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How JustFab CEO Adam Goldenberg Puts Digital First with TechStyle Rebrand

Adam Goldenberg is the well known co-CEO of fashion empire JustFab and Fabletics, the brand taken to global success with the fuel of founder and front woman Kate Hudson. JustFab Inc recently underwent a purposeful re-naming and is now TechStyle Fashion Group. This move was highly intentional and purposely brings the company’s digital-first business model to the absolutely forefront of the company: within the name itself.


Goldenberg’s company, Fabletics, was founded as a digital first platform to provide high quality athletic apparel to women at a membership style price model that was affordable without sacrificing style. The company has skyrocketed int he three years since its founding from a startup seeking funding with zero users, to a fully funded company that is now showcasing positive cashflow and able to boast over 400 million users across the world. Goldenberg was recently interviewed on CNBC where we spoke about his passion and vision for his company’s continued growth. He believes in the opt-in pricing model and most of all he wants to provide a great product that consumers really love. He cited that among his user base, most people order on average of three to four times a year and while he prides himself on being a digitally versatile company, in the end it is all about the product being one that is truly loved and valued.


In fact, the company received a $1 billion valuation in 2014 and investors looked to the brand as the next big thing in digital-forward fashion. By utilizing big data and metrics to provide the consumer with what they want, Goldenberg states that he was able to predict market demand within 95%, meaning that there is less waste of inventory. That savings, in turn, can be passed on to the consumer.


2017 promises to be a big year for Goldenberg, TechStyle Fashion Group and Fabletics. Fabletics recently announced it would be expanding its size offerings to meet the demand of more people that wanted to take advantage of the quality, trendy offerings Fabletics has.


Goldenberg has a vision of how technology should meet the fashion runway and both should work together. As early as 2006 he founded his internet brand incubator Intelligent Beauty and four years after launched JustFab, now TechStyle. In an article on the 3 LA CEOs you Need to Know, he stressed the importance of transparency in his companies in all of his companies and the return value that comes from listening to the customers needs, reaching them through digital platforms and consistently putting those needs in focus.

Glen Wakeman Shares the Secret of Success

There’s little to argue when one talks about the difficulties inherent in starting a new business. Anyone who’s managed to get through that process is well aware of how difficult it can be to start a company from the ground up. However, some people who’ve been through it have dedicated themselves to the idea of making it easier for others. One of the more notable examples is Glen Wakeman. He’s the CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC.

But more than being a CEO, he’s also a mentor. This is one of the most amazing things about Glen Wakeman. He’s not just made it big, he’s using that experience to help enrich the market as a whole. In doing so he’s been able to create something far more important and unique than might be apparent at first glance.

For example, he keeps a regularly updated blog to share some of his thoughts and experiences. At first glance the most apparent fact is that it’s advice and experience written by a successful and insightful businessman. But as one reads further it becomes more apparent that he has a scope of experience far beyond the norm. Much of this is due to the fact that he’s a world traveler (Doral Financial). Not in the sense of just going to a different country. But in the sense of actually taking in what those countries have to offer. He’s a world citizen in the truest sense of the phrase. He’s currently lived in six different countries. And Wakeman has conducted business in 30 or more countries.

The importance of this can’t be understated. Like many younger businessmen he came of age in a world economy. He’s well aware of the fact that the business world isn’t limited to a single country. Putting up a website and selling goods and services online means that the entire world has become a market. It’s also a rare company these days which doesn’t operate in that manner. This is one of the biggest reasons why Wakeman’s advice needs to be carefully considered by anyone considering getting into the business world. He’s a world citizen who has a lot of advice to give about the nature of the worldwide market.

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Flavio Maluf, The President of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is a prominent leader in the natural eucalyptus products industry in Brazil. He heads the leading company in this industry, Eucatex. Eucatex was founded by the Maluf family back in the year 1951. It was the first acoustic company that concentrated on conserving the environment. The company is constantly planting eucalyptus trees, conserving the environment for future generations. For this reason, they have received numerous awards for their genuine dedication to protecting the environment.



When Eucatex first started, in the year 1951, this was a very small companies. The owners had no idea that one day this would come to be an international company. The company used to be a small scale company that concentrated in the production of fiber boards using natural eucalyptus. Within the first three years, the company was already making huge steps and in the year 1954, they opened their very first factory, located in Sao Paulo. After that the company seemed to be unstoppable. It diversified to producing soft sheets acoustic ceiling and wood fiber plates. This was soon followed by the production of acoustic panels and insulation.



