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Clay Siegall’s Seattle Genetics renews hope for Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients

Seattle Genetics announced their trials for phase 1 of SGN-CD123A for patients who are suffering from acute myeloid leukemia that is relapsed or refractory. This is good new to the patients who have been suffering from the condition.

On September 19th, the company announced that the first patient was enrolled in the trial that is going to have several phases. If the company becomes successful in their trials, it will bring a light of hope for the tens of thousands that are diagnosed with this condition every year across Europe and USA. The disease is reported to claim more than 10, 000 lives each year in America and Europe alone.

The treatment options for acute myeloid leukemia are very limited; the patients rely on companies like Seattle Genetics to offer them hope for life. Seattle Genetics has been in the forefront of ADC development.

Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC’s) are built to contain individual elements that destroy tumor-containing cells. This is an advancement from the conventional killing of tumors that is done via chemotherapy. Chemotherapy has other side effects compared to ADC which has fewer setbacks.

Acute Myeloid Leukemia begins in the bone marrow where the body makes new blood cells and then spreads to the blood rapidly.

The company has cautioned patients that this is only a trial phase and the projected outcome may be different from what comes out of the tests. The tests are a basic level for the development of cures, preventive or treatment techniques that will be developed in future.

Seattle Genetics has been credited before for leading in research and provision of solutions to medical problems. The company prides itself on developing and commercializing antibody therapies that are used to treat cancer patients.

The company is also working on technologies that will enable them to address blood-related cancers and tumors that are solid in nature.

Seattle Genetics has its headquarters in Washington. It is led by Clay B. Siegall who serves as the chairperson and CEO. Mr. Clay has a Ph.D. in genetics received from George Washington University. He also serves as a director in two reputable biotechnology companies.