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Stephen Murray Is Gone Too Soon

After successfully raising $3.6 billion in a round of funding in February 2015, Stephen Murray resigned as the CEO of CCMP Capital. He cited health reasons for his departure. Stephen was instrumental at CCMP. He was on file as the company’s executive with the SEC and one of 5 key people on the Form ADV. Stephen was also removed from CCMP Capital’s website at that time. No one was certain what went wrong with him. One month later, he was dead.

Stephen Murray was highly accomplished in his industry. Regarded as one of the nation’s foremost experts, he sat on the advisory board for companies such as Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Crestcom International, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Infogroup Inc., and Jetro JMDH Holdings. He began his career by working at Manufacturer Hanover Corporation as a credit analyst trainee. Stephen Murray had great ambitions. He would eventually get to the top of the company that he entered at the ground floor by becoming its CEO. After completing his master’s degree, Stephen rejoined MH Equity in a lower management position. The company would be acquired by Chemical Venture Partners. In the End, it would be in the hands of JP Morgan Partners. All the while, Stephen was there. Murray excelled at deal making and inspiring others to unleash their potential.

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Stephen’s former colleagues say he is sorely missed. He was a great leader and friend to those he worked with. Stephen was more than a financial visionary. He brought out the best in the people who knew him because he was a role model. Stephen encouraged his employees and friends to give back to their communities. He was personally active in the Make-A-Wish Foundation in New York City and Boston. He served on its board as vice chairman. He donated precious time that he could have spent making more money to this charity because he believed in helping other people. Stephen was also a beloved family man.

Stephen Murray has left behind his beloved wife Tami and 4 sons. He and Tami met at Boston College when they were both studying as undergraduates. It was the beginning of a 29 year marriage that made them both extremely happy. Stephen was a heroic figure to his children who remember him fondly. He is survived by 3 siblings and his parents who have felt the tragic loss no parent ever wishes to experience. Stephen Murray made the world a better place, and he is missed.

Steve Murray Passes Away at the Age of 52

Stephen Murray is one of the individuals who founded CCMP Capital several years ago. Murray is a respected and influential businessman in the country. Murray was born in 1962. The famous dealmaker passed away just recently at the age of fifty-two years. He had served in the private equity industry for very many years before his death. Steve Murray was very active in philanthropic activities too.

Stephen Murray left CCMP Capital just one month before his death. Steve was loved by his colleagues and clients, and his resignation from the company came as a shock to many people. Before leaving the company on LinkedIn, Stephen complained of some health issues. The Fortune magazine reported that the former CEO was going for treatment. As the CEO of the company, Murray had played a crucial role in raising the latest round of capital in the organization. Reports say that the company had just completed raising its final round of capital, and it was a great success.

The former chairman of CCMP Capital Mr. Greg was appointed to serve as the CEO of the Private Equity firm after Stephen resigned. Greg says that the company is shocked by the death of one its longest serving presidents on Greg also said that CCMP Capital had lost a respected dealmaker who had worked very hard to ensure that the company comes through in its plans. The team sends their messages of condolence to Steve’s wife and two sons.

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Murray was appointed to work as the CEO for CCMP Capital because of several reasons. People who knew him say that he had all the qualities of a leader. He had the ability to make great deals. Without his leadership skills, the company would not have been so successful. Steve Murray had worked for the institution for many years before his appointment to the top position. He had a lot of experience in private equity firms.

CCMP Capital was founded several decades ago. CCMP Capital has changed its name several times. Before CCMP Capital the firm operated as a partnership known as JP Morgan Chase. This partnership, however, did not last for a long time. It ended in 2006, and new managed started operating. Its main offices are currently in the New York City. CCMP Capital has grown over the years, opening many branches in different parts of the United States. Today, the company offers employment opportunities to many people.

Stephen Murray: Financial Legend

Earlier this year Stephen Murray resigned as president and CEO of CCMP Capital. The New York-based equity firm is one of the most recognizable firms in the state. It has raised $3.6 billion for its latest fund. It took the company only five months to raise such success. Stephen Murray was one of the two men the SEC filings listed as the CCMP executives responsible for that fund. The other executive was a chairman named Greg Brenneman. Murray was also one of the five people CCMP listed as control persons of Form ADV.

Stephen Murray had been working with CCMP for decades. He’d been there since 1999; back then the company was known as Chase Capital Partners. The company would later become JPMorgan Partners and Murray continued to stay with them even after they become independent in 2006 on Crunchbase. Murray has worked with many different companies as partners and shared seats with most. To name a view currently still holding board seats: Crestcom International, Inforgroup Inc., and among many others. Many have tried speculating the reason for Murray’s departure from the company, but the reason was kept a secret.

We now know the cause of his early retirement was due to health problems. As strong of a man as Stephen Murray was, in the end, his health problems won out. Just recently, the longtime equity executive passed away at the tender age of 52. Stephen Murray health-related issues were not made public so that he and those close to him could have some privacy while dealing with those issues. He is a man that the financial industry will not soon forget. He had worked in the industry since 1989, spending most of his career with CCMP, but he did work for other companies before them. At one point or another, the firms Murray worked for became the largest private equity firm in the world. Murray didn’t become CEO until 2007 after JPMorgan became independent.

