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David Giertz Urges Financial Advisers To Discuss Social Security

David Giertz had an interview with the Wall Street Journal during which he discussed how important it is for financial advisors to discuss social security with their clients. His company, Nationwide Financial, recently conducted a study which interviewed those in retirement or getting close. The first point that Giertz wanted to make is that discussing social security is a very important topic because the study revealed that most people would willingly switch financial advisors if the topic of social security on isn’t discussed with them by an adviser. Thus, from a retention standpoint is behooves financial advisors to talk about social security with their clients.

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The second point that David Giertz made was that social security nowadays makes up about 40% of what most people have in retirement. The subject is just too large a part of their total retirement picture to ignore. Mr. Giertz believes that many financial advisers don’t want to discuss the issue of social security with their clients primarily due to just how complicated the social security rules are as well as when the optimum time to start taking it is complex as well.

David Giertz is the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors which is a subsidiary of Nationwide Financial. As President he is responsible for the overall strategy of his company and the financial products that they offer. Mr. Giertz has over 31 years experience in the financial industry including as a financial adviser.

It was in 1988 that David Giertz started his professional career in the financial industry when he worked for Skokie Federal Savings at He worked at a variety of financial institutions before joining Nationwide Financial in 2006. He has also earned four professional financial designations including Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination, General Securities Principal Examination, General Securities Representatives Examination, and Municipal Securities Principal.

George Mason’s Ties to Charles Koch

Part of Charles Koch’s sizable fortune goes to several universities each year in the United States, but none gets more significant backing than George Mason, a conservative public school in the nation’s capital. Koch gave $48 million to the school between fiscal years 2011-2014, representing the highest amount by far the billionaire has given to any school.

George Mason has been known in more recent years for being a center for libertarian and conservative thought; its Mercatus Center and Institute for Humane Studies focus on free market ideology and graduate students who end up working on Capitol Hill. Koch gives regularly to the Institute for Humane Studies and donated approximately a third of Mason’s total private donations in fiscal year 2013.

Some see this as one of the key reasons the school has become well-known as a hive of conservative ideology; Koch is a well-known Republican who, due to his status as 6th wealthiest person in the world, has quite a bit of personal influence. There are some who view this philanthropy as potentially problematic, since many George Mason graduates end up influencing public policy. There are others, including prominent Democrats like Senator Chap Peterson, who believe that using one’s wealth to further intellectual policy objectives is no problem whatsoever.

Charles Koch grew up and currently lives in Wichita, Kansas, the grandson of Dutch immigrants. He inherited his father’s business and contributed to its immense growth. Koch Industries originally focused entirely on oil refining and chemicals but has expanded to polymers and fibers, fertilizers, minerals, and commodity trading. Koch was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was named as one of the most influential people of 2011 by Time magazine.

Coriant new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir, who holds a great level in education in the field of engineering from Cornell University began his career at GTE Corporation. At Coriant innovative networking solutions suppliers, he is now the chairman and chief of the board. He has gained high level of experience of not less than twenty eight years in industries dealing with financial services and technology. Over the years after he began his career, he worked at GTE as the chief information officer and worked at enhancing the bringing up of efficient products which were up to date.
Since then, Shaygan has worked in many different organizations including Barclays, Juniper Networks and Marlin Equity Partners. In all these he held top positions as a technology officer, operating partner and a CEO of Juniper Networks. While at Juniper, he worked for the development of the company’s improved working plan and drove to high IQ networking and cloud builder growth markets.

Following his great record, he was newly appointed the CEO of Coriant since his believed to be able to drive the organization through the broad and highly competitive market. Relating his ability to the extensive experience he got in operating businesses and industries, they are looking forward to have him drive to broad opportunities in the market. He stated that his attraction to Coriant was based on the growing customer base, large enterprises, great innovated technology and their solution on data networking. He further said that the upgrades on Coriant would enable low cost networking solutions and high levels in programmability and automation.

As Mr. DiPietro, former CEO officially ushered Shaygan as his successor, he expressed confidence in him to lead the company to great heights. He went on by stating that Shaygan way of carrying out operations was unquestionable and thereby he had no doubt that he would reflect a good leadership in Coriant organization.

BMG bank Brazil: Connected to the people.