Today the company continues to be an industry leader. They have even expanded their product portfolio to have two segments- furniture and construction. Today, they lead in the production of affordable and sustainable construction materials. As for the furniture segment, they were the first to manufacture laminate doors. They even manufacture paints.



About Flavio Maluf



For the past two decades, Eucatex has grown by a very large volume, all thanks to the strategic leadership of Flavio Maluf. More factories have opened up, including one in Salto and another in Botatu City. He has also made sure that all Eucatex offices use solar power to conserve energy.



The great leadership of Flavio Maluf can be attributed to his decorated resume. He holds a mechanical Engineering degree from PUC. He also holds a business management postgraduate degree, from the New York University. Therefore, he was well equipped for both the industrial and trade areas of the company.



Timothy Armour Counters Buffet’s Index Fund Claim

On Feb 27, 2017, presented a commentary written by Tim Armour, CEO and Chairman of Capital Group regarding Warren Buffett’s claimed that he could receive better investment returns than hedge fund managers simply by passively investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. Buffett also backed up that claim with a bet. He would contribute $1 million to charity if he achieved this goal. And the way it looks, he will be giving that $1 million away to charity.

But according to Timothy Armour, Buffet’s claim needs a closer look. Armour counters Buffet thoughts with the following analysis:

Index funds according to Armour do not provide any type of cushion when the markets are down. In fact, index funds will expose those passive index funds to 100% of the volatility and the losses that will follow.

According to Buffet, 40 years ago an investor could put $10,000 in an index fund and would see more than half million dollars after that 40 years. That said, Armour counters that if someone invests $10,000 in the best five active funds from American Funds they would achieve more wealth.

According to Timothy Armour you must look a two simple filters for higher returns.

The fund must have low expenses
The fund must have high manager ownership

Thus, investors must throw out high-cost funds and find fund managers who actively invests their own money in the same funds as their investors. This will give investors higher returns and peace of mind.

Timothy Armour is chairman and CEO of Capital Group. His 32 years of investment experience comes totally from Capital in different investment positions. In fact, after he obtained a BA degree in Economics from Middlebury College, he joined Capital in their Associates Program.

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Tesla, Progress, and Fee Structures for Supercharging Stations

Tesla Motors Inc. has announced a change to the structure of Supercharging station fees. A change is necessary because a great expansion of stations is underway. Expansions come with costs. Those Tesla owners who were quite fond of free charging capabilities are likely unhappy about having to reach into their wallet to pay for charging. Such is the nature of progress. Tesla’s free charging stations could be deemed a brilliant short-term marketing strategy.


Few people have not seen a “free trial offer” for a product. The idea at work is a customer takes something out for a test run and, if suitably impressed, continues on as a paying customer. No, buying a Tesla is not the same as signing up for a magazine subscription. Once someone purchases a Tesla vehicle, he or she owns it until the model is sold. Since Tesla vehicles reflect such a radical departure from the common automobile in the marketplace, a few sweeteners must be in place. Free charging would be a great sweetener.


Trying something new requires an incentive. Free supercharging is definitely an incentive. Additionally, when there is a limited number of charging stations, free charging cuts down on annoyances on being inconvenienced to drive far.


Tesla is a growing company. The types of cars the company sells are growing in popularity. This means more supercharging stations must be built. Increased production of stations comes with costs. Consumers end up paying those costs.


The cost-conscious can take solace is some very good news. Tesla will be soon rolling out the Model 3 sedan, a lower-priced model. The lower price may offset charging fees. More good news exists. The fees associated with supercharging come into effect when an annual limit has been surpassed. Those who do not drive beyond the limit still reap promised rewards.


InnovaCare Inc. has announced the Addition of Three executives to their Leadership team

Innovacare is among the top Medicaid and Medicare Advantage organizations that specialize in providing health care services in Puerto Rico. The organization added three executive leaders in the year 2016 as announced by Rick Shinto, the president as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. The new leaders are Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides, and Mike Sortino.

Jonathan Meyers was appointed as the Chief Actuary Officer of the organization. Before this appointment, he was working at the largest carrier in New Jersey, Medicare and Medicaid for Horizon BCBS as the Director of Actuarial services. He has also served at HealthCare Partners in New York as the Chief Actuary and Division of Heritage Medical Systems as the VP of Managed Care as well as CFO at different times of his tenure. Previously Meyers was also providing employee’s benefit consultation services to big unions and employers such as International Paper, SEIU 1199, AXA Financial and Northwell Health among others.

