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Pinterest Has Finally Introduced Click-to-play Video Ads for Mobile Phones

Last year, Pinterest was only able to launch diet version of video ads. However, Pinterest is now rolling out the real deal to promote its latest bid on video ads. The most recent attempt was the launch of promoted video ads which can be categorized between the animated GIF and the Facebook’s famous auto play video ad which was later adopted by other social media networks such as Tumblr and Twitter.

The way it works is that users will not have to run the video ad itself in their feeds. Instead, Pinterest will be designed to insert a video-lite ad Cinematic pin which will play some sound-free frames as the user scroll past it. The platform will be designed in a manner that users will have to click the teasers to see the video. Pinterest has designed its platform to ensure that brands will have to pay for the ads even if the users don’t check the actual video.

According to the product manager for monetization at Pinterest, advertisers will be charged for the thousand times Pinterest will serve the GIF-like preview in users’ feeds. Other social networks like Facebook are also charging for its video ads once Facebook serves them. The difference between Facebook and Pinterest’s video ads is that the later offers click-to-play video ads. Some advertisers still criticize the Pinterest’s cost structure saying that they offer animated GIF impressions rather than video shows.

Pinterest is improving its performance reporting to enable the advertisers to calculate how much they are paying per video, the number of impressions of their ads that were served, the number of featured pins generated, and video views. Pinterest will enable the users to expand the video to a full-screen or partial player. Pinterest is already offering the ad service to advertisers in the U.S. and the U.K. with sales representative at Pinterest. Pinterest has not revealed when it will bring the service to mobile and desktop sites.