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Potential Expansions for Online Marketing

Marketing your business online has become a necessity for all businesses, regardless of what industry you operate in. While it has become commonplace for businesses to use marketing ads on popular websites and social media, online marketing is poised for significant changes in years to come. A recent article online ( has identified several ways that the online marketing industry could change considerably in years to come through various marketing platforms.

One way that online marketing will change is through augmented reality programs. Augmented reality applications were given a major boost this summer with the massive popularity of the Pokémon Go application. Augmented reality will likely continue to grow in the future and will allow for businesses to place marketing ads in the augmented reality universe.

Similar to augmented reality; virtual reality universes also pose significant potential for online marketing. The virtual reality worlds established will likely gain the majority of its revenue from advertisements placed strategically in the world. While this technology is still growing, it will likely have a major presence in the next few years.

The third platform that will have a major impact on the online marketing industry is machine-learning algorithms. Machine learning algorithms are vey intelligent algorithms that will personalize advertisements to each user. These are already used on Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines, but the use is only going to continue to grow in the future as they become more intelligent. These will also likely become more predictive and will have a greater impact on new products and services that a consumer will buy.

While personal assistants have typically been reserved for the wealth and senior executives, virtual assistants are gaining more and more popularity. Virtual assistants will be used to keep track of your calendar, give you notifications of errands, help you with daily tasks, and even provide you with suggestions for purchases. In the coming years, businesses will be able to market and advertise through these virtual assistants, which will give businesses to provide suggestions directly to the consumer.

Building Your Business with Online Marketing

The world of business is changing fast. For a long time, online presence has been a preserve for freelancers and developers. Today, anyone who is passionate about what he or she is doing and wants to reap real benefits from it must make use of the internet. However, having a website or a blog is not enough to make your online presence felt—you must go the extra mile.


Remember, there are probably millions of people selling the same products as you in the online market. Even when you offer the best of all the products up for sale, you may still score low when it comes to making the actual sales. In short, the success of your business will largely depend on your efforts in trying to stand out of the pack.


Make the First Impression Attractive and Memorable


Before visitors to your website click on the products on sale, they will have already made up their mind about the kind of business they will be dealing with from the first impression. According to, your logo is likely to be the first feature that catches the visitor’s eye, and it would be a big blow to the business if it’s neglected. Do your best to make sure that it delivers exactly the kind of impression you would like to create about the business. In addition, don’t forget to make the taglines informative and attractive enough to leave a lasting impression on the visitors.


Creating the Portfolio


Many people think they know everything they need to create a portfolio of their business. While the work may be of high enough quality, there are the little things that could make all the difference. For instance, outlining the goals of the business and achievements through customer testimonials is superb way of making your website stand out.




If visitors find any difficulty getting at what they wanted, they’ll be most likely clicking off the page in the next one and straight into your competitor’s arms. Therefore, make sure that finding ones way around the website is as easy as possible. In the same breath, details about your products should be available with a simple click.


The use of the internet is one of the greatest ways of keeping in touch with your customers. Due its global appeal, it’s provides the best opportunities for business growth since the customer base is unlimited. Additionally, creating a business website is a splendid means of building a lasting bond of trust and friendship with customers, both local and global.


Quick Adaptability to Change Becoming Increasingly Important for SEO Agencies

For SEO agencies, having the ability to adapt to change has always been a standard requirement to succeed in the industry. Most agency owners and SEO experts immediately think of yet another Google update when they see the word “change.” In many cases, they’ll be right. Search engines often modify the way their ranking algorithm works. Sometimes, this may result in website elements or content types that were perfectly fine a few days ago now incurring penalties. The most recent example of this is Google now penalizing websites that display intrusive interstitials after the user reaches them from a search done on mobile.


But for those working with larger clients, the changes are now a lot more likely to come from the client, rather than Google. Adjusting to them quickly enough may be a challenge, even for those with a high amount of experience in the SEO world.