Penelope Kokkinides was named as the Chief Administrative Officer of Innovacare, Inc. she has been working in the industry for more than two years gaining experience in most government programs as well as managed care services. She is extensively knowledgeable on how to develop clinical programs and to manage most health care processes. She aims at improving organizational infrastructure and operations efficiency. Previously Kokkinides has successfully held executive positions in different organizations such as Centerlight HealthCare, Touchstone Health, AmeriChoice and in a division of UnitedHealth Group.

Mike Sortino was hired as the Chief Accounting Officer in the organization. Previously he was working with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co. as a controller and for five years for HCC Specialty as a Chief Financial Officer. He possesses a vast experience in the insurance and reinsurance industry as well as public accounting.

Shinto said that the three leaders bring massive experience, expertise as well as professional integrity to improve the quality of services offered at Innovacare, Inc.

About Innovacare Inc.

Innovacare, Inc. is an organization that offers managed health care services in Puerto Rico. Dr. Rick Shinto is the CEO for InnovaCare Health Solutions. His various honors include the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for New Jersey. The organization operates under two advantage programs namely PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. PMC Medicare Choice has over 200, 000 members and it is served by more than 7,500 service providers. Innovacare has a broad benefit coverage working in a coordinated model as they manage two allocated Medicaid plans under the general Governmental Health Plan (GHP) of the region. The organization is working diligently to provide quality healthcare through the creation of coordinated models of managed care.

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Get Optimal Positioning with Ascendant Capital, LLC and Jeffry Schneider

When investors are looking for excellence and outstanding performance, they need a financial partner whom they can trust. In the field of alternative investment, Ascendant Capital, LLC has proven to be a reliable partner. The firm offers different types of securities and financial services through Axiom Capital Management. It specializes in real estate, alternative investment and also private equity. Since it was founded in 2012, the firm has been committed to offering reliable financial solutions. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

The firm has embraced unique and diverse strategies in order to boost the private equity of its customer. The company has the right professionals who understand the landscape of every market in order to provide tailor-made solutions. It is also the focus of the company to develop differentiated strategies to ensure all the clients are served to satisfaction. It also seeks to partner with fund managers to develop the right strategies to overcome challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Rightful Positioning

In the market, there are different issues which can hinder a business from growth. However, Ascendant Capital, LLC is here to help investors open up their eyes to see the alternative investment opportunities. Through the mutually rewarding business relations, the company has succeeded in making all their clients satisfied. When a firm wants the right positioning, it must hook itself with professionals who are experienced. This is the case of Ascendant Capital, LLC because it has global experience in serving clients.

Jeffrey Schneider Success Story

Jeffry Schneider is a financial heavy weight who is the founder at Ascendant Capital. His experience in the financial services market started after he graduated. As a resident of Manhattan, Jeffry discovered the secrets of how to cultivate long lasting relationships with clients. He also gained considerable experience and a wide range of skills in alternative investment. He started by working in a fund of funds company called Paradigm Global Advisors. The company gave him an opportunity to grow his skills and even know how to analyze managers.

Jeffry attended University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He believes alternative investment can minimize the volatility in a business. For over five years, where he has worked with 30 employees, his company has been able to raise over $1 billion. The company has a huge clientele base and works together with investment advisers and broker dealers. The focus of Jeffry is to see the firm raise over $50 million every month. Over the years, the firm has increasingly grown from one level to another due to culture of transparency, which is embraced in all relations and transactions. It has also made their investors a priority and thus ensuring they focus on making them successful. Jeffry loves staying fit and travels a lot just to explore.

The Life of Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is a company that helps people with their finances. Over time, the company has done a great job of helping others. If you want to take your finances to the next level, this is a great company to work with. There are a lot of people who have had success in this area after working with CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray was the CEO for a long time, but left a little over a year ago. Not long after leaving, he passed away. However, the legacy that he left at CCMP Capital can still be felt to this day. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, this is a great company to work with.

Stephen Murray

From the start of his career, Stephen Murray was focused on helping other people. This attitude started to resonate within CCMP Capital, and that is one of the biggest reasons why the company is doing so well today. The company wins a lot of awards every year for their great customer service. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, working with CCMP is a great first step. They will help you develop a financial plan that makes sense for both your short term and long term goals. Stephen Murray did a great job while he was leading the company on LinkedIn, and he has left a legacy that will always be there.

