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How a Small E-Newsletter Outpaced its Rivals With Effective Marketing Strategies

In 2012, two NBC News employees ditched their jobs to build their own e-newsletter that summarizes the day’s most important events in a casual tone. Roommates Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg teamed up to form theSkimm, and they are dominating their competition with over 3.5 million subscribers.

Zakin and Weisberg understood from their time at NBC News that entering the ultra-competitive news market was a gamble. However, they also knew that marketing their e-newsletter by identifying their clearly defined target audience would help separate themselves from the competition. It was simple, their target audience was female millennials.

Based on the demographic, the pair built a newsletter that was casual yet edgy. They built a platform that offered more than just current events. From scratch, Zakin and Weisberg created forums for readers to offer feedback on the newsletter, a place for readers to post recipes and allowing readers to send birthday shout outs to friends and fellow readers.

Their biggest success was targeting sponsors that offered products and services that are highly relevant to the female millennial demographic. Zakin and Weisberg knew their demographic was smart, sophisticated females who are on the go. The pair realized that there was a void in the news market for their demographic, so Zakin and Weisberg filled that void by creating their e-newsletter to fit into the routines of busy female millennials. This is a tale of classic, effective marketing strategies in today’s digital world.