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Plymouth Rock’s Unique and Prime Changes


Plymouth Rock Assurance (the auto insurance company based out of Boston) recently introduced their “Prime,” an online tool for residents in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire which allows individuals to purchase and monitor an auto insurance policy and connect with independent agents locally.

As consumers purchase a policy at, using the new Prime system, it is then transferred to local agents to provide assistance and advice when needed. While the agent owns the individual’s business from that point on, they are also free to make changes on the policy for improvements.

Recently the Insurance Journal published an article titled Plymouth Rock’s Prime Combines Online Sales with Independent Agent Channel (see Your text to link…) that evaluates options that consumers have when purchasing and overseeing their policies online. However Prime offers customers the help from independent agents, plus the Internet. If obtaining a quote at the company website, this information is placed into a type of quote marketplace for agents of Plymouth Rock, allowing them to obtain leads.

This company was founded by New York City born business executive and CEO of Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation, James Stone. Educated at Harvard University, he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and later he also taught this subject. In the 1970’s Stone served as the Commissioner of Insurance for Massachusetts and later headed to Washington D.C. where he took on the position of Chairman and Commissioner of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Jim’s knowledge of building relationships and interpreting changes led him to take on the role of a government advisor for developing countries. This insurance savvy-individual also wrote several articles (and a book) about finance and the insurance industry. Jim had also been a Board of Directors member for the Boston Globe, the American newspaper which has been around since 1872.

Currently Prime’s merging of the agent and on-line experience is receiving good feedback as it has enhanced the insurance quoting process to assist customers and the independent local agent. Prime will be available to more consumers when it soo goes “live” in New Hampshire and Connecticut.