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Vijay Eswaran: An Inspired and Inspiring Man

Vijay Eswaran is a go-getter highly successful businessman who considers making the world a better place as his highest priority. In the 1998, he co-founded and is Executive Chairman of the IQ Group of Companies. His company has achieved tremendous financial success in e-commerce with financial strategies of retail and direct sales. For Vijay Eswaran, financial success is the beginning of bringing spirituality, justice and prosperity to world. In this effort, he has created the Vijayaratnam Foundation.

Vijay Eswaran has an interest in what makes a business icon, and what are such a person’s personal characteristics? He looks to giants in the business world and spiritual realm for inspiration. It sets Vigay Eswaran apart in that he looks to the great leaders of our times for guidance in business practices. For example, the founder of Wal-Mart, Sam Walton, is a great inspiration to Vigay Eswaran. Not only was Sam Walton an amazing success, and he made a great deal of money, but Sam Walton was a patron of University of the Ozarks as well. Vigay was able to have conversation with Sam Walton, which has had a great impact on Vigay Eswaran goals and life’s journey.

There is a journey to success. Vigay Eswaran talks about the path to success that includes failure. Apparently, it is better to experience failure before becoming successful. Success comes as an uneasy trek through failure and success. Success is more than just wanting it. Success includes developing plans that are thoughtful, and then you must perseverance through the implementing of the plans. Perseverance is critical, because the path to success includes failure, and it is necessary to modify plans and persist in your efforts. If you can learn patience, then you can do anything. According to Vigay Eswaran, success comes when you have the strength to persist and be patient. While you are being patient, there are times when your business plans lead to a situation that is ambiguous. More than any other time, it is necessary for you to be patient while waiting for the ambiguity to resolve.

According to Vigay Eswaran, there are 7 steps to making effective decisions: 1. Decisions evolve out of new and old information and are a constantly evolving process; 2. The goal of decision making is to improve your analytical and strategic skills; 3. Only, when you make make the final decision, will you know that your first decision took you in the right direction; 4. Delaying decision making is toxic to success. 5. You must be intuitive; 6. Good decision are a process of projection, preparation and planning; and 7. Decisions are forever evolving as are lines drawn in the sand.

Reading and listening to Vigay Eswaran is inspirational. His thoughtfulness is directly relevant to leading a successful life. He provides the knowledge to achieve in the business world as well as providing the spiritual guidance to make yourself a better person. Sit down and read his books, listen to his talks and bring his thoughts, feeling and spirituality into your life.