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Direct Selling Company QNet

Formed in 1998, QNet is a leading direct selling company in Asia. It has presence in 100 countries in North Africa, Middle East, West and East Africa and has recently set up shop in Russia and Europe. Its products are classified into 9 categories. They range from skin care products to jewelry and watches. Each Qnet product aims to improve the quality of life and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Qnet currently manufactures its products in more than a dozen countries across the world. Recently, it made a shift in the type of products that it offers. Instead of just focusing on lifestyle, they are now turning to products that enhance life. That is the reason for the expansion of products in sectors such as education, health and air purification.

QNet is set to shift most of its manufacturing bases, which are spread across the world, to India. Despite the fact that the company has been having some challenges in the country, they have seen it wise to consolidate all their manufacturing activities there. Qnet is already producing some of the products including energy drinks and watches in India. The move will give the company a cost benefit of 8 % to 12%.

QNet is also giving innovative Indians a platform to showcase their ideas. Any Indian with anything unique to offer to the market will be given a sale platform. The product has to pass all the quality tests to be considered. This is according to the company’s CEO, Vijay Eswaran.

The direct selling industry in India is facing a lot of challenges. QNet attributes this to the lack of proper legislation to govern the industry. 

QNet is welcoming the new pledge by the government to amend the laws governing the industry. This will, among other things, make a distinction between genuine direct selling companies and fraudulent pyramid schemes that only rip customers off.

QNet recently partnered with former Barclays Premier League champions, Manchester City. The partnership presents a lot of opportunities for both entities. QNet now becomes Manchester City’s direct selling partner. It will also have access to the club’s money-can’t buy experiences, which they can offer as rewards to loyal customers.