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The Midas Legacy Delivers

When it comes to wealth management, there are a lot of companies out there that like to make promises. Whether they actually come through with it or not, that is a completely different story. Nine times out of ten, they are just that: talk. They do not deliver and someone finds themselves in a bad situation. It is because the company they are working for does not have their best interests in mind. The company is only interested in themselves and how they can profit off the money this individual has worked their whole lives to achieve.

That is why when it comes to companies, they do not make them any better than The Midas Legacy. They deliver, time after time, and they truly care for their customers. They know how to talk to people, interact with them, treat them, and get to know them. They know customer service is also an important part of their job. They need their customers to feel comfortable and feel like they are working with a company that is completely legit and will not let them down in any shape or form. They have the experience and they have the experts that have the best possible advice.

One must remember that this is not the type of situation where there is one singular answer that works for everyone. Each person has different things they hope to get out of their life. That is a good thing! It is great when people want something more and they do not strictly want to sit still and do nothing. That does lead to any sort of happiness, whatsoever. It leads to being too content and too comfortable. Sometimes it is a good thing for someone to break out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Retirement is something a lot of people are looking forward to, as they have put in the time, perhaps missed many important events, and worked their tails off. Now, all of the money they have saved, put away, and earned, they want it to go to good use. They don’t want it to go to waste. There is a delicate balance between having fun while retired while also having enough to last someone for the rest of their lives. The Midas Legacy helps others balance their money and get everything they can out of it for the present and for the future.

The Amazing Work of the Passionate Antique Arms Collector, Michael Zomber

Collecting antique arms can be a very enjoyable pastime. Many people find great happiness in collecting firearms, Michael Zomber, the co-owner of Renascent Films LLC, is a popular collector of antique arms. In fact, Mr. Zomber has been collecting arms for over forty years. He is determined to preserve and protect history by collecting, caring and selling antique arms, including the legendary Japanese samurai swords.

His areas of expertise include Japanese, American, European, and Islamic armor and arms from the 16th- 19th century. Michael Zomber has been sharing his deep passion for antique arms with the world by creating documentaries on the same. The History Channel is one of the outlets he uses to share his in-depth knowledge and experience. Even though Zomber is very passionate about learning and collecting antique arms, he is also passionate about other weapons, particularly the samurai sword.

Zomber has shared his knowledge of the Samurai sword through writing screenplays and novels. Some of the Historical novels that Zomber has written talk deeply on why the antique arms are special and will be useful to future readers as well as the historians. Today, Zomber is widely known as a history expert. His documentary on Bushido, Soul of the Samurai earned him worldwide recognition as an established historian.

Michael Zomber has authored several bestsellers including five–Shogun Iemitsu, Sweet Betsy, A Son Of Kentucky, Jesus and the Samurai, Park Avenue, and That’s Me. On a typical day, you can find the respected historian serving as a producer for an independent film, writing another novel or serving as an expert and historian for shows such as “Tales of the Gun.”

Michael Zomber tells stories through his work. He has perfectly fused his work and hobby, making him lead a very fulfilling life. In philanthropy, Michael and his wife are very active. They have been supporting organizations both locally and abroad in an attempt to better peoples’ lives. His deep intellect, broad knowledge, and passion make him a highly appreciated and sought after guest for television as well as radio, as his IMDb credits indicate.

From the amount projects that he has worked on, it is hard to imagine what he will do next. We can only wait and see the next big project he has to share with the world.