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Save Thousands of Dollars When You List Your Home with The 990 Company

The real estate market has been structured in the same way for many years. A licensed agent lists your home, takes pictures, makes brochures, puts signs out front, and runs ads. Today, the internet is a big part of the listing process. In exchange for those professional Realtor services, you pay thousands of dollars to sell your home. What if the process remained the same, but you had a commission as low as $990 for the listing? The $990 Company has a successful program, with experienced licensed Realtors who offer all the same services they always provide, but at a significantly lower cost to you.

Greg Hague is the founder of 990 Sells Homes. He is a 35-year veteran Real Estate Broker. In 1988, he started a new real estate agency in Arizona called WHY USA. He had three people and established the business with a new concept of listing and selling homes at the flat rate of $990. In just a year, he had grown from 3 agents to 221. He then franchised the concept with over 100 full-service Realtor offices. The prevalent commission percentage for other full-service agencies is 6% of the sales price. In some cases, it may even be higher.

With the 990 Company, you work with an agent to stage your home, have photographs taken, and brochures made. The process will be very much like the process offered by agents who charge 6% commission. The 990 Sells Homes agents will put your property on the Multiple Listing Service in your area, and sets up internet advertising on Trulia, Zillow,, and other real estate sites. The agent will also feature your property in print advertising, just as they would for the higher fee.

For a $100,000 home, the commission of $990 would offer savings of over $5000. This commission concept is so well regarded that it has been written up in publications about saving money. The office and concept were featured inBuying and Selling a Home, by Kiplinger. It was also featured in How to Sell Your Home in the 90s with Less Stress and More Profit, by Carolyn Janik.

The program is available for the sale of homes in every state. If you are considering the sale of your home, it would be a good idea to find an agent through Ask for a market analysis of your home and the check out the services provided by the 990 Company Realtor. Check with another real estate firm to see if they offer anything extra that is not being offered for just $990 commission. You may find that selling your home just became much less expensive.