There are several real-world cases where being able to make immediate changes was crucial to keeping the client happy. For example, an SEO agency that is focused on getting conversions by increasingly focusing their efforts on keywords that generate more sales has been asked to switch focus to just traffic growth. The reason behind this was that the current owners of the company were trying to find a buyer for the business and had to show that website traffic was growing, with conversions being of little importance.


Such a request may not make too much sense, especially for SEO firms used to working with small businesses, who rarely have the luxury of spending money just to make traffic numbers look good. But when dealing with bigger clients, being asked to quickly change the way their SEO campaigns work is a possibility. In this scenario, the SEO services provider was able to identify some high-volume, but low quality keywords that the site already ranked for and changed the optimization strategy over to them, which gave the client exactly what they were looking for.


3 Effortless Ways to Improve Facebook Interactions for Businesses

You probably know that Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. We use Facebook to chat with our friends or share different contents such as videos, photos, and document files. For businesses, Facebook is a top source of traffic and sales. Additionally, it is a number one spot for branding.


Most businesses understand that Facebook advertising is a vital part of any good social media marketing plan. But even with this knowledge, some businesses still fail to share posts that draw attention to their brands. So if you are struggling to attract followers and user engagement, read on, we shall discuss various ways through which you can boost engagement and drive sales with your Facebook posts.


  1. Use Facebook videos


Research shows that we watch more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook each day. That’s incredibly high! The thing is when Facebook users scroll through their newsfeeds, these videos that automatically and silently play capture their attention.


These videos are super easy to upload; you can upload videos directly to Facebook from your device. So why not use Facebook Videos to get your engagement level on a higher ground


Ideas for video content


  • Expand on any recent blog post topic
  • Talk about your flagship product
  • Address frequently asked questions


  1. Ask Questions


Even though fill in the blank type of posts have proven to be effective in the social media spectrum, very few businesses have taken advantage of this method. This method not only helps businesses to engage their audiences but also helps them to find out what they like and dislike and their opinions on different subjects.


Questions and fill-in- the-blank type of posts urge users to interact by answering questions and filling in the blanks. With just a simple question, the business and the user can interact at a personal level.


  1. Facebook Contest


This is another excellent way to increase your overall Facebook user engagement. This option creates excitement as it rewards loyal fans. Through this option, you are sure that you will get users to visit your Facebook page regularly to check if they have won.


Contest ideas


  • “Share this picture and win.”
  • “Like and comment to win.”
  • “Share your talent.”
  • “Post to page to win.”
  • “Caption This to Win”



Taking On An Industry With Online Marketing

When it comes to business, one is always going to take on an industry. Therefore, it is important to decide on the desired industry. It has to be something that one is passionate about. While some people may have one passion that drives him throughout their whole life. There are others who may have a lot of different passions. For instance, there is one person that has decided that she wants to take on the fashion industry. She is not only wanting to provide some of the best styles for the customers, but also some better working conditions for people that are providing the clothing.


Whatever industry that one decides on, it is important to do marketing. Some of the easiest ways to market a company is online. Marketers could use a lot of media in order to get the marketing. Among the common ways to market a business is through social media. Social media is one of the easiest ways to spread awareness about a company. Also, social media profiles tend to rank highly on search engines. As a result, people do not need to worry too much about search engine optimization. As long as the website and all of the social media platforms are regularly updated, there will be a steady growth of customers.


For instance, with the woman running the business called Arrowroot, she had to figure out the issue on how to market and spread awareness of her business. Fortunately, her husband was available to provide the marketing and the financial aspects of the business. Therefore, more customers are learning about the company. When it comes to online marketing, a lot of it is like the traditional style of marketing. It involves making a lot of announcements and reaching out to people so that awareness of a brand will be spread.


Why Ecommerce Brands Should Leverage User-Generated Content

With more than 24 million online stores in the e-commerce industry and lots of brands competing for undivided attention, an e-commerce entrepreneur may find it challenging to position themselves in front of their target clients. However, you can stay ahead of the competition and boost sales if you understand the power of user-generated content.