Greg Brenneman, someone close to Murray and his current successor as president and CEO, released a statement saying how saddened he and the rest of the company were to hear that Stephen had passed away. He represented the company while conveying his deepest condolences to Stephen’s family; assuring them that many thoughts and prayers were going out to them. He admitted how important Stephen was and what immeasurable knowledge he often offered.

Stephen Murray’s Leadership Contributed A Great Deal To CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is a private equity company that has long been dedicated to providing the best strategies on and advice to their clients. The company has come a long way since first inception, and has managed to build up business locations in different places around the world, including London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and New York. A Large number of the clients that the company works with are high value clients, individuals or corporations with high net worth.

During his time in the industry and at CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray was known as one of the best there was. He has been recognized as an invaluable leader with a high level of ambition and oversight on Not only was he capable, but he ended up bringing a lot of success to the company overall. Many of his former colleagues and friends from the company still regard his as one of the best leaders.

It was back in 1984 that Stephen Murray got started on his career and the path to his success, when he started working at the Manufacturer Hanover Corporation as a credit analyst. It was during this time at the company that Stephen showed off his talents and initiative to do more. He also earned his Masters in Business Administration. Stephen Murray ended up being able to move over to the company’s equity division. Over the coming years the company went through many restructuring periods and mergers, which finally ended up at JP Morgan Partners, where Stephen was in charge of all buyouts for the company.

After many transitions and restructures, the company finally had a foundation that it would stick too with JP Morgan. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was in a management position for the company, handling buyouts. This is when JP Morgan became widely known. Due to rising tensions within the companies different divisions, a spin-off company was created and lead by Stephen Murray in 2006. This new company would be fully operational in 2007 when Stephen was appointed as Chief Executive Officer. This decision was well made, as Stephen Murray managed to bring the company a great deal of success during his leadership. 

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The Many Leadership Skills Of Stephen P. Murray

One of the amazing things about leadership is that we all know it when we see it. Such was the case with my late colleague Stephen P. Murray. Like only a handful of others I can name, his leadership skills were obvious once you worked with him for only a short period of time.

It is not easy to lead people and teach them to how to property manage capital. From the very first time I met him at our banking training program, I was struck by his ability to take what we were learning and help us all understand it better.

Stephen Murray was able to take bits of data and show us all how to properly marshal them. At every turn, it was clear that he cared about both the data and the needs of his co-workers. This was his life and I was lucky to share it with him.

Growing Capital

As head of CCMP Capital, Murray oversaw a large team of staffers as they engaged in the business of growing capital and middle-market leveraged buyouts.

Stephen Murray taught so many people how to take a simple spreadsheet and use it to see where a company had been was likely to be going in the future.

This ability was an ability that helped him raise capital, making CCMP Capital a powerhouse in the world of finance. Thanks to his help, we were all so excited to be at his side as we watched him make deal after deal.

So many people knew that they could count on his expertise and his ability to create value for clients. We also knew that his leadership skills would help us all thrive and succeed in our chosen world of finance.

Head Of The Buyout Business

Stephen Murray was really very much the head of the buyout business. This was something that he loved to do. He was also someone who showed us all how it was possible to turn a few stats and insights into a much larger deal.

We all knew that he was the right person to head the buyout business at the capital firm because he could offer impressive leadership skills that gave all of us the opportunity to see the world not only as it was but as it could be very soon. I highly regret his loss and wish to add my full sorrow at his sad passing.

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CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

Stephen P Murray Former CEO of CCMP Capital

On March 12, 2016 Stephen “Steve” P. Murray passed away in his Stamford, Connecticut home. He is survived by his wife and four sons.

Early Career

Stephen Murray started his financial career with a degree in economics from Boston College in 1984, and he continued on with his education by earning a Master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School.

Immediately after graduating from Boston College he applied and was accepted to the credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation.

This led to a full time position at the firm which was purchased by Chemical Bank in 1991. His experience with Chemical Venture Partners was a great stepping stone to leading the buyout business at JP Morgan Partners.

CCMP Capital CEO

17 years after graduating from Columbia, Murray co-founded CCMP Capital and was named CEO a year later. The firm was a spinoff from JP Morgan and Murray continued his work in buyouts and growth equity.

Along with running his new venture, Stephen Murray served on the board of several notable companies such as Aramark, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe and Pinnacle Foods.


In February of 2016, Murray left CCMP Capital citing undisclosed health issues. This incident followed a 60 day leave of absence in January of the same year. Greg Brenneman took over as CEO as the result of multiple key-man clauses on the fund.


Murray was especially passionate about supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, a non-profit which grants wishes to terminally ill children by providing trips or other adventures.

He also gave back to his alma maters Boston College and Columbia Business School. The Stamford Museum in Connecticut where Murray resided also benefitted from his generosity.

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CCMP’s Murray dead at 52