BMG bank is a financial institution with a long history in Brazil. The deeper one looks into what BMG does and how it affects the people in Brazil, the more it becomes obvious that there is a solid connection to the people.

The president of BMG bank is Ricardo Guimarães. The family that Guimarães hails from has roots in the Brazilian financial industry going back over 85 years when it established Banco de Crédito Predial S.A. in Brazil. For quite some time, BMG’s core business was consumer and wholesale financing. Later, as BMG further matured, it began to focus on payroll loans, which is a form of consignment loan. BMG’s development of commercial payroll loans in Brazil has become a benchmark for other banks also offering payroll loans.

BMG has been a sponsor of things very near and dear to the heart of the people of Brazil, namely, Brazilian football. “We decided to invest in football because we could see the visibility it offers is enormous,” said Marcio Alaor, vice president of BMG in an interview in in June of 2012. The bank has sponsored five clubs in the favorite sport of the Brazilian people.

The BMG modus operandi seems to recognize its own human capital. There seems to be such an emphasis on the talents of the individuals which make up BMG’s high power teams. These synergistic teams are the tip of the spear, so to speak, in meeting and overcoming challenges. You can indeed tell a lot about a company by the character and reputation of the individuals working for that company. In the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, there is a food court located there in the city of Santo Antônio do Monte that is named after BMG bank vice president Marcio Alaor. Santo Antônio do Monte was the home town of Marcio Alanor in his younger years, and Marcio seems to have not forgotten his roots even after ascending to become the vice president of a large bank in Brazil. The people of the city have given him this honor to thank him for his investment in and love for Santo Antônio do Monte.

Regardless of what business one is in and regardless of what values each of us holds, the most important part of the equation is the human part. BMG bank appears to value this part of the equation. With deep family roots and connection to Brazil that goes beyond the exchange of money, BMG’s connection to the people of Brazil is commendable.

Coffee Loverss Can’t Get Enough Organo Gold Coffee and Bernardo Chua Tells Us Why

Bernardo Chua, friends call him “Bernie”, laughs when people assume he is from Columbia or Brazil. “I know my name sounds more Spanish than it does Chinese but you can see my birth record, I was definitely born in the Philippians.” His name may sound Spanish and his looks are definitely Chinese, however, after you meet Bernardo Chua, you swear you just met an alien. This 5’6 foot man is so enthusiast and happy about life, you can’t help but feel like he wants to sit crossed legged on the ground with you and talk about life. Bernie has been known to chat about family and recipes for hours at business meetings. His business partner and co founder of Organo Gold says “Before every meeting I have to give Bernie his anti happy, sit still pills so he can remain focused on business. But Bernie is just naturally a great guy and when he asks about your family, he really means it.”

On his Facebook, Bernie had one thing in common with his current partner Shane Morand and that was their love for motivational speakers such as Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins and Jim Rohn. “I grew up listening to these men and was so impressed with their ethical business practices and that they had such heart for people. Shane and I both agree that when we are no longer helping or loving what we do we will quit and drink Mai Tai’s on the beach.” Organo Gold is a gourmet coffee company that is sold all over the world and is currently being served in the finest restaurants and hotels, coffee houses and world famous bakeries. “People do not want to drink a cup of coffee. They want every sip on a drink that reminds them of their favorite memory or favorite taste and they want to escape. After countless taste tests we have made a coffee that is not just remarkably delicious, it takes you away to your happy place.”

The Role of Technology in the Workplace

Marc Sparks has proven success time and time again alongside with failure and the knowledge of what works and does not work within a business. As an entrepreneur who has developed over sixty start-up companies since the 1970s and the founder of Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm, Sparks can provide some valuable insight into major and minor problems that most individuals face in the workplace as well as viable solutions.

In the article “Mark Sparks: Let’s Meet, but First Unplug and Tune In”, posted during summer 2013 in Marc Sparks: On Work, it depicts a typical picture seen in today’s technology driven age. Sparks tells a story of a young man who came in to interview for a job at one of his companies who appeared business desirable in most aspects, yet midway through the interview the unthinkable happened. Not only did his cell phone ring, but he made the choice to take the call and ultimately determined his career fate that day. Needless to say, Sparks dismissed the recent college graduate on the mere fact that he considered his phone call a higher priority than providing the interviewer undivided attention.

