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Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck Fights for Client Rights

Karl Heideck works to protects his client's rights
Protect your rights, contact Karl Heideck today.

UPDATED May 25th, 2017 – Karl Heideck recently shared his thoughts on the recent lawsuit brought about by the City of Philadelphia against Wells Fargo, read more over at the

The U.S. judicial system is complex. This particularly is the case when it comes to civil litigation, lawsuits in both state and federal courts. Due to the complexity of civil cases, it is imperative that a party to a lawsuit have access to the professional services of a litigation attorney.

Oftentimes, a litigation attorney actually begins preparing for a career in the courtroom while still in law school. He or she will focus on courses like civil procedure and litigation practice as a prelude to embarking on a career as a litigator.

Once in practice, a litigation attorney is also able to enhance his or her career through specialized training and continuing legal education courses. This is an ongoing process that permits a litigator the ability to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to trial practice.

In the final analysis, experience matters when it comes to an effective litigator. At the heart of garnering experience is actual time spent in a courtroom.

Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck Fight for Your Rights
Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck Fight for Your Rights

Since graduating from law school in the past decade, Karl Heideck has garnered a reputation as a solid litigation attorney. There are a number of reasons why Heideck has laid the foundation to be considered a capable litigator.

One reason why Heideck garners high marks as a litigator comes from his depth of experience in the field. He has represented a wide array of different types of clients, including many involved in very complex lawsuits.

Heideck also has a varied legal background which enhances his abilities as a litigator. For example, he is involved in mediation, including commercial mediation.

His educational background is also one of the reasons why Heideck has become a highly regarded litigation attorney. Heideck graduated from Temple University in 2009, earning his law degree. Before attending Temple University, Heideck received a BA from Swarthmore College in English and literature, with a concentration in letters.

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