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Joseph Bismark Believes in a Close Relationship Between Coworkers

What kind of relationship should two coworkers have with one another? When I think of coworkers spending time together, I know that it is important that they get along, but I don’t always think of them growing truly close. I know that coworkers should be able to work well together, but at the end of the day they are just acquaintances, and it doesn’t seem too important that they have a close relationship. Joseph Bismark seems to think a little differently than I do, and I see that he has a good point. I just might need to change my way of thinking.

In a post on Come On Valerie, I learned that Joseph Bismark believes that coworkers should be very closer, almost like family. This man believes that individuals work best together when they have a close relationship. I think that Joseph Bismark might have a point. It would be good if all coworkers could work together in the same way that family members work together. It would be good if coworkers could work together in a smooth way. It would be good if coworkers could put drama behind them and all get along. It would be great if all of the coworkers out there could become like family to one another. My eyes were opened in reading what Joseph Bismark has to say on the relationship between two coworkers, and I believe that he has a point.