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Is It Back to 1999 for Tech Giants?

Back in 1999, high-tech companies such as Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, Intel, Nokia, and Lucent were investor darlings. But then came the tech bust. Now, the NASDAQ has recovered and tech stocks are in demand again. Now, however the BIG 5 are Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft (still), and Alphabet (a holding company for Google).


The specific businesses these companies are in are quite different, though. For example, Amazon is a champion on online marketing with a stock price around $1,000 and a market capitalization approaching half a trillion dollars. Facebook, a company that didn’t even exist back in 1999, is a social media giant with a market value only a bit lower than that of Amazon. And here comes omnipresent and omniscient Google, a company with with a market value of $650 billion.


Lately, the stock prices of these companies plunged after Goldman Sachs questioned their valuations, CNN reports. According to Robert Boroujerdi, Goldman Sachs analyst, the tech giants are cheaper than their counterparts from 1999. But he is concerned that these companies aren’t as profitable.


“The recent run in large-cap tech stocks has evoked memories for some investors of the last euphoric NASDAQ run,” he claimed.


After this announcement, shares of Amazon fell 4 percent, while other major tech giants including Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet went down 2-3 percent. These shares are still up quite a lot since the beginning of this year. One reason is the post-election rally, the other is strong earnings growth. The question is whether this growth can be sustained. This, indeed, may be difficult to do for companies with already large presence in the market and huge valuations.

What Beacons Are and Some Digital Marketing Talk – From


Online marketing is changing literally every day. Innovation is by far the heaviest driver of change and success in online marketing. Beacons, or small radio transmitters, are marketing tools that send out info when another phone is nearby. Mobile apps decode the information sent out and send certain messages to the consumer. For example, if there is a clothing store with a type of clothing 21-35 year olds are likely to enjoy wearing and it is having trouble selling, the beacons will send out marketing promos with that specific type of clothing to those between 21-35 years of age, or whatever demographic or group they categorize users by.


Beacons are very popular and used by top notch companies such as Rite Aid, Macy’s, and Target. Beacons are an effective way to send out marketing, advertorial, and promotional material to browsers because it customizes messages based on where you are in that store. These small devices are truly a digital marketing wonder and are expected to continue rapid growth in coming years.


Marketing automation is a large drive of digital marketing because it takes less time of employees and makes mistakes far less often than humans do. Automation and innovation, as we see with beacons, are two popular ways learning.


Things need to be quick, speedy, and not last too long in regards to marketing because peoples’ attention spans today are shorter than they ever have been, especially in respect to consuming media. Making sure your media will not lose the interest of visitors in the first few seconds is crucial to succeeding in digital marketing on the Internet.


Digital marketing comes in many shapes and sizes. This upcoming type of marketing is necessary to get ahead as a marketing firm on the Internet in today’s world.


Google to Track Consumers More Closely

How far can e-commerce sites go when it comes to consumer privacy? It seems quite far, especially when it comes to giants such as Google or Facebook. As CNN Money portrays, Google will soon know if a consumer reacted to an online ad with an in-store purchase.


Basically, the new Google app can tell if a consumer clicked on an ad and then used a debit or credit card to buy an advertised item at a store. Google now works with card companies and matches online identities with in-store transactions.


Google seeks to protect personal privacy, or so they say. Google doesn’t see encrypted data with payment information, or a person’s name and a specific purchase. Instead, the matches are made on an aggregate basis. So, Google can better tell advertisers how their ads turned into sales.


There is an option to opt out by logging out of Google Account before searching. But, Google never asks if consumers want to opt in. It appears this is designed to benefit the e-commerce giant with increased revenues without any apparent benefits for the consumers.


In the past, and even now, Google has been criticized for arbitrarily banning digital publishers from Google Ads without disclosing a reason, while confiscating earned advertising revenue. To clarify, let’s say a site runs Google Ads, accumulates $800 in ad revenue, and Google comes in and bans the site from ability to run ads, all while confiscating accumulated revenue and without explaining why.


Now it looks Google will get access to highly personal data. The question is: Hasn’t Google been given way too much leeway?


How to Start Making Money With Your Blog Website

Whether you are starting a blog or creating a website to sell a product or service, website creation should have an end goal of making money.

Many people can make money by blogging about a niche industry. For example, you might know a lot about lawn care. You can create a website or blog that is all about how to care for your lawn in the best ways possible. Naturally, you should hope to make money from this blog.

Others create websites so that they can sell a product or service that they have created and cultivated. Again, making money from this website should be your ultimate goal if this is the case for you.

Fortunately, both of these goals can be easily met if you only know how to make money from your website. The following tips will help you do just that.

Start selling ad space

The first thing that you’ll need to do to make money on your blog is to start selling ad space. You can sell directly to marketers, or you can sell directly to other businesses that are hoping to promote their products or services. For example, if you were to create a blog website about lawn care, you may want to talk to lawn care fertilizer companies about selling ad space for them. People who visit your blog will be interested in lawn care, and they may decide to click on an ad for fertilizer while they’re there.

