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The True Power of Facebook

Facebook is among the most powerful organizations in the world, claims BBC News in a recent article. First of all, Facebook has more users than there are people in China, so if it were a country, it would be the biggest one in the world in terms of population. And also the most informed one.


Whenever we like a page on Facebook, share, or post something, the powerful algorithms of the social media giant get to know each person very well. Facebook knows our age, ethnicity, where we live, where we traveled, our sexual orientation, political affiliation, social class, and much, much more. If it were a totalitarian state, it would have the best information about its citizen ever in the history of the human kind.


With information we voluntarily share on Facebook it is possible to create visual maps and flow charts that will determine who we are with great accuracy. This is great from advertiser’s perspective as targeting becomes easy.


There are so many ways to exploit this data from a business perspective. It could also be easy from a political one. In the past, Facebook has been accused of favoring liberal media at the expense of conservatives.


Facebook isn’t the only social media company exploiting our personal data for commercial gain. In fact, most social media sites seek to do it to a lesser or larger degree. Google is another online giant seeking to utilize consumer data to gain advertising revenue. Amazon does that as well.


There are privacy concerns, but it is us who share our private data voluntarily. So, next time be careful about what you share or like online.


Facebook Enters New Businesses

Raising funds online has been available for a while now. GoFundMe is among the sites allowing for money raising. But, new competition is on the block, CNN reports. And this competitor is formidable. It is Facebook, which is not so unexpected since the company is branching out into other businesses.

Facebook just announced that it’s expanding its charitable tools to personal fundraising. It will go beyond nonprofit organizations into personal fund raising. The donations made will net Facebook 6.9 percent plus 30 cents. Meanwhile, nonprofits will continue to be charged 5 percent.

At the beginning, there will be six categories of personal fundraising. These will include education, medical, medical for pets, crisis relief, personal emergencies, and funeral expenses. Before funds can be raised, 24-hour review process will take place in order to avoid fraud. To donate, users will need to log into Facebook. The processing of payments will take from 7 to 13 days.

Meanwhile, Facebook is taking on Snapchat. It has just released features intended to mirror what Snapchat offers. These include short visual stories, disappearing messages, and camera filters. Its subsidiary, Instagram, already has these features. Facebook tried to buy Snapchat before for $3 billion, but Snapchat decided to go on its own and made a public offering of its shares. After that, its market cap reached $30 billion. So now, Facebook is competing directly against its former acquisition target.

In return, Snapchat is coming up with a new feature known as “Our Story.” It relies on collections of photos and videos related to specific events, and then makes stories out of them. There’s also a new search function allowing for searching events.

Snapchat is experiencing slowing growth, so analysts begin to worry about sustainability of its stock price. It looks that Facebook appeals to various age groups, while Snapchat is mostly used by younger generations. If Snapchat can’t grow quickly and monetize its user base more, it will follow the path of Twitter and have its share price decline substantially. Facebook is a tough competitor after all.

3 Effortless Ways to Improve Facebook Interactions for Businesses

You probably know that Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. We use Facebook to chat with our friends or share different contents such as videos, photos, and document files. For businesses, Facebook is a top source of traffic and sales. Additionally, it is a number one spot for branding.


Most businesses understand that Facebook advertising is a vital part of any good social media marketing plan. But even with this knowledge, some businesses still fail to share posts that draw attention to their brands. So if you are struggling to attract followers and user engagement, read on, we shall discuss various ways through which you can boost engagement and drive sales with your Facebook posts.


  1. Use Facebook videos


Research shows that we watch more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook each day. That’s incredibly high! The thing is when Facebook users scroll through their newsfeeds, these videos that automatically and silently play capture their attention.


These videos are super easy to upload; you can upload videos directly to Facebook from your device. So why not use Facebook Videos to get your engagement level on a higher ground


Ideas for video content


  • Expand on any recent blog post topic
  • Talk about your flagship product
  • Address frequently asked questions


  1. Ask Questions


Even though fill in the blank type of posts have proven to be effective in the social media spectrum, very few businesses have taken advantage of this method. This method not only helps businesses to engage their audiences but also helps them to find out what they like and dislike and their opinions on different subjects.


Questions and fill-in- the-blank type of posts urge users to interact by answering questions and filling in the blanks. With just a simple question, the business and the user can interact at a personal level.


  1. Facebook Contest


This is another excellent way to increase your overall Facebook user engagement. This option creates excitement as it rewards loyal fans. Through this option, you are sure that you will get users to visit your Facebook page regularly to check if they have won.


Contest ideas


  • “Share this picture and win.”
  • “Like and comment to win.”
  • “Share your talent.”
  • “Post to page to win.”
  • “Caption This to Win”