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How JustFab CEO Adam Goldenberg Puts Digital First with TechStyle Rebrand

Adam Goldenberg is the well known co-CEO of fashion empire JustFab and Fabletics, the brand taken to global success with the fuel of founder and front woman Kate Hudson. JustFab Inc recently underwent a purposeful re-naming and is now TechStyle Fashion Group. This move was highly intentional and purposely brings the company’s digital-first business model to the absolutely forefront of the company: within the name itself.


Goldenberg’s company, Fabletics, was founded as a digital first platform to provide high quality athletic apparel to women at a membership style price model that was affordable without sacrificing style. The company has skyrocketed int he three years since its founding from a startup seeking funding with zero users, to a fully funded company that is now showcasing positive cashflow and able to boast over 400 million users across the world. Goldenberg was recently interviewed on CNBC where we spoke about his passion and vision for his company’s continued growth. He believes in the opt-in pricing model and most of all he wants to provide a great product that consumers really love. He cited that among his user base, most people order on average of three to four times a year and while he prides himself on being a digitally versatile company, in the end it is all about the product being one that is truly loved and valued.


In fact, the company received a $1 billion valuation in 2014 and investors looked to the brand as the next big thing in digital-forward fashion. By utilizing big data and metrics to provide the consumer with what they want, Goldenberg states that he was able to predict market demand within 95%, meaning that there is less waste of inventory. That savings, in turn, can be passed on to the consumer.


2017 promises to be a big year for Goldenberg, TechStyle Fashion Group and Fabletics. Fabletics recently announced it would be expanding its size offerings to meet the demand of more people that wanted to take advantage of the quality, trendy offerings Fabletics has.


Goldenberg has a vision of how technology should meet the fashion runway and both should work together. As early as 2006 he founded his internet brand incubator Intelligent Beauty and four years after launched JustFab, now TechStyle. In an article on the 3 LA CEOs you Need to Know, he stressed the importance of transparency in his companies in all of his companies and the return value that comes from listening to the customers needs, reaching them through digital platforms and consistently putting those needs in focus.

Adam Goldenberg is Part of a Liberating Movement in Fashion

Fashion has always been one of the most restricted things in life. Fortunately, there is a movement in progress that is liberating fashion from its restrictions. One good thing is that every aspect of fashion is being liberated. Women and men are getting some more unique items on For one thing, men are getting shirts and pants that are cut and designed in different ways. Women are getting clothes that are more durable. Also, they are getting more variety in sportswear. Women have more to choose from when it comes to style and fit. Fashion retailers are offering clothes that are specific to different body types.

Among the companies that are offering these types of clothes is TechStle by Adam Goldenberg. Adam has looked at the industry and seen some of the restrictions. In some cases, it is almost as bad as school uniforms. People are not given any room to express themselves. As a result, they have this sense of not knowing who they are. They also have a lower sense of self worth because they have been made to conform to a certain image that is far removed from who they are.

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One good thing that Adam Goldenberg is doing is making sure that the customer knows that they are in charge of their own image. As a matter of fact, Goldenberg makes sure that they take a quiz that gathers information about their preferences so that they can get recommendations on clothing that is suited to their preference. This custom experience encourages customers to buy tons of items while saving money.

Adam Goldenberg is part of the ever growing movement that is leading fashion into freedom. His company is going a long way towards undoing some of the effects that restrictive fashion has done for the longest time. For one thing, people not only are encouraged to wear clothes that they enjoy, but they are able to look their best while not feeling awkward in the clothes that they wear. One of the most frustrating things is when one feels that they have to sacrifice comfort for items that look good.

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Andrew Rocklage the Entrepreneur, a Force to Reckon with In the Boston Business Landscape

With entrepreneurship being the hallmark of many economies, it is vital to understand how to run businesses if not setting up in the first place. Entrepreneurship can be challenging even if it may seem easy. That is why Andrew Rocklage is celebrated for his outstanding performance in founding Sky Zone Trampoline, an amusement park located in Boston, Massachusetts. The alumnus of Suffolk University majored in law in the same city. Before graduating with law, Andrew Rocklage attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.




He majored in science and the management of sports. This was his specialty throughout the Management School of Isenberg. Even with sufficient knowledge in law from campus, Andrew has not been the world’s typical attorney. His experience and expertise in business set him apart. For young business prospects, Andrew is an excellent role model who explored talent and passion for executing business in different fields.




