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George Soros Explains How China Is Pushing The World To Another Global Collapse

The Chinese economy has been forecast to fall for the last few years as a shifting economic focus has seen the country struggle to keep up with the changing class system and financial markets. On a number of occasions over the last year hedge fund icon George Soros has looked to explain why he believes he has used his skills to predict a crash in China will soon occur and lead to its collapse; an appearance at the Asia Society in New York saw the latest warnings given of Chinese problems by Soros.

The reputation of George Soros as a financial expert on has been built on a period of success that is almost unrivaled on the financial markets; the hedge fund established by George Soros saw continued growth of a 20 percent average each year from the 1960s to the first decade of the 21st century. This period of success has given George Soros the chance to explore opportunities in philanthropy and politics, but he has continued to take a wider approach to issuing details of the problems the global markets face in recent years.

George Soros has taken his warnings over the future of the global markets to New York and Colombo, Sri Lanka as he looks to warn investors of the oncoming storm of problems on he fears the world is being driven towards. Among the issues China is facing is a shifting economic focus that sees more reliance on consumption and service over the traditional areas of manufacturing and investment the recent success of the nation has been based on.

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The problems have grown in the Chinese economy to include a rising level of credit being issued by banks and other financial institutions across the country. George Soros has joined many different financial experts in stating the volatile markets seen in the early weeks of 2016 are just the beginning of the problems financial institutions around the world will see. Coupled with the many problems in the lowered level of manufacturing taking place in China the many issues caused by lower investment levels in China on are revealed by Soros to resemble those seen in 2016 in the U.S. Soros is now seeking to warn investors that changes in the level of credit seen in China must be made quickly to avoid a rerun of the 2008 economic slowdown.
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