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Business Automation: How Small Businesses Can Save Big?

Since the advent of the Internet, online marketing has become a major tool for companies to advertise their products and increase potential revenues. Whereas, traditional technologies were more suited to big businesses, the virtual space on the Internet has made it possible for small business owners and individuals to use the same tools that are employed by large companies. However, most small business owners are eager to jump on online marketing without evaluating if current tools are suitable for their cash-stricken small businesses. They must realize that not every marketing tools will suit their budget and time constraints that are usually associated with emerging companies.

Luckily, there are some tools that will not only make things easier and enhance productivity. Among these, automation is the newest and most efficient tool. According to Huffington Post, 85 percent of the relationship campaigns will be automated without human intervention, by 2020. Similarly, businesses that use automation to reach potential prospects are likely to see an average of 451 percent increase in qualified leads compared to other marketing methods. Still, the most instrumental question is the likely budget of the campaign. These days, almost every application has in-built features to calculate marketing impact, therefore it is important to compare the potential revenue against the monthly budget.

Similarly, small owners must understand that they should only use software that doesn’t require them to be a tech wizard. Instead of the huge learning curve, business owners should only use tools that are user-friendly. For instance, GetResponse is a marketing software that allows users to create marketing campaigns using an innovative flow chart that can create customized marketing campaigns without learning complicated program language. Hopefully, automation tools like these will help small businesses to increase their potential revenue without falling for marketing gimmicks of thousands of advertising tools.