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Energy Crisis or Lack of Leadership?

There is an economic crisis taking place in Venezuela which has led to an energy crisis. Some have said that the electricity issue has caused the country to be financially strapped. Others have said that the leaders of the country don’t know how to run the country, which has caused the mismanagement of funds for electricity and other resources. Nicolas Maduro decided to shut businesses down for a week in March. When this didn’t help, he told everyone to take a three-day weekend to decrease the use of power. This plan was put in place for 60 days. Now that the plan hasn’t worked as leaders like Jose Manuel Gonzalez thought, there will be limits on the amount of time residents can use power through the day. While this might seem harsh, it’s not new says Manuel Gonzalez. There have been issues with the electricity as well as the roads and the water system in a country that is rich in oil. This is why many feel that the leadership of the country needs to be examined.