As a business proprietor at his age, Andrew has demonstrated the strength that comes with possessing an in-depth understanding of the business environment in Boston. Through this understanding, he has been able to open an enterprise that has not only won a large client base but also, provided excellent customer care for services. Andrew’s way of handling Sky Zone Trampoline explains the importance of branding to business. He has packaged his business in an exquisite and portfolio that commands respect from users. To win the hearts of clients at Trampoline, Andrew Rocklage has ensured to recruit the right team for his business.




As the chief executive officer, his decision on who should serve clients matters a lot. This is because he does not run the business on the owner to client basis. He has put people in charge of executing the ideas he brings to life. The people who serve clients on his behalf have been trained to offer excellent and satisfactory services to promote return customers and referrals. Andrew Rocklage screens the team before hiring. This strategy helps him in making the right call when he interviews and lastly, absorbs his team into management. According to client reviews, the team on the ground at Sky Zone Trampoline is supportive.





With the passion of continuing to develop talent and creating job opportunities for his colleagues, Andrew continues to pose as a force to reckon with in the entrepreneurial landscape of Boston. To the world, he is an excellent service provider of fun and recreational activates. To business prospects, he is the ideal man to look up to. To students, Andrew poses as the career executive and entrepreneur to admire and emulate. Aside from working at Sky Zone Trampoline Park, he is a member of the corporate counsel of Biopharmaceuticals. He combines knowledge and technology to innovative creation. This trait has seen him succeed in business. He employs his knowledge in law to make smart decisions in business.



Vijay Eswaran: The QI Group Executive Chairman

Vijay Eswaran is a renowned Malaysian businessman and author born on 7 October 1960. Vijay is the current executive chairman of the QI Group based in Hong Kong, China. He studied at the London School of Economics and graduated with a socio-economic degree in 1984. Vijay stayed in Europe for about one year doing various jobs in Belgium, France, and the UK. While in the UK, he ventured into binary system marketing and later acquired a professional certification in CIMA.

In 1986, Vijay obtained an MBA from the Southern Illinois University, USA, before venturing into multilevel marketing. Vijay’s career in business started at Synaptics where he worked part-time before returning to Malaysia. He would later join the Cosway Group and fully move into the MLA business.

The Founding of QI Group of Companies

In 1998, Vijay returned to Asia and co-founded the QI-Group of companies. QI Group is an e-commerce based multilevel company that has grown over the years. The company covers business travel, telecommunications, media, wellness, training, luxury products, and corporate investments. The company has established regional offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand.

The QI Group serves over 30 countries through subsidiary firms with services ranging from education, direct selling, hospitality, retail, and financial services. The employee base stands at about 1500 people across the 30 nations.

Vijay Eswaran’s Philanthropy

In addition to business establishments, Vijay Eswaran actively participates in humanitarian ventures across the globe. He has founded the RYTHM Foundation, a corporate social responsibility branch of the QI group. Vijay has also formed the Vijayaratnam Foundation, a charitable organization named after his father. The foundation initiates community programs that focus on mentorship, charity, and individual donations.

In July 2011, Forbes Asia magazine named Vijay as one of the top 48 heroes of philanthropy around the Asian region. In February 2015, Forbes Asia again ranked him position 25 among the Malaysian top 50 richest personalities. The Global Indian Business Meeting (GIBM) also recognized Vijay for his excellence in business and philanthropy.

How Mortgage Champion Todd Lubar Started His Journey

Todd Lubar ventured into Real Estate in 1995. His initial capital to get in this field was from a loan from Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While he was managing these funds, he quickly learned how to use and conserve a Mortgage loan.  Mr. Lubar spent most of his time building relationships with CPA’s, Real Estate agents, insurance agents and financial planners.

Todd Lubar managed to get an equity position with (LFG) Legacy Financial Group in the year 1999. This move enabled him to borrow larger amounts of loans to enable him to lend to investors as well as get a direct Mortgage from Banks. Mr. Lubar decided to advance his Real Estate market focus to different heights and launched Legendary Properties, LLC which is a residential development firm started in 2002.

