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Matthew Autterson; The Investment Manager with a Background in Finance

Investment management is the management of securities and assets. It is done with the objective of meeting certain financial goals that are in the best interests of the investor. Investors can be mutual funds, pension funds, charities, and insurance companies. Investment management is practically for anyone who wants to achieve certain financial goals. Private banking is when investment managers provide portfolio management services to private investors. Asset management is the management of collective investments.

A large investment fund will have many people working in different roles within the company. They include compliance employees, internal auditors, marketers, fund managers, and financial controllers. The investment philosophy of the managers determines its overall success. The managers play the biggest role in what the fund chooses to invest. The work of an investment advisor is to do an assessment of the needs of each individual and the profile of their risk. They should recommend an appropriate investment after doing all of this. Some of the most successful investment management firms include Goldman Sachs, Vanguard, and Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire Hathaway has been in operation for many years. It focuses on investing in long term funds. Successful funds tend to look at the long term and holding these assets over a long period.

It is important to note that Matthew Autterson is an investment management professional based out of Denver. Matthew Autterson has many years of experience in the industry. This helps him to provide sound advice in good time. His expertise allows him to understand the goals of the client and to come up with the most appropriate mode of investment for them. Matthew Autterson checks on the investors from time to time after coming up with an initial plan. He does this in order to make sure that they meet their goals and that everything is working well. He is a licensed Life Insurance Agent. He is able to advise on long term insurance issues correctly. Matthew Autterson is also an adjunct professor at North Iowa Area Community College where he taught financial management.

Martin Lustgarten Helping Your Home be Wealthy

Many people want to own a home without a loan. But few people do. What are the strategies that you can use to own your home free and clear? Martin Lustgarten has collected several tips from the top experts to give you and your family the wonderful life that you want.

Typically, Buffett’s rule would say you should avoid what others love, and love what others avoid. This lowers the price level for a purchase, and gives you opportunities where other people only see failure. What are home buyers around you avoiding? Saving, hard work, moving to a third world country, dangerous part of town, ugly home, mobile home, buying on auction, paying cash, living in rural parts of the country, or septic system.

If you pick the three of these variables that you absolutely detest, and leave the others untouched, you will find a lot more homes that are in your price level. An example would be hating septic system, hard work, and a mobile home. So you change those variables around. You must have plumbing, no work, and a permanent home. The rest of the home buying variables you keep the way they are. This leaves you looking for a home that is bought after saving, requires little work, move to a third world country, dangerous part of town, ugly, permanent, buying on auction, pay cash, live in rural part of the country, with a plumbing system. Your little apartment in Argentina or Brazil will be much more affordable than a penthouse in New York. And you will have the desired variables of plumbing, little work, and permanent set where you want them to be.

Although this trick may not seem fun, it can really save you time and energy. If you try to do what everyone else is doing, you are going to face a huge mountain to climb in all of your investment behaviors. The popular crowd is usually wrong. Take the clever way to get your pick of nice homes or other assets.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment professional who is devoted to making your life easier as a business person. As you consider what to buy, make sure you contact a professional.

Martin Lustgarten can be reached at his Linked In account. He looks forward to hearing from you.

Equities First Holdings Returns 1.35 Million Stocks To ANGLE Plc To Conclude Transaction

Equities First Holdings, LLC has announced that they have concluded a deal with Andrew Newland, the CEO of ANGLE plc. Equities First returned 1.35 million shares of ANGLE plc to Andrew Newland, which was in turn used as collateral in a transaction.

This financing transaction originated in 2014 and was one of Equities First Holdings’ first transactions done in the UK after the acquisition of Meridian Equity Partners Limited. They acquired Meridian in 2014 and rebranded it as Equities First (London) Limited.

The acquisition of Meridian allowed the company to transform. Equities First Holdings could bring their services and their brand to a whole new level, allowing them to offer liquidity at amazing levels against publicly traded shares to individual investors and businesses all over the world.

The returning of collateral to clients is typical business for Equities First and its subsidiaries have finished more than 700 transactions where they have a perfect track record of returning clients’ collateral after maturity and repayment.

Equities First Holdings provides securities based lending services for investors in both the business and individual sectors. They provide loans based on evaluations of risk and future performance that are associated with stocks, bonds and treasuries. They were founded in 2002 and its headquarters are located in Indianapolis, with a satellite office in New York City.

