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Daniel Mark Harrison: Redefining Overachievement

Daniel Mark Harrison comes from an impressive lineage of business men and wears many hats. A graduate of Oxford University in Theology, he later got his MBA from BI Norwegian Business School as well as journalism degree from New York University. As a direct descendant of the House of Harrison, which was in the money printing business, he is considered to be a “jack of all trades” by industry observers. Apart from being the current CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison Co or DMH&Co, he is also a journalist, an author, and a Bitcoin enthusiast. He is also a managing partner of Blockchain funding firm, Monkey Capital.

DMH&Co is completely owned and managed by Daniel which takes care of his as well as his families assets. They have offices in Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong as well. Overall DMH&Co is seen as an investment company with considerable repute around the world. One of Daniels interest and passions is in Bitcoins. In fact, he is a regular contributor for the e-magazine, Coinspeaker. After he got on board, readership went up nearly a half a million. He helped out on the editorial side of things, as well as the optimization of the site. While working for CoinSpeaker, Daniel has been an important part of breaking stories that are considered important in the digital currency world.

As mentioned, Daniel has also authored a few books. One of the most notable ones is “Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Todays World” as well as “The Millennial Reincarnations”. Some of the most notable publications he has contributed to include Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Portfolio Magazine. He also appears on various reputable TV channels to put in his two cents about finance related matters. Recently, Monkey Capital made the news by selling options named COEVAL, which is pre-ICO options, on Decentralized Exchange or DEX. By doing this Monkey Capital became a pioneer in the Crowdfunding option, raising over a billion dollars.

Greg Aziz Makes National Steel Car Corporation Glorious

One would not talk about the success of National Steel Car without mentioning Gregory James Aziz’s contribution towards making the corporation great. The company is one of the major railroad freight and car manufacturing companies globally. It was established in 1912 and is situated in Hamilton, Ontario. It is a subsidiary of the National Industries Inc. and is headed by Greg J Aziz. Click Here for more information.




The history of National Steel Industries

The corporation was founded by many investors led by Sir John Morison Gibson. Basil Magor was tasked with leading the National Steel Car project. When the newly established plant in Ontario became functional, Magor became the general manager of National Steel Car Company Limited. During the firm’s first few years, it surpassed the expectations of the investors.



The firm began manufacturing in 1913, just when the Canadian rolling stock orders were at its peak. Considering the perfect timing, the company received a significant number of car box orders from the Canadian Pacific Railway and an array of other orders from Canadian Northern railway. In 1991, Robert Magor and Donald Symington (of Magor Car Corp and Baltimore respectively) submitted an offer to the company which the other investors agreed to. It was renamed the National Steel Car Corporation Limited under new management.



Business was good, and the National Steel Car was doing great until the depression period during the 1930s. During this time, the company was doing badly regarding diversity as compared to its competitors. At some point, it opted to produce bus bodies, motor trucks, and outboard motor boats. World war two renewed its strength, and the company has been doing well ever since.



In 1962, Dofasco bought the National Steel Car. The company was to decline later, forcing Dofasco to give up its control. Hamilton Corporation National Industries, owned by Greg Aziz, bought the firm in 1994. Being the good manager he is, Greg was able to increase the production capacity from 3,500 to 12,500 rail cars annually and grow the workforce from 500 to 3000 employees by the year 2000.




Gregory James Aziz philanthropy

Through the National Steel Car Corporation, Greg has been able to sponsor many philanthropic activities, especially within the Hamilton community. They include the Theatre Aquarius, the united way, the Hamilton opera, the Salvation Army and other local charities. They also hold a Christmas party annually where the past and present employees come together to celebrate the company’s achievement. James Aziz and his wife Irene sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair.