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Corn Farmers Sought By Attorney Mikal Watts

Financial problems for farmers in the US seem to be a common problem, but even successful agricultural professionals can be affected by circumstances beyond their control. Attorney Mikal Watts is now looking to come to the aid of those agricultural professionals who were affected by problems with the corn crops of 2013 and 2014. The issue with crops led to the blocking of all corn crops exported to China until the problems had been solved, which adds up to three percent of the total corn produced in the US each year.

PR Newswire explains Mikal Watts is now looking for those affected by the introduction of genetically modified corn crops from the Swiss company Syngenta, which provided corn crops for a number of farmers who were unaware of the genetically modified nature. The Syngenta affected crops were then mixed into other crops busheled together and exported around the world. Chinese authorities refused to accept the genetically modified crops, which meant the three percent of corn produced and sold to China by US farmers was all barred from export as it could not be separated from the GMO crops. Watts and his legal team are looking for any agricultural workers affected by the following fall in price for US corn to join a lawsuit brought against Syngenta for its role in the issue. Mikal Watts has a history of bringing mass filings in the agricultural industry and is hoping to recoup some of the losses felt by US farmers in late 2013 and 2014.