But what is user-generated content or UGC? UGC is authentic, unpaid content created by users of a certain product. It can be in the form of comments, testimonials, tweets, pictures and Facebook statuses.


So why should your company leverage user-generated content? Here’s how UGC can help you achieve your company’s goals.


1) Improves Brand Awareness


Besides SEO, social channels like UGC are a powerful driver for brand awareness. Statistics has it that 37 percent of consumers use social networks to research a product before making a purchase. In another research, 52 percent of customers say that watching videos give them confidence in their purchasing decisions.


It is, therefore, essential for brands to track reputation and unveil consumer insights. You can as well add reviews to a third-party site since users tend to view them as more reputable.


2) Enables You to Provide Better Customer Service


You can only improve your customers’ experience by identifying and understanding how consumers feel about the product.


Create loyal customers by allowing the existing ones voice their feelings and thoughts about your brand. This way, you will know their grievances and resolve any of their problems. Furthermore, providing a platform where people can air their opinions about your product encourages them to stay on your website longer and freely discuss their problems with other customers.


3) Nurtures Trust through Authenticity


Research shows that 92 percent of online consumers rely on recommendations from others. The big problem is that entrepreneurs spend most of their time running paid ads and making captivating posts to lure people to purchase from them. This alone does not give consumers enough reason to do business with you if you do not show real testimonials from real users.


Social proof assists companies to become more transparent and reputable.


4) Increase Website Engagement


User-generated content makes consumers feel more connected to you. Users know that you value their experiences with your brand and in turn, they will be more engaged and place you top on their list.


Rather than placing photos of your products on your website, it is better to include user-generated content images. This technique encourages visitors to purchase your product.



Marketing Bikinis On LinkedIn: The Genius Of Candace Galek

Candace Galek, CEO of Bikini Luxe, took a small online retail business that she operated off her small dining room to a major player in the swimsuit industry with innovative marketing techniques, which she attributes to her need to market her startup on a budget. Utilizing influencer marketing, Galek worked with her “super fans” as she calls them to promote her brand and increase consumer engagement.


However, Bikini Luxe’s success can be attributed to Galek’s social media marketing on LinkedIn. While not the social media platform that comes to mind for a bikini startup, galek used LinkedIn to show a woman’s derriere in a bikini bottom while asking fellow LinkedIn users if it was appropriate. The support and outrage got Galek noticed, which was her goal; her account was even taken down temporarily, before being reinstated.


As a model from sunny Miami, Florida, Galek was used to photoshoots clad in swimwear, nevertheless, she decided that she would rather sell bikinis, rather than model them. Even at a young age, Galek knew she would be an entrepreneur, at and age 29, she’s made her dream come true. With over 500,000 followers on multiple social media channels, including Pinterest, Galek is considered a savvy marketer as well, so much so that she been featured in Forbes and asked to write for Inc. Magazine. Her goal is to build Bikini Luxe into the largest resortwear and designer swimwear brand in the world, and with her impressive marketing skills, she just may do so.


The Nintendo Switch Reflects Critical Point In The Company’s History

Nintendo is always at work trying to release incredible new products that consumers will appreciate. By “appreciate”, it is meant they choose to buy the product when first released at full price. The costs of developing new products are not exactly cheap. No guarantees exist that anything Nintendo manufactures is going to sell. Right now, a lot of fingers are crossed in Nintendo’s offices regarding the development of the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is a really interesting-looking console designed to deliver a mix of home and portable function.


Nervousness abounds with the release of the Nintendo Switch because the company really does need a hit. The company has suffered from loss in market share due to competition from mobile gaming systems. Continual losses in market share mean less revenue running into a company’s coffers. This is an obvious problem. Lesser profits means less money for development. Coming up with something new like the Nintendo Switch becomes a lot more difficult when fewer funds are available.