They are a leader in shareholder finance throughout the world and have offices in other locations like Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Perth and Sydney. The company holds relationships with longtime strategic partners that include the world’s largest banks, leading investment banks and leading law firms in both international and local jurisdictions.

Since their establishment in 2002, Equities First Holdings has earned a yearly growth of over 30 percent in closed loan transactions and they continue to grow a record setting pace. Their total workforce has increased by over 50 percent since 2012.

The Ultimate Wealth Management Advisory Firm, The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is a research service company that deals with wealth management advisory. Their headquarters are located in Winter Garden, Florida. They offer research services to anyone looking forward to achieving more in life. This includes aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their life, investors who want to manage their wealth wisely, persons who want to retire early, and anyone who want to have a better and happier life.

Their mission is to guide their clients to the life each customer desires. In order to achieve this, the company provides the clients with resources that have been tested and proved to have beneficial effects on the lives of individuals in the field of real estate, finance, retirement, natural health, among others. The mission is incorporated from the time you become a member. The client is given The Midas Code book free as a bonus for membership.

The experts, as well as the product contributors, are bestselling authors, multimillionaire entrepreneurs, successful stock market investors and many others. This wide range of professionals is a valuable asset since the combined experience from the experts’ various fields benefits the clients. The main aim of the professionals is to ensure every client achieves the success of what he/she is looking for.

The Midas Legacy seeks of ways to give back to the society. The firm provides regular donations to several organizations. They include:
• Florida Sheriff Department. The company was recognized as a Gold Business Member due to its donations to this department.
• Give Hope Foundation. This is a local charity committed to offering support to children battling cancer.
• St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It is a pediatric treatment and research organization established in 1962. The facility concentrates on children’s tragic diseases.
• Wounded Warrior Project, which is a charity for wounded veterans of military activities.
• Salvation Army. It is an organization that aims to feed, clothe, care and comfort people in need including children, trafficked people, etc.
• American Society for the Prevention ofCruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

One of the experts is Jim Samson (publisher), who is successful in real estate and entrepreneurship. Jim is also a top selling author. Sean Bower is the chief editor at The Midas Legacy and Mark Edwards is the natural health expert.

Wealth managers offer all financial products available in the universe. The experts in this firm are client-centered. The role for wealth managers is gaining popularity everyday.

Equities First Brings Innovation To The World Of Lending

The lending industry hasn’t had an easy time adjusting to the financial crises and political upheavals across the world. The aftermath has resulted in conditions leaving many simply unable to qualify for a loan due to low credit ratings, lack of employment, and other problems that affect the ability of an individual to borrow money. Amidst these problems some lending firms have turned to innovation in order to find ways to help borrowers who may not find the convention borrowing model caters to them. Among these innovators is the lending firm Equities First Holdings.


Founded in 2002, the firm has focused on a new approach towards collateral to provide low interest rate loans to its clientele. At Equities First borrowers may use stocks and bonds as collateral to secure their loans. This offers investors a way to use their assets to acquire funding when it’s needed. These stock secured loans are offered as an alternative to the margin loans that are generally more common. When lenders give out margin loans they general require that applicants qualify for the loans. The financial history of the applicant is scrutinized and tested against certain criteria. With the loans given out by Equities First there is no need for this process. The stocks used as collateral allow Equities First to provide loans without any concerns over the potential issues of trust that often come up during situations like these.


The success of Equities First speaks volumes about their approach to the lending process. The lender has billions in assets and operates in countries throughout the world. Financial hardships often force people to come up with creative ways to solve their problems. The problems seen across the world have made conditions difficult for borrowers. Equities First Holdings has discovered a way to get borrowers the help they need no matter what their circumstances are.


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The Midas Legacy’s Shortcuts To Early Retirement

The Midas Legacy is a Florida-based wealth management firm that has a unique approach to serving members. The fact that clients are members is the first difference; The Midas Legacy only offers research services to members, they do not execute any trades or make investments on their member’s behalf. For a small monthly fee, member receive advice on real estate investing, entrepreneurship and stocks from industry experts.