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Personal Finances

When it comes to personal finances, it can be difficult to balance the needs of the present and the future. There are a lot of people who make enough money to build wealth over the long term. However, few people have the discipline needed to become wealthy. CCMP Capital concentrates on helping customers build wealth over time. Many times, clients have to start off slow and then build off of that. For example, the first step may be contributing ten percent of income to a retirement plan.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Stephen Murray did a great job when he was leading CCMP Capital. The company still feels his influence today when working with customers. Although he passed away, Stephen Murray still is a great example of how to lead a company to the next level. CCMP Capital would not be where it is today without his hard work. Stephen Murray is a great example of what a leader should be.

David Osio and Team Launches Davos Group Real Estate Application

David Osio, together with Davos Real Estate Group executive directors, Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez launched a new mobile devices application for their cherished clientele. The launch of the new mobile app was announced by Davos Real Estate Group via an official statement to the firm’s customers. The application is referred to as the “Davos CAP Calculator” that will help clients in estimating the return they expect to get from real estate investments they could be interested in.


Davos Real Estate Group (REG)


REG is an autonomous company forming part of the Davos Financial Group. DFG is a global financial group, and leader in offering financial advice in the Latin American market for more than two decades. REG employs an industry purpose that centers on the formulation of a venture approach expected to meet all client prospect and needs. It combines premium products in line with the regulatory framework that needs a high service quality plus experience from a professional team that is licensed and specialized in offering its services.


About the Application


Over the past six months, Davos REG executive director, Gerard Gonzalez, has worked together with the Tecknolution company on the successful development and design of the useful application. It enables clients to determine the amount they get in return after factoring in the expenses to be incurred. The application itself was developed using the most recent technology platforms and is available for both the android and iPhone devices. This is the first of a series of apps that are expected to help clients identify properties on their mobile devices and send historical reports on real estate to an agent at Davos using an interactive chat. David Osio held that the application is expected to assist investors get a clear financial vision when investing in property. The app will also help in calculating mortgage.


About David Osio


He is the founder and CEO of the Davos Financial Group of independent companies. David has guided the growth and expansion of the company with his leadership and hands-on business skills. He has enabled the company to increase its income levels and expansion geographically. He has opened offices in various strategic cities like Lisbon, Geneva, New York, Panama City and Miami.


Osio concentrates on the creation of wide-ranging financial services that it offers via a group of licensed and independent companies. They offer customized services to meet the demands of every client to guarantee them of the best service, investment platform and confidentiality. Davos Financial Group offers specialized services through its independent companies.

Follow Osio on Twitter @davidosio1

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The Richest Entrepreneurs In The Tech Industry

The tech industry has been the new hub for most of the upcoming billionaires in the world. The scalability of technology has allowed inspiring entrepreneurs to go from rags to riches in a few years. Below is a list of the 10 richest entrepreneurs in this lucrative industry as at 2016.


Bill Gates

The mogul is the Founder of Microsoft, an American multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells computer software. Gates has an estimated net worth of around $78 billion. He is also the Chairman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Jeff Bezos

He is the CEO of Bezos’ company is an online merchant for books and a wide variety of products and services like video streaming. He has an estimated net worth of $66.2 billion.


Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg is the Chairman and CEO of Facebook. It is the largest and most popular social networking platform in the world. Facebook recently acquired other social network companies like Instagram and Whatsapp. Zuckerberg has an estimated net worth $54 billion. He is the youngest tech billionaire.


Larry Ellison

Ellison co-founded the Oracle Corporation. It is an American multinational computer technology company. He is the Executive Chairman and the Chief Technology Officer of the firm. His fortune is estimated to be worth $51.7 billion.


Larry Page

Page co-founded Alphabet Inc. and Google. He also invented Google’s best-known search ranking algorithm, PageRank. He has an estimated net worth of $39 billion.


Sergey Brin

Brin is the President of Alphabet Inc. He also played a significant role in co-founding the largest search engine in the world, Google. He is worth $38.2 billion.


Steve Ballmer

Ballmer is the owner of Los Angeles Clippers. He is also the former CEO of Microsoft. Ballmer contributed significantly to the growth of Microsoft and release of Windows XP and Xbox. He has an estimated fortune worth $27.7 billion.


Jack Ma, Ma Huateng, and Michael Dell complete the list of top 10 richest tech billionaires in the world.