Another problem, a really serious problem, also presents itself when a company suffers a loss of market share. Popularity declines. How could it not? Fewer people are buying the products the company puts out. A disastrous issue here would be the damage presented to the company’s brand. Once a brand is relegated to “also ran” or “has been” status, clawing back to a prominent position in an industry becomes difficult.


Nintendo has a very storied history in the global gaming landscape. The brand would not exactly be destroyed after one or two years of weak sales. If the Nintendo Switch does not reflect improvements in sales, then the company could be in serious trouble. More and more embarrassing years of market indifference begin adding up. Nintendo has a lot riding on the Nintendo Switch’s March 2017 release.


The Richest Entrepreneurs In The Tech Industry

The tech industry has been the new hub for most of the upcoming billionaires in the world. The scalability of technology has allowed inspiring entrepreneurs to go from rags to riches in a few years. Below is a list of the 10 richest entrepreneurs in this lucrative industry as at 2016.


Bill Gates

The mogul is the Founder of Microsoft, an American multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells computer software. Gates has an estimated net worth of around $78 billion. He is also the Chairman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Jeff Bezos

He is the CEO of Bezos’ company is an online merchant for books and a wide variety of products and services like video streaming. He has an estimated net worth of $66.2 billion.


Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg is the Chairman and CEO of Facebook. It is the largest and most popular social networking platform in the world. Facebook recently acquired other social network companies like Instagram and Whatsapp. Zuckerberg has an estimated net worth $54 billion. He is the youngest tech billionaire.


Larry Ellison

Ellison co-founded the Oracle Corporation. It is an American multinational computer technology company. He is the Executive Chairman and the Chief Technology Officer of the firm. His fortune is estimated to be worth $51.7 billion.


Larry Page

Page co-founded Alphabet Inc. and Google. He also invented Google’s best-known search ranking algorithm, PageRank. He has an estimated net worth of $39 billion.


Sergey Brin

Brin is the President of Alphabet Inc. He also played a significant role in co-founding the largest search engine in the world, Google. He is worth $38.2 billion.


Steve Ballmer

Ballmer is the owner of Los Angeles Clippers. He is also the former CEO of Microsoft. Ballmer contributed significantly to the growth of Microsoft and release of Windows XP and Xbox. He has an estimated fortune worth $27.7 billion.


Jack Ma, Ma Huateng, and Michael Dell complete the list of top 10 richest tech billionaires in the world.


Reasons Why Content Providers Struggle Abroad

E-commerce has helped to erase all the boundaries in the global economic arena. In the past, businesses explored overseas markets and set up operation in new regions. It is the same reason why we see content providers are eager to venture into abroad locations.


Many American content-creating firms are motivated by an entrepreneurial drive and desire to make more profits. They look beyond the country’s borders in search of fertile terrain to map out a success plan. The reality of the matter is that some are successful while don’t succeed. The companies that have a better chance of becoming successful abroad are those that initially scout the new territory to recognize the opportunities available and the possible challenges that they may face before.


Currently, expanding your business to an overseas location has become an easy task because international trade restriction policies have been softened. Moreover, more consumers from all regions of the world are digitally connected through online channels and devices. However, that does not mean that all is easy. Many publishers face challenges such as piracy threats, difficult language translations, Jack of internet access, changing government regulations, shifting economic rules, and monetization and payment obstacles.


The CEO of Cue said that the biggest problem that American content firms face is the need to communicate to a global audience with messages that have been built around U.S. consumers. Paul Parreira added that localizing our message becomes a challenge regardless of the product. Another barrier to foreign markets is the conservative nature of foreign governments such as Burma, China, and Arab nations. Such countries restrict access and censor content that conveys messages that are at odds with the political ideology and opinions of the government. Moreover, some governments block content that they deem morally unacceptable or sexually suggestive. Asian countries like South Korea and China require users to register with internet providers using their real identification.


Such laws can promote identity theft. Monetizing content can be challenging depending on the territory because some consumers fear to make an online payment. Moreover, different countries have various forms of acceptable online payments.