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How Fabletics Became A Million Dollar Brand In 3 Years

Everything Personal
The internet has changed they way we shop and the expectations we have of retailers. Our web experienced tend to personalize the ads we see, the videos we watch, and the results of searches. Fabletics takes that desire for personalization and provides subscribed members athletic clothing made specifically for each customer. The business model of Fabletics is so profitable the company is now worth over $250 million after existing for only 3 years.

It isn’t surprising given the previous ventures of Fabletics founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Goldenberg started his first business at 15 and Ressler has generated over $1 billion selling various internet start ups. When the two decided to combine fashion and tech the result would give them a fortune.

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Star Power
From the very beginning Fabletics has had major star power from its cofounder Kate Hudson. She has provided much of the vision behind the brand and even managed to get her brother, Oliver Hudson, involved in producing a line of men’s athletic wear. Hudson doesn’t want the fashion side of Fabletics to outshine the technology involved in promoting this brand on She is scheduled to speak at the next Code Commerce event to promote Fabletics as a innovator in the world of software.

Reaching Out Into The Real World
The success of Fabletics has allowed this brand to expand beyond online retail and into the physical world. Currently there are 6 Fabletics brick and mortar stores under the Fabletics name. Within the next five years the founders of Fabletics plan on opening stores in more than 100 locations. Originally an online alternative this brand now offers personalized clothing in the communities of its customers. From the direction Fabletics is heading it looks like this business model is certain to give the brand success for years to come.

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