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The Success of Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is an accomplished real estate agent. She is at the moment buying real estates in different cities which include; Central Ohio, Franklin, Delaware and Licking. Her first job was with The Edwards Realty Organization a secretary. Later on she joined Scotland Yard Condominiums and worked there for seven years, she successfully got a real estate license. These gave her an opportunity to work with various companies and as a result she made this her career. More details can be found on her Spokeo profile.

Real Estate is something she liked so much; it is her passion which turned out to be a career. Tammy’s typical day starts with her keeping fit followed by carrying her duty as a real estate agent. After that, she then opens all her emails and taking incoming calls. Her perceptions include research, having essential thoughts and implementing a good strategy. She is thrived by the fact that she can communicate with her clients one on one through the contracts she has, as a result she is able to get more profit in her business. Her business is an accomplishment because she first of all implements goals and later on work hard to achieve them.

Mazzocco always takes care of the needs of the clients first before any other task, this is a strategy that she tells other business people who want to be successful. They should focus on the transaction as well as the needs of the customers not necessarily the outcome of the deal. Tammy Mazzocco has been part of and led companies such as Zillow and Realtor, this has contributed to her accomplishment as a real estate agent. She is also interested in customer service as well as how it contributes to success. Tammy has a website called Follow Up Boss which helps her in communicating with her customers thus being consistent.

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