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Steve Murray Passes Away

Stephen Murray was serving as the Chief Executive Officer in a company known as CCMP Capital Advisors. The buyout company is based in the United States, and Steve Murray is one of the founding partners of the company.

Reports from the private held institution say that Steve Murray has passed away at the age of 52. Steve Murray is actually one of the longest serving leaders in the company, having worked for it for more than twenty five years. Read more: Former CCMP CEO Stephen Murray Dies at 52

A month before his death, Steve Murray decided to step down from his role as the Chief Executive Officer, saying that his health was not good. According to the Fortune, the former CEO had health problems for some time.

The leadership of the company is now under the hands of the Chairman of the company, Mr. Greg Brenneman. Immediately after his departure a month ago, the company chose Greg to become the CEO because he has been working for the company for several years now.

According to Greg Brenneman, the whole team in the company is saddened to lose their close friend and a founding partner. In a statement that was released to the press, Greg said that the company wished his wife and sons the deepest condolence. Stephen Murray always considered his family his first priority, and he meant a lot to them. His death was traumatic and painful for them.

Steve Murray was one of the longest serving CEO’s in the company, and he was a partner too. He was a very good investor and a perfect deal maker who decided to spent all his life in the private equity industry. CCMP Capital will forever remain grateful to the positive changes he introduced in the company. The success of the institution in the past years is attributed to the leadership skills of Steve Murray.

Stephen Murray started working for CCMP Capital in the year 1989. While working for the private institution, the company changed its ownership several times, and in 2006, it managed to stand alone. CCMP Capital came into the market in the 1980’s, and its name was Chemical Ventures Partners.

The company was a division of the Chemical Bank. Chemical Ventures decided to merge with the Chase Bank, becoming JP Morgan Partners.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Steve Murray was chosen to become the leader of the buyout business while the company was known as JP Morgan Partners. He held this position until the institution changed its name in 2006.