This is a relatively common theme to see in today’s workforce. Individuals are glued to their phones instead of focusing on tasks at hand but Sparks has a solution. He keeps a small basket on a table located just outside his office with the purpose of having individuals who come in for a meeting place their phone in it to ensure their full attention is given during their time together. He divulges into the reasoning behind this decision, simply stating that when he holds a meeting with someone, it is on his time so attention must be focused on the topics at hand. Sparks compares the irritation that incurs when individuals constantly check their phone during a meeting as equivalent to someone sneezing in his face.

Not only does Sparks discuss cell phone use in the blog, but he expands his technology rule to laptops as well viewing open computers as a wall between the individual and whoever they are trying to have a discussion with. Additionally, many people tend to hide behind laptops during meetings instead of becoming an active participant in the topic. Making an excellent point, Sparks generalizes this concept to all aspects of life, stating that the same respect should be applied in any scenario and not just in the workplace.

Source: Marc Sparks Blog

The Life of Sam Tabar

The American born is a well-known for his expertise as an attorney and a capital strategist. His career has continued to flourish with the introduction of new products to the market from time to time. The major reason as to why he is among the most sought person by major companies is due to his combination as a capital strategist and a legal expert. Among his major areas of expertise include management, mergers and acquisition, strategy, legal research and litigation.

Sam Tabar career started when he joined University of Oxford in 1997 for his bachelor’s degree in law where he graduated in 2000. He thereafter joined Columbia University for his master’s degree in law. While at Columbia University, he participated in the writing of Columbia Business Law Journal which is a clear indication that he had interest in business right from the beginning.

After graduating from Columbia University with his master’s in law, he joined the New York Bar Association in 2002 and immediately started his practice in law. His first place of work was as an attorney at Ney York based Skadden, Arps, Slate, and Meagher& Flom LLP & Affiliates where he worked for six years from May 2001 to March 2007. While there as an attorney, he mainly dealt with corporate matters. He thereafter moved to Sparx Group for four years as the managing director where he helped in raising the capital of the group, business strategy and development as well as offering legal counsel. In February 2011, he joined Merrill Lynch as the director, head of capital strategy where his role involved introducing investors to fund managers. He later joined Adanac LLC as a director in 2012 where he worked for one year before joining Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP as a senior associate in charge of hedge funds, their formation and structure as well as the regulatory and compliance part.

In 2015, Sam started a company called THINX dealing with fashionable underwear that was aimed at helping women in America and Africa. The underwear provides reusable sanitary pads to be used by women during menstruation. The product has received overwhelming support in the market as it is fashionable apart from the important role it plays in the lives of the consumers. Sam loves traveling as well as hosting events. Due to his wide range of experience and the organizations he has worked for, he is well traveled which has made him fluent in many languages such as Japanese and French.

Bruce Levenson Philanthropist and Businessman

Bruce Levenson is a former NBA team owner and businessman. He was the co-owner for the Atlanta Hawks before he sold his shares in 2015. Levenson was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Maryland. He attended Washington University and received a degree in law from American University. He also had a career in journalism before launching United Communications Group with a friend, Ed Peskowitz.
United Communications Group focused on the oil industry and began by sending newsletters and hosting conferences on the subject. Levenson’s history in journalism was helpful in starting the company. Not long after starting, United Communications Group began to transmit their communications electronically to leaders in the energy and government contracting fields. The company also won journalism awards for editorial pieces. Nearly 40 years later, United Communications Group has acquired businesses in many other information fields such as health care and technology. The company has grown from a dream started in Washington D.C. to a world wide entity. Among his other business entities is TechTarget an informational site for serious tech buyers. He is also a partner with GasBuddy, which helps people find the best gas prices in their area.
Levenson along with several other businessmen bought the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting in 2004. The sale included an NHL team, the Atlanta Thrashers. The NHL team was sold in 2011 for $170 million. In April 2015 the Atlanta Hawks NBA team was sold to Antony Ressler, a prolific businessman in the financial sector.
Levenson is also known for his philanthropy. Being of Jewish decent, one of his greatest donations was to the U.S. Holocaust Museum. He also funds a program by the museum to educate inner-city children about the holocaust. The program is called Bringing the Lessons Home program. He also supports several other Jewish programs such as Jewish Federation and the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute.
Along with non-profits that he sponsors, Levenson and his wife, Karen founded a program at the University of Maryland that focuses on non-profit management. The Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management is an educational program that offers undergraduate and graduate programs on managing non-profits. Not only does the program educate future generations of philanthropists, but it gives away grant funds. The students asses grant proposals and decide which non-profits to give the $10,000 in grant money too. The program has been a huge success, and students are often requested to fulfill internships at prestigious non-profits such as the Smithsonian Museum.

