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US HEALTH Advisors Play a Stellar Role In Ensuring Healthcare

There is no doubt about the fact that US HEALTH Advisors plays a stellar role in ensuring the health care of people by marketing the services of the US Health Group. Take the case of US HEALTH Advisors insurance services for instance. Their agents have made it their professional mission to help people get the best health insurance plans that meet their requirements and budgets. As a matter of fact, their motto is defined by the acronym (HOPE), which stands for helping other people every day. This means that people know for sure that when they are going with US HEALTH they are in the safest possible hands.


The reason why so many Americans trust US HEALTH Advisors and the Insurance services they offer is the fact that these are defined by two very important attributes-affordability and reliability.


With all that is talked about affordable health care these days, US HEALTH in a sense is rendering yeoman service to the sector. This is the outcome of more than 50 years of industry expertise as well as the goodwill generated by US HEALTH’s more than 15 million customers.


So well regarded is US HEALTH in the industry that a lot of people want to work as US HEALTH Advisors’ agents. Apparently, a US Health Advisor employee’s salary is quite handsome and the lifestyle it affords them is good too. The company is ever on the lookout for talented and self- motivated people to work for them. Their compensation is by way of an innovative model under which they pay a percentage of the business brought in on a weekly basis. The monthly commission when combined with vested renewals ensure that the agents reach a handsome six figure salary.


Of course, the agents get top class support in helping them with their sales process. So there is every reason for agents in the employ of US HEALTH to be quite content. Besides, they have exciting bonuses that they can try to qualify for. These are not that difficult to achieve, and anyone who is able to generate regular business can easily make the cut.

Susan McGalla-Breaking The Corporate Glass Ceiling

Women have come a long way in the past hundred years. We have the right to vote and the freedom to work outside the home. But, we still have a long way to go in corporate leadership. Positions of leadership in the workplace continue to be dominated by men worldwide.

Many women, in a corporate leadership position, have proven that they perform well. Companies with female leadership often outperform their male-led counterparts by fifteen percent. Could it be because women are more open to new ideas and think outside the box?

Susan McGalla is a prime example of the progress woman can make in a male-dominated corporate arena. Her advantages started with her family and upbringing. Her father was a football coach and she had two male siblings. Susan was given no concessions for her gender. Her father and brothers made her toe the line. Susan learned to work hard to earn what she wanted.

This type of early training worked well for her in a male-dominated work environment. In 1986, she graduated from Mount Union College with a BA in Business-Marketing. Her success began in 1994 where she joined ranks with American Eagle Outfitters. In her fifteen years there, beginning with all male-led company, she rose to the position of president of AEO. She went on to be CEO for Wet Seal, Inc. In January 2013, she founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, a retail strategy consulting firm. Currently, Susan is Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC.

Females are slowly gaining ground in taking company leadership roles. A woman can use networking and initiative opportunities as support. Strong successful women, with powerful leadership skills, need to band together and support their colleague’s efforts to rise in the company’s decision-making positions. United, women can break the glass ceiling and our skills be rewarded.

There are excellent female mentors in the field. They are making a difference. Leaders, like Susan McGalla, are breaking new ground in industries that have been traditionally all male and proving they have what it takes.