] and making 19 or 20 different quick translations…..A good translation can make a huge difference in how content is received,” said Dougal Cameron, COO of Pubsoft.


  1. Lack of consistency


Global marketing goes way beyond translating the content of a website. Companies must create a solid experience for their international audience. Texts in a sales promotion images, an order button or a shipping policy that is not translated can greatly turn off an international audience. Be consistent with your content to succeed on the global marketing platform.