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What Beacons Are and Some Digital Marketing Talk – From


Online marketing is changing literally every day. Innovation is by far the heaviest driver of change and success in online marketing. Beacons, or small radio transmitters, are marketing tools that send out info when another phone is nearby. Mobile apps decode the information sent out and send certain messages to the consumer. For example, if there is a clothing store with a type of clothing 21-35 year olds are likely to enjoy wearing and it is having trouble selling, the beacons will send out marketing promos with that specific type of clothing to those between 21-35 years of age, or whatever demographic or group they categorize users by.


Beacons are very popular and used by top notch companies such as Rite Aid, Macy’s, and Target. Beacons are an effective way to send out marketing, advertorial, and promotional material to browsers because it customizes messages based on where you are in that store. These small devices are truly a digital marketing wonder and are expected to continue rapid growth in coming years.


Marketing automation is a large drive of digital marketing because it takes less time of employees and makes mistakes far less often than humans do. Automation and innovation, as we see with beacons, are two popular ways learning.


Things need to be quick, speedy, and not last too long in regards to marketing because peoples’ attention spans today are shorter than they ever have been, especially in respect to consuming media. Making sure your media will not lose the interest of visitors in the first few seconds is crucial to succeeding in digital marketing on the Internet.


Digital marketing comes in many shapes and sizes. This upcoming type of marketing is necessary to get ahead as a marketing firm on the Internet in today’s world.


The Best Tips to Optimize Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a part of successful advertising and general business marketing whether you like it or not. Most people interact digitally with their various types of technology, which means that you need to be right there with them. The following is a list of crucial digital marketing tips that will help diversify and improve your business so that you can attract as many customers and clients as possible.

Create an e-mail marketing list

The number one thing that you can do to improve your digital backing is create an e-mail marketing list. Many business owners don’t realize how important a good list of leads is for the success of their business overall.

In order to attract people to your digital marketing e-mail list, you’ll need to entice people to sign up. People aren’t just going to sign up for your e-mail list out of the blue. A good idea is to provide a pop up window when people visit your website or Facebook page. In the pop-up box, ask people to sign up for your e-mail list, and in return for them giving you your e-mail, give them something like a free e-book, a coupon for your services or products or something else.

Learn how to update your social media on a regular basis.

This should go without saying, but social media is the epicenter of all marketing and advertising. It is essential that you put most of your marketing efforts on social media on a regular basis. Update your accounts on a daily basis, and create posts that are scheduled to update on their own so that you don’t have to constantly be thinking about it

Offer useful information to clients and customers.

Finally, keep in mind that people want useful information from you as a business. They don’t only want to hear about the new products that you’re releasing next year. They want coupons, how-to tips and tricks and other valuable information that they can use to their advantage.

Try all of these tips for your digital marketing strategy. They will help you improve your business and revenues.

Effective Online Reputation Management

Every enterprise should track their online reputation for their success. Online reputation forms a critical part of every business’ strategy. It only takes one malicious comment from either an external or an internal source to impact your reputation adversely. The situation may be worse if you do not know about your online reputation and you have no means of countering the effect.

In order to improve your online reputation, there are certain strategies, which you can employ to improve your online reputation management. Firstly, to effectively manage your online reputation, you need to understand the negative comments going round about your brand. You can leverage tools for monitoring your brand such as Mention or Reputation Defender review, which will help in keeping you on top of your online reputation. With the use of Google Alerts, you will view what others post about your brand.

Keeping your social and site updated is another strategy to effective online reputation management. Relevance is critical for scoring highly in search results. Ensure your site and social are up to date, which translates to keeping your content fresh as well as paying attention to your social media strategy. You can outsource content creation service to enable you to focus on other core aspects of your enterprise.

How you respond to bad press will significantly influence your online reputation. Avoid immediate responses with the gut reaction to malicious posts. It is crucial to avoid attacking your detractors, getting negative as well as melting down in a way. Make sure you completely avoid a cover up in any case. Before posting your response, gather sufficient information and respond quickly but not immediately.

