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Keith Mann is a Devoted Supporter of Education Causes

Education plays a significant role in bettering the lives of individuals, their families, and community as a whole. Increasing the number of needy students graduating from college and establishing a professional career is a strategy used by Uncommon Schools to bridge the achievement gap. Keith Mann supports the goal of Uncommon Schools of giving every person a chance to pursue the college education.

During the beginning of March 2015, Dynamics Search Partners together with its CEO Keith Mann organized a fundraising event that was held at Standard Hotel Beer Garden. Financial services community members who raised more than $22,000 to support efforts of Uncommon Schools graced the event. The money raised will sponsor students graduating from a new high school established by the Charter School. The students who completed their high school examination in the academic year 2014-2015 will benefit from the funds.

The partnership between Dynamic Search Partners and Uncommon Schools began in 2013. The goal of the alliance is to establish a reliable avenue for Dynamic Search Partners to help learners in acquiring both practical and tactical skills that will assist them to succeed in college and their careers. Keith Mann plans to establish a meaningful relationship with students that will help them to achieve academic excellence and professional success.

Keith Mann Co-Founded Dynamic Search Partners and currently serves as the Managing Director. The company focuses on alternative investment and hedge funds. Primarily, the firm offers executive search services as well as addressing staffing needs for established equity firms. Mann has used his extensive experience in the executive search arena running for a span of more than 15 years to transform Dynamic Search Partners into one of the respected databases of accredited investment executives.

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George Mason’s Ties to Charles Koch

Part of Charles Koch’s sizable fortune goes to several universities each year in the United States, but none gets more significant backing than George Mason, a conservative public school in the nation’s capital. Koch gave $48 million to the school between fiscal years 2011-2014, representing the highest amount by far the billionaire has given to any school.

George Mason has been known in more recent years for being a center for libertarian and conservative thought; its Mercatus Center and Institute for Humane Studies focus on free market ideology and graduate students who end up working on Capitol Hill. Koch gives regularly to the Institute for Humane Studies and donated approximately a third of Mason’s total private donations in fiscal year 2013.

Some see this as one of the key reasons the school has become well-known as a hive of conservative ideology; Koch is a well-known Republican who, due to his status as 6th wealthiest person in the world, has quite a bit of personal influence. There are some who view this philanthropy as potentially problematic, since many George Mason graduates end up influencing public policy. There are others, including prominent Democrats like Senator Chap Peterson, who believe that using one’s wealth to further intellectual policy objectives is no problem whatsoever.

Charles Koch grew up and currently lives in Wichita, Kansas, the grandson of Dutch immigrants. He inherited his father’s business and contributed to its immense growth. Koch Industries originally focused entirely on oil refining and chemicals but has expanded to polymers and fibers, fertilizers, minerals, and commodity trading. Koch was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was named as one of the most influential people of 2011 by Time magazine.

Avi Weisfogel Support for Operation Smile Through GoFundMe Campaign

Avi Weisfogel a renowned New Jersey dentist has announced his latest project of sponsoring a GoFundMe campaign which aims to support Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a charity organization that was founded by Bill and Kathy in 1982. It started in Philippines but has spread internationally to help children and young adults get free surgical procedures to correct anomalies that affect their oral system.

It helps in correction of conditions such as cleft lip, cleft palate or other anomalies that affect the facial features. Operation Smile has accrued volunteers in approximately 80 nations and it also participates in training of medical professionals who then work in the organization’s campaigns to help people with the above conditions. So far this charity organization has been responsible for carrying out over 220,000 surgical operations.

These surgical operations face challenges in some countries since the equipment and medical expertise that is needed may not be found locally. As such the equipment have to be imported and medical expertise sought from far which is costly. Normally, the mission carries out campaigns by involving the local people, governments, medical professionals and hospitals so as to benefit the patients and ensure that the procedure is carried out in a culturally acceptable manner.

GoFundMe Campaign

Through his dentist background and passion for helping others, Avi Weisfogel decided to set up the GoFundMe campaign for Operation Smile which aims at helping children have ‘hope for a brighter, healthier tomorrow’. These campaign aims to raise $2000 through donations. Weisfogel made a video in support of the campaign which he hopes will make more people aware of the campaign and its benefits.

Avi Weisfogel revealed in a recent interview why he choose Operation Smile. He said, “Operation Smile believes that every child deserves exceptional surgical care and that all children deserve to be treated as if they were our own.” He emphasized that it is the organization’s goal of empowering children through giving them hope and correction of their condition that made him choose to support it. He said, “The organization wants to ensure that every child knows no matter what life throws at them, they will always have hope.”

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How Keith Mann is Helping Mold Future Corporate Managers

Not many successful corporate leaders willingly mentor young people, mostly due to the fear of competition for places once the mentees are of age. Dynamics Search Partners founder Keith Mann  has inaugurated the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This is a grant fashioned to shape the careers of future generations of corporate executives. Recipients will be drawn from the low-income suburb of Brooklyn.

The scholarship will be presented in conjunction with Uncommon Schools. This is a non-governmental organization headquartered in New York. The two entities will offer the award every year to one advancing senior in the schools run by the NGO. Joe Frick, a student counselor at Uncommon Charter High School expressed his delight at the opportunity and applauded Keith Mann’s philanthropy. He further added that the Scholarship will guarantee that at least one student each year can join college without too much stress.Eligibility and Application Procedure

The grant is only available to those in their final year at the Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, New York. Deadline for submission for the current year was February 29th 2016. Contenders were required to compose a 1,000 word article on how receiving a degree from an institution of higher learning will aid in the realization of their professional goals.

The most outstanding applicant will be announced towards the end of March, and will receive the grant amounting to 5,000 dollars, to cover their college education fees and expenses.

Keith Mann’s Remarkable Profile

The resident of New York co-founded Dynamic Search Partners in 2001. This is after Keith Mann noticed that venture firms were finding it a hard to place departed executives. Under his stewardship, the firm has registered tremendous growth and has built an extensive network of experts. It serves the crème of investment and equity firms in the US. The company also branched out to Europe and Asia under his guidance. Besides DSP, Keith has a passion for mentoring the youth, which has seen him join forces with Uncommon Schools to provide them with college scholarships.

Support Operation Smile Through GoFundMe

Avi Weisfogel has just announced a GoFundMe campaign that is collecting funds to support an organization called Operation Smile. This organization serves children across the world by providing free surgical procedures that aids in the diseases of cleft palate, cleft lips and other facial deformities. Operation smile was founded in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee, whose original plan was to help children with these deformities in the Philippines. However, support grew and over the years Operation Smile has had the opportunity to send volunteers to over 80 nations and provide over 220,000 free surgical procedures.

The overall goal of Operation Smile is to pave a way for every child to have a healthier and brighter future. Specifically, it works with local medical professionals, hospitals, governments and other organizations to create surgical care models that provide simple and efficient models that can be incorporated in a multitude of countries with diminishing resources. In order to do this, Operation Smile sends volunteers throughout the world each year as well as equipment and other needed resources. They work with local health providers to provide patient care in which local professionals serve the children while speaking in their native language and culture. This eases the children and allows them to feel more comfortable while being treated.

Avi Weisfogal, who started this GoFundMe to support Operation Smile, was quoted with statements of support for the organization as well as his personal passion about the cause. Weisfogal set the overall goal of the GoFundMe for $2000. Donations and support would be greatly appreciated for this wonderful organization. To donate, ask questions or find out more about Operation Smile contact.

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