Start selling your own products

If you’re not selling your own products or services already, consider doing so. This is another great way to make money from your blog or site. Even if you are only a writer, you can sell e-books, programs and other copy material to those who visit your site.

By doing both of these things, you’ll start to see money coming in right away from your site.

Investing in Outdated Marketing Resources May Be a Costly Misstep

Finding ways to effectively promote a business may be of paramount importance when it comes to attracting and acquiring new customers or clients. While conventional advertising and promotional efforts may still have a role to play, businesses that invest in outdated marketing resources at the expense of digital marketing solutions could end up missing out on a great deal. Learning more about the latest marketing trends and formulating a strategy that will net superior results is often a critical concern for businesses that wish to remain competitive in today’s increasingly crowded marketplace.

Limitations of Conventional Promotional Efforts

The limitations associated with a marketing strategy that may be too old-fashioned or conservative are often far more serious than many businesses might expect. While tools like physical signage or opportunities to use print-based media in order to promote a business may still have a role to play, outdated advertising resources typically lack the greater focus, superior versatility and lower price-point of their digital counterparts. Smaller businesses and new startups that may have only limited financial resources to work with would do well to invest in a marketing strategy that will be able to produce results without placing unnecessary strain on operational costs.

Crafting the Right Advertising Strategy

Effective marketing strategies commonly draw upon a range of different resources. Ignoring the potential benefits that social-media marketing or mobile application development may provide could find businesses struggling just to maintain their existing customer base. Organizations that fail to keep up with the times may quickly find themselves unable to attract the clients, customers and business opportunities they need in order to remain profitable. The latest resources, promotional tools and other new innovations that are helping to shape the world of digital marketing may soon become assets that no business will be able to afford being without.

Online Marketing Trends That Are Dominating 2017

The marketing sector is dominated by those with the foresight to plan ahead, expect changes and embrace trends before competitors do. It is, therefore, best to take note of how the industry is changing to continue to be competitive in your sector. From the changes in artificial intelligence to the evolution of instant communications, here are some of the common social and marketing trends of 2017 to incorporate in your enterprise.

1. New Products Roll in from Brand Revolution

Consumers, through social media, play a vital role in the marketing sector since they share their requirements and priorities via purchasing choices and direct feedback. This way, brands continue to become increasingly aware of the needs and preferences of their customers. Consumer-facing brands, therefore, get to shape their product or service offering around the most recent lifestyle trends.

2. The Future Is Brighter with Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Brands will increasingly use AI to offer their customers a helping hand. This current trend identifies appropriate artificial intelligence tools as a way for customers to navigate today’s complex world. From high-end applications, providing virtual buying assistants to creating customized shopping experiences, this transformative technology is on the way, in a big way.

3. Mobile Devices Enhance On-the-Go Consumerism

Nowadays, many people have their mobile devices tethered to their sides. The devices offer smarter, faster and more intuitive data, making them more ingrained into our daily routine and connected culture. This significantly affects consumers at the point of purchase.

Over time, mobile devices will become consumer’s most valuable shopping partner since shoppers check them for recommendations and fact-checking.

4. Influencer Marketing

Many companies now recognize Influencer Marketing as the industry’s major brand strategy. With some brands pulling stunts like providing discounts for positive reviews and posting fake comments, using established influencers is probably the most trusted form of spreading the word about your products or services.

5. Consumer Resentment of Intrusive Marketing Increases

Customers don’t want to be bothered with banner ads, pop-ups, and other disruptive brand messages. Today’s consumers dislike brands that aggressively push their way into social media feeds whether through Tweets, Promoted Pins or Facebook.

It is important that you be aware of the latest trends to stay competitive in your sector. Also, be sure not to dive headlong into them but research them carefully and strategize how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

Facebook Enters New Businesses

Raising funds online has been available for a while now. GoFundMe is among the sites allowing for money raising. But, new competition is on the block, CNN reports. And this competitor is formidable. It is Facebook, which is not so unexpected since the company is branching out into other businesses.

Facebook just announced that it’s expanding its charitable tools to personal fundraising. It will go beyond nonprofit organizations into personal fund raising. The donations made will net Facebook 6.9 percent plus 30 cents. Meanwhile, nonprofits will continue to be charged 5 percent.

At the beginning, there will be six categories of personal fundraising. These will include education, medical, medical for pets, crisis relief, personal emergencies, and funeral expenses. Before funds can be raised, 24-hour review process will take place in order to avoid fraud. To donate, users will need to log into Facebook. The processing of payments will take from 7 to 13 days.

Meanwhile, Facebook is taking on Snapchat. It has just released features intended to mirror what Snapchat offers. These include short visual stories, disappearing messages, and camera filters. Its subsidiary, Instagram, already has these features. Facebook tried to buy Snapchat before for $3 billion, but Snapchat decided to go on its own and made a public offering of its shares. After that, its market cap reached $30 billion. So now, Facebook is competing directly against its former acquisition target.