His former foundation in the field of Real Estate gave way to the rapid progression of selling and profiting on more than 200 transactions which ranged from twenty unit family homes to single-family bungalows. All these sales and interactions enabled him to develop beneficial relationships with individuals who had experience in building trades who assisted him in quality production in timely fashion.

In 2003 Todd Lubar founded his first Charter Funding firm. It was a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation a leading mortgage company in the US that is privately held. This connection opened Mr. Lubar’s business world to a wealth of programs and products.

After a period of 12 years in the commercial mortgage industry, Todd Lubar realized that the market was not well served. His view led him to open a new mortgage firm known as Financial LLC an affiliate member of Legendary Properties. Later on, Todd Lubar liquidated legendary properties and together with his money he served a market of mortgage borrowers who would not get this service from banks or other traditional lending sources.

Todd Lubar currently lives in Bethesda Maryland with his two beautiful girls and loves to spend time with them even while traveling. His future goal in life is to be a better person compared to what he is today and add value to anyone he meets.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa Gives Input on the Best Things to Do in Panama

Panama can be a place that is filled with adventure as well as relaxation. It is a fun spot for people to visit when they want to do things that are revolved around visiting the beach as well as other things that include the many adventures that Panama has to offer. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a businessman from Panama and he works to bring in more tourists to the area. Figueroa does this through the different options that are available in the country and he always helps visitors understand the type of fun that they can have.

When Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa puts together lists of things, tourists listen. They like to see what he thinks is fun and they want to be able to get the most out of their own Panama vacations. The options that he includes on his lists are able to suit many different tastes and this gives him a chance to appeal to any visitor who visits Panama. Figueroa is able to suit the needs of nearly everyone and it is a great option for people who want to have a vacation in Panama that includes everything they have ever dreamed of.

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Some people come to Panama so that they can explore. The area is filled with spots that are unexplored and that will be really rewarding for visitors on These include the Baru Volcano, the Valle de Anton and the Bocas del Toro. Visitors can check out these spots each day of their vacation. Some of the locations have never been touched before and visitors can get a taste of what uninhabited really means because of the way that things are set up. Visitors can also have great adventures when checking out the Panama Canal and when they are visiting the Panama City area because it is a city filled with wonder.

For people who visit the country looking for relaxation, there are plenty of places to do so. The country has two coasts and many gulf locations in each of these areas. Visitors can relax on the beaches of the Pearl Islands or the San Blas Islands to get the feel for what island living is really like in a tropical location. If they are looking for something fun to do on the beach, they will be able to find it in Panama. The beaches are relaxing and they are tailored to the visitors who come there.

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How Josh Vern Leading the Way in Lending

Borrowing and lending of money have become a very tricky affair. Organization tasked with lending money to their clients do a lot of groundwork to ensure the borrower’s ability to pay is positive. Everyone needs a loan at some point in life. Considering that people live under tight budgets, it’s hard for one to have money lying around to offer to friends and relatives as a loan. Therefore, one has to consider other options like getting a loan from financial institutions. The financial institutions like banks sometimes have stringent measures in place that discourages borrowers from pursuing the loans. As a result, many organizations are coming up to offer alternatives solutions from the one’s the banks couldn’t offer.



Organizations are using technology that analyzes data from multiple sources including social media to come up with the correct information about client’s credit repay-ability. Customers who do not regularly bank with any bank might find it hard to get credit since they don’t have supporting bank statements. However, with technology like the one used by Zebit, it is easier for an organization to determine their client’s ability to pay, their willingness to pay and their financial stability.


me is one such organization that has been a success in offering financial assistance to individuals who have no bank statements. The organization which was founded in the year 2012 by Josh Verne, Jon Dorfman, and Paul Dumas goes on to say that the team has become very popular in the USA. The organization has a growing customer base spanning several million throughout the country.


me has been a success mainly because it offers zero-percent financing by clients with payments arranged in various packages of installments over 2,4,8 and 12 months. The installments, however, are deducted directly as check off from the customer’s salaries or directly from their bank accounts.



me success in the USA has largely been due to the excellent leadership capabilities are shown by its CEO Josh Vern. Mr. Vern who is also one of three founders of the company has been a pillar offering guidance to the organization.



me currently have 19 employees in its Philadelphia base. However, do not be deceived by the small number of staff as opposed to the number of customers they have. The organization is technology based, and its data analysis is next to none. The technology allows the group to analyze the customers before they can be advanced credit.