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MIT Figures Out How to Turn Salt Water Into Drinking Water

Many of us have read in the bible John 2:1-11 there was a wedding taking place. When the wine was gone, Jesus turned fresh water into wine. Some people think this could’ve been a myth.Here’s a true story. Scientists at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) and Jain Irrigation Systems have been working on a way to remove salt water from sea water, making it pure. Water is becoming a scarce commodity. In California, there are tough restrictions for the use of water. Out in Massachusetts, people are getting creative. MIT won the Desal Prize, according to USAID.

There were three criteria for the invention to purify the water. First, it had to energy sufficient, low cost, and environmentally sustaining. The first prize winners received $140,000. Scientist Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG explains to us that the purifying system uses solar panels, which are set up to charge a series of large batteries, creating electrodialysis, a system that dissolves salt particles. Water is run through two electrodes with positive and negative charges. Salt is made up of positive and negative ions. The chemical name for salt is NaCl, which is removed from H20. The scientists saw, at the end of the process, they had fresh drinking water. They’re abundant in Chile and California, however, the systems are expensive. DeSalination plants aren’t a new thing. Because of MIT, more areas with salt water will be desalting their water with this cost efficient method.