Your next move after a PR disaster is very critical. Admitting your mistakes in addition to committing to fix them is the ultimate strategy if you want to salvage your online reputation. In many scenarios, people prefer giving second chances, which translates to your redemption. Be candid about the error, apologize and detail your recovery plan. If you dig in and deny the mistake, it will not be of any help to you and reputation, but rather it will worsen the situation. Regretting is a perfect way to win back your client’s trust. You should ensure you keep on building healthy relationships with your audience. Establish a brand that is lovable by many.


Rematkable Online Marketing and Advertising by White Shark Media Can Only Mean Success for Your Buisness

White Shark Media or WSM is making incredible waves in the ocean of online business owners, and the results are extremely successful. Most business owners who start a business online, do not have the time, knowledge or extra funds to manage their marketing and advertising campaigns along with their business website. But, if they never address this aspect of their business, they will never have the success at the level they desire. WSM wants to help with that.


There are over four billion Internet users online in 2016, so successful marketing strategies are essential. It requires skill and a state-of-the-art knowledge of technology because it is constantly changing.


White Shark Media is one of the 29 U.S. Premier Partners with Google Adwords, so they are recognized for being remarkably experienced and attentive to their client’s programs. WSM is also a partner with BING ADS, and most digital marketing firms don’t have these associations. WSM excels in PPO, SEM, SEO and Adwords, and the dedicated team of professionals insist that they are even better with customer service.


Both Google Adwords and WSM were created to help small and medium businesses online manage their accounts, assist in creating websites, and advertise, and WSM offers effective SEM solutions.


WSM was founded in 2011, and by 2015, they employed 140 high tech computer geeks with over 600 clients who attribute their success to the unique expertise, experience, and superior customer service of WSM. They value their clients and offer individual contacts for questions along with Go-to-Meetings monthly to review progress and strategies. WSM clients have phone numbers for direct connections too.


Since the agency started, its three owners, Garth, Lolk and Nygart made the commitment that the client would always come first, in every situation. WSM doesn’t handle comments from their clients the way most companies do. The leadership of WSM evaluates every complaint or suggestion and determines how to best help the client, and consequently, how can the issue be resolved and improve the agency as well?


White Shark Media is making a tremendous statement in online businesses, and their resulting success makes it evident.

Find out more about White Shark Media:


An increased Market Demand for Dynamic Digital Service offerings results to increased revenue for Status Labs

The year 2015 saw Status Labs, an international online reputation management, digital marketing and public relations firm, register an increase in revenue and growth. The firm released its new statistics with its total revenue rising by 39 percent from the year 2014 and a total of 939 percent increase in revenue since the commencement of the company in 2012.
According to the report, the firm attributed its general growth to several factors. Among the factors are their innovative and dynamic digital strategy offerings, a focus on both client acquisition and retention, and its team of digital natives for their outstanding performances.
The president of the company Darius Fisher said that 2015 will go in their record as by far the best year for Status Labs. The continued growth and success of the firm would not have been registered were it not for the passion and dedication of its talented digital team. In2015, the company recruited more than 160 new clients across all services being offered in the industry.
Status Labs is a Leading online reputation management, digital marketing and public relations firm that has its offices in Austin New York and Sao Paulo. It serves over 1500 clients in 35 countries all over the world. Some of its clients include Fortune 500 brands, CEOs, politicians, athletes among other public figures.
The services offered in the firm includes finance, technology, beauty, real estate, politics, health care and philanthropy among many others. Status Labs can solve any problems in the digital communications. The digital team is able to offer solutions to needs ranging from managing the online reputation to advertising on the social media or developing a strategic PR campaign. These services meets all the unique needs of the clients and therefore there is client retention.
In 2015 alone, the firm was able to grow its workforce by over 12 percent. This helped meet the needs of the rapidly increasing market demand for the online reputation management, PR and Digital marketing services. According to Fisher, they are planning to add more talented personnel to its team in Austin, Texas and New York in the first quarter of 2016.