Both Jim Samson and Sean Bower, Publisher and Chief Editor, have been quoted in business publications; Samson for his decades of real estate investing experience and Bower for financial expertise. Jim Samson penned the Best Business Blueprints and Real Estate Riches, both of which show members how to create wealth by working for themselves. Sean Bower writes the Wall Street Informer, which shows members how insiders execute trades and become wealthy, even when the market crashes. The Midas Legacy’s third expert, Mark Edwards, truly highlights the firms uniqueness. Edwards is a natural health expert who advocates cures from nature for a variety of illnesses because wealth is meaningless without one’s health.

Samson’s retirement calculator on The Midas Legacy website shows individuals how much they will need for a comfortable retirement. Most people would love to retire early with plenty of money to travel or do the things that they never had the time or the money to do before. Members of The Midas Legacy receive special invitations to the Code Breaker and Raider courses when they are held. These courses teach wealth-building opportunities and uncover retirement loopholes, allowing members to reach their retirement goals faster.

While traditional wealth management firms have their experts invest their client’s capital, The Midas Legacy gives members a financial education, encouragement and lessons from successful traders and investors so that their members can make their own decisions. People who want their own business, those who want to buy and sell stocks and potential real estate moguls can choose their own path to wealth, with research services from The Midas Legacy helping them make wise choices. The Midas Legacy believes that anyone can learn the secrets of building wealth and then take charge of their financial future.

Kyle Bass: Successful Career Overshadowed By Frantic Investments

Kyle Bass is a very successful businessman who founded Hayman Capital Management in 2006. He made his fortune by effectively foreseeing the 2008 mortgage crisis. For some time, he has been seen as a whiz. Eyewitnesses hopped to the conclusion that Bass was some sort of unstoppable genius.

But as time went on Kyle Bass has made some awful decisions.In addition to making awful business decisions, he’s made bad partnerships and alliances. He sees Argentina as a good country to invest in,so he has become a partner and big supporter of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. But, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has done nothing but make Argentina economy worse . She is rich, but very corrupt.

Jim McTague is an Editor of a well-known magazine. He believes “Bass has had a troubling time of it as of late…..suddenly, the previous illuminator can’t get anything right.” While it’s hard “to know precisely how Bass’ trusts are getting along in light of the fact that he keeps his reserve’s real execution measurements near the vest,” news reports say he “lost some place around 30% in 2014, the mirror inverse of the business’ best-performing support investments administrators.”

McTague cites a late article in which Bass himself confessed to having had “an intense year.” “It’s decent to win constantly,” Bass said. “When you are not winning and other people is, it makes life troublesome.”

Bass, reports McTague, declines to discuss his and Spangenberg’s shabby patent ploy. Then, the most recent news from Capitol Hill is that bills activated by Bass’ exercises have effectively cleared both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, with administrators trusting that before the current month’s over a law will be on the books that “cut[s] the legs from under this specific Bass technique.”

The short time he had in the financial industry spotlight has been crowded by his bad decisions lately.In 2014 , Kyle lost a whopping 30% of his investments.

Today Kyle’s mind is mostly on 2 things : oil, and Argentina.What plans in the future will he concoct? Time will only tell.

The Role of Technology in the Workplace

Marc Sparks has proven success time and time again alongside with failure and the knowledge of what works and does not work within a business. As an entrepreneur who has developed over sixty start-up companies since the 1970s and the founder of Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm, Sparks can provide some valuable insight into major and minor problems that most individuals face in the workplace as well as viable solutions.

In the article “Mark Sparks: Let’s Meet, but First Unplug and Tune In”, posted during summer 2013 in Marc Sparks: On Work, it depicts a typical picture seen in today’s technology driven age. Sparks tells a story of a young man who came in to interview for a job at one of his companies who appeared business desirable in most aspects, yet midway through the interview the unthinkable happened. Not only did his cell phone ring, but he made the choice to take the call and ultimately determined his career fate that day. Needless to say, Sparks dismissed the recent college graduate on the mere fact that he considered his phone call a higher priority than providing the interviewer undivided attention.

This is a relatively common theme to see in today’s workforce. Individuals are glued to their phones instead of focusing on tasks at hand but Sparks has a solution. He keeps a small basket on a table located just outside his office with the purpose of having individuals who come in for a meeting place their phone in it to ensure their full attention is given during their time together. He divulges into the reasoning behind this decision, simply stating that when he holds a meeting with someone, it is on his time so attention must be focused on the topics at hand. Sparks compares the irritation that incurs when individuals constantly check their phone during a meeting as equivalent to someone sneezing in his face.