In return, Snapchat is coming up with a new feature known as “Our Story.” It relies on collections of photos and videos related to specific events, and then makes stories out of them. There’s also a new search function allowing for searching events.

Snapchat is experiencing slowing growth, so analysts begin to worry about sustainability of its stock price. It looks that Facebook appeals to various age groups, while Snapchat is mostly used by younger generations. If Snapchat can’t grow quickly and monetize its user base more, it will follow the path of Twitter and have its share price decline substantially. Facebook is a tough competitor after all.

Is Business Slow? Here’s How to Rev Things Up

It can be difficult to stay motivated when business is slow with your company or industry. But don’t waste this time. Instead, do something productive that can help you make the most of your down time. Here are some great tips for revving things up when your business is slow.

Revamp your business advertising and marketing strategies.

The first thing that you’ll want to focus on if things get slow is marketing. There’s always room for better marketing, and a slow in business is a great time to focus on this aspect of business and make some much-needed improvements. If you have an advertising department, hold a meeting with them and discuss new ways to attract customers, clients and followers to your social media platforms.

Check out industry-related networking events in your area.

No one likes networking. This is invariably true, but at the same time, most successful business people know that networking is essential, and it’s definitely something that you should focus on if you are trying to get your company off the ground or improve your return on investments. During slow times in your business, look networking events in your area and get involved.

Many networking events can be located by searching your industry on social media platforms. Talk to other business owners and managers in your line of work and see where the best opportunities will be. When you show up, put your best foot forward, and always make sure that you have a small one to two sentence presentation of yourself and your business. Keep business cards on hand as well.

Don’t get discouraged.

Finally, remember that having some slow times throughout the year isn’t so bad. It’s normal to slow down every once in a while, and if things have been hectic lately, you might even take this as a nice respite from your hectic work schedule. It can also be a time to focus on the other things as mentioned in this article. It’s a great opportunity to set yourself up for success in the future.

The Best Tips to Optimize Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a part of successful advertising and general business marketing whether you like it or not. Most people interact digitally with their various types of technology, which means that you need to be right there with them. The following is a list of crucial digital marketing tips that will help diversify and improve your business so that you can attract as many customers and clients as possible.

Create an e-mail marketing list

The number one thing that you can do to improve your digital backing is create an e-mail marketing list. Many business owners don’t realize how important a good list of leads is for the success of their business overall.

In order to attract people to your digital marketing e-mail list, you’ll need to entice people to sign up. People aren’t just going to sign up for your e-mail list out of the blue. A good idea is to provide a pop up window when people visit your website or Facebook page. In the pop-up box, ask people to sign up for your e-mail list, and in return for them giving you your e-mail, give them something like a free e-book, a coupon for your services or products or something else.

Learn how to update your social media on a regular basis.

This should go without saying, but social media is the epicenter of all marketing and advertising. It is essential that you put most of your marketing efforts on social media on a regular basis. Update your accounts on a daily basis, and create posts that are scheduled to update on their own so that you don’t have to constantly be thinking about it

Offer useful information to clients and customers.

Finally, keep in mind that people want useful information from you as a business. They don’t only want to hear about the new products that you’re releasing next year. They want coupons, how-to tips and tricks and other valuable information that they can use to their advantage.

Try all of these tips for your digital marketing strategy. They will help you improve your business and revenues.

Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Online marketing strategies are aimed at increasing brand awareness and finding more customers for a company. Most entrepreneurs have realized this and are turning to different digital marketing activities to grow and succeed in the highly competitive business world.

Here are four strategies that some of the successful businesses have used to maintain a strong online presence.

1. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) entails promoting a website by increasing its visibility in SERP mainly through paid ads. The term was once used to refer to both search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search activities. But today, the term is used to refer solely to paid search.

What does SEM help you achieve?

Search engine marketing will help you get more visits from search engines from targeted PPC campaigns.

2. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, marketing strategy aimed at reaching the audience on their mobile devices. It can be via websites, SMS/MMS, email, social media, and apps. If done right, this digital marketing strategy offers the consumers customized, time, and location-based data exactly when they need it.

3. Content marketing

Content marketing lays the foundation for most online marketing campaigns. If you want to be perceived as a business with extensive knowledge of your industry, creating high-quality and actionable content should be a necessity to you.
Create content for your blog and other established websites (guest blogging). This way, you will end up with loyal visitors, social media shares, comments and most important of all, sales.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing entails the use of social media platforms to spread brand awareness or promote certain products/services. After creating your content now is the time to spread the word out. The best way to do this is through social media marketing.

With social media marketing, you are looking to gain many targeted followers so that your brand and content get attention. Also, you are looking to get visits from social networks that will ultimately turn into paying customers.

As mentioned above, online marketing plays a crucial role in the growth and success of a business. Use these techniques to get more traffic and customers online.