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Glen Wakeman Shares the Secret of Success

There’s little to argue when one talks about the difficulties inherent in starting a new business. Anyone who’s managed to get through that process is well aware of how difficult it can be to start a company from the ground up. However, some people who’ve been through it have dedicated themselves to the idea of making it easier for others. One of the more notable examples is Glen Wakeman. He’s the CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC.

But more than being a CEO, he’s also a mentor. This is one of the most amazing things about Glen Wakeman. He’s not just made it big, he’s using that experience to help enrich the market as a whole. In doing so he’s been able to create something far more important and unique than might be apparent at first glance.

For example, he keeps a regularly updated blog to share some of his thoughts and experiences. At first glance the most apparent fact is that it’s advice and experience written by a successful and insightful businessman. But as one reads further it becomes more apparent that he has a scope of experience far beyond the norm. Much of this is due to the fact that he’s a world traveler (Doral Financial). Not in the sense of just going to a different country. But in the sense of actually taking in what those countries have to offer. He’s a world citizen in the truest sense of the phrase. He’s currently lived in six different countries. And Wakeman has conducted business in 30 or more countries.

The importance of this can’t be understated. Like many younger businessmen he came of age in a world economy. He’s well aware of the fact that the business world isn’t limited to a single country. Putting up a website and selling goods and services online means that the entire world has become a market. It’s also a rare company these days which doesn’t operate in that manner. This is one of the biggest reasons why Wakeman’s advice needs to be carefully considered by anyone considering getting into the business world. He’s a world citizen who has a lot of advice to give about the nature of the worldwide market.

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Amphivena Therapeutics Develops New Drug for Acute Myeloid Leukemia


In August of this year Jeanmarie Guenot’s company Amphivena Therapeutics announced that a new drug AMV564 was approved by the FDA for use in clinical trials for acute myeloid leukemia. This Phase 1 study will evaluate the safety of the AMV dosages used in patients. The study will evaluate the anti- tumor activity of the drug and how it affect each patient.


This study will determine the maximum dosage a patient can take safely. More dosage sizes will be studied in the Phase 2 clinical trails. Amphivena Therapeutics has given patients another therapeutic option for AML and its treatment.


JeanMarie Guenot, president and chief executive officer of this Bay Area biotech startup said that the studies showed great promise for a robust therapy for patients with minimal concerns for patients safety and side effects. The studies of the drug using patient samples and animals models proved successful. She looks forward to the clinical trials with patients in the future.


AMV564 is a antibody that uses T-cells to eliminate cancer cells with CD33. CD33 is a receptor that is found on many cancer malignancies and on AML cancer cells. It showed promise in newly diagnosed and relapsed patients that were treated in the studies.


Amphivena Therapeutics. is a cancer immunotherapy company that is located in California. Its current drug AMV564 is used to treat acute myeloid leukemia. This means that the cancer progresses rapidly and if not treated