Not only does Sparks discuss cell phone use in the blog, but he expands his technology rule to laptops as well viewing open computers as a wall between the individual and whoever they are trying to have a discussion with. Additionally, many people tend to hide behind laptops during meetings instead of becoming an active participant in the topic. Making an excellent point, Sparks generalizes this concept to all aspects of life, stating that the same respect should be applied in any scenario and not just in the workplace.

Source: Marc Sparks Blog

Brian Mulligan Has Been Brave In Taking On New Challenges

Some people are more willing to take on challenges in their careers than others, and Brian Mulligan is one of those brave people. He has always been excited to try something new in his career, and he has worked at many different sports and entertainment companies through the years, serving as chairman, CEO, senior executive adviser and more. He has done all of the work for all of the different companies to the best of his ability, and he has left each of those companies better off than it was before he started working for it.
Brian Mulligan is a man who seems to do well in each new challenge that he takes on. No matter what he is doing he seems to always know how to do it right. Whether he is doing sports writing or working as the CEO of Brooknol Advisers, where he is currently employed, he is always doing something great. And because of that, he has become someone that people look up to when they think of an ambitious man.
Too many people slack off in their careers. Too many people see challenges as something to be feared instead of something to be embraced. And all of those people could learn a thing or two from Brian Mulligan and the brave way that he has embraced everything that has gone on in his career.
Brian Mulligan could have just stuck with any one of the jobs that he has had through his 30 year career, but instead of doing that he decided to be bold and try to take on some new challenges. He filled up his career with all different kinds of work, and he has excelled in each thing that he has done. Others would do well to try to copy a few of the things that he has done, so that they can have a better chance of succeeding in their careers. Brian Mulligan seems to really know what he is doing, and it will be great to see what kind of a challenge he decides to take on next in his career.

Marc Sparks Business Philosophies

Marc Sparks is known entrepreneur popular for his many books and business acumen especially in the media industry. Being an author, he has in most occasions been referred to as a serial entrepreneur. This inference is attached to his ability to turn new ideas into money making engagements. This is a major characteristic of an entrepreneur and he has displayed this attribute for many years in his career. He is the founder, the owner and also the Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek, LP. In his books, he draws inspiration mostly from his life experiences and his tough road towards success.

One of the greatest attributes of Marc Sparks is his intrinsic desire to help humanity and to care for other people. This is what has led him to become part of several habitat and humanitarian foundations. In addition to this, with his entrepreneurial skills he has ventured into the construction industry to provide affordable housing for families. He has non-profit venture known as the Sparkey’s Kids which has donated 1000 laptops to children in the American Can Academy. Another of his many humanitarian engagements includes the Samaritan Inn, a home for the homeless children based in Texas and housing more than 100 people per night.

Marc Sparks has many philosophy that he lives by and with his career and businesses, he has always believed in gaining a customer for life through quality customer service. Having almost 50 startup businesses and having been in the leadership positions in several employments, he has learned the art of quality customer service. He laments that most companies will spent millions in advertising to acquire a customer but lose the same customer within a blink of an eye. According to Marc Sparks, an advert might lure the customer and draw his or her attention to the product, but the quality of the product and the services involved will keep him or her coming.

The entrepreneur and author of countless series of books also promotes the notion self confidence amongst his audience. Marc Sparks believes that in order to successes, one has to develop self-confidence. Nobody can or has achieved anything in life without first believing in what he is doing. Marc Sparks maintains that it is only confidence that can drive can drive a human being to where they are supposed to be in life. He encourages young entrepreneurs to be fully confident with their projects and not to listen to any voices of doubts surrounding them. Believing in oneself and pushing your idea to the best of your effort is the main character that can help you see your dreams coming true.

Marc Sparks’ success has come as result of self-disciplines that he has loved by since he was a young man. He strongly believes in the “To-Do” philosophy which he greatly emphasizes to his admirers. He advises that in order to be successful, one has to have a “to-do” list. He surprises many of his admirers when he says that even today with all his success he still writes a to-do list which many people despise as a waste of time.