New Investments Spark The Imagination Of A New Crop Of Traders

Certain firms come along every now and then that change the way in which people think about investing. Forefront Capital is one of those firms that is changing things up. They are interested in bringing in new investors and helping those who don’t have as much money start saving and investing for the future.

MarketWired tells that the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital Brad Reifler has seen how people are not able to access the same types of investments as those with bigger incomes. His father-in-law is someone that was not able to get into the same types of trades that he could get for some of his clients. He saw this as a problem and wanted to use his business to change that for other investors in the future.

Forefront Capital changed the name of the game entirely following alterations of the rules by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC stated that they now believed it was appropriate to allow traders to trade in different instruments as long as they showed that they had some understanding of the trades that they were getting into. They no longer require that these traders have a massive net worth to make those trades.

Many herald these changes as something that is long over due. They understand that just because someone is wealthy does not mean they have a full understanding of the investments they are considering. At the same time, some who have a full understanding of them do not have a high net worth. That is why the changes to the rules simply make sense and keep the field more fair for a lot of people.

The bottom line for a lot of investors is that if they do not get their money invested as soon as possible, they will not have the funds they require for major life expenses going forward. That could mean that they miss out on certain things that they would otherwise have the opportunity to pay for. Forefront Capital wants to encourage them to get invested so that they never have to worry about paying for the major expenses. They can keep rolling money into the market slowly over time and building it up. Doing this enables them to enjoy the fruits of their labor and still get to the major life milestones that we all want to be able to afford. Think about this and consider investing today.

Marc Sparks Business Philosophies

Marc Sparks is known entrepreneur popular for his many books and business acumen especially in the media industry. Being an author, he has in most occasions been referred to as a serial entrepreneur. This inference is attached to his ability to turn new ideas into money making engagements. This is a major characteristic of an entrepreneur and he has displayed this attribute for many years in his career. He is the founder, the owner and also the Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek, LP. In his books, he draws inspiration mostly from his life experiences and his tough road towards success.

One of the greatest attributes of Marc Sparks is his intrinsic desire to help humanity and to care for other people. This is what has led him to become part of several habitat and humanitarian foundations. In addition to this, with his entrepreneurial skills he has ventured into the construction industry to provide affordable housing for families. He has non-profit venture known as the Sparkey’s Kids which has donated 1000 laptops to children in the American Can Academy. Another of his many humanitarian engagements includes the Samaritan Inn, a home for the homeless children based in Texas and housing more than 100 people per night.

Marc Sparks has many philosophy that he lives by and with his career and businesses, he has always believed in gaining a customer for life through quality customer service. Having almost 50 startup businesses and having been in the leadership positions in several employments, he has learned the art of quality customer service. He laments that most companies will spent millions in advertising to acquire a customer but lose the same customer within a blink of an eye. According to Marc Sparks, an advert might lure the customer and draw his or her attention to the product, but the quality of the product and the services involved will keep him or her coming.

The entrepreneur and author of countless series of books also promotes the notion self confidence amongst his audience. Marc Sparks believes that in order to successes, one has to develop self-confidence. Nobody can or has achieved anything in life without first believing in what he is doing. Marc Sparks maintains that it is only confidence that can drive can drive a human being to where they are supposed to be in life. He encourages young entrepreneurs to be fully confident with their projects and not to listen to any voices of doubts surrounding them. Believing in oneself and pushing your idea to the best of your effort is the main character that can help you see your dreams coming true.

Marc Sparks’ success has come as result of self-disciplines that he has loved by since he was a young man. He strongly believes in the “To-Do” philosophy which he greatly emphasizes to his admirers. He advises that in order to be successful, one has to have a “to-do” list. He surprises many of his admirers when he says that even today with all his success he still writes a to-do list which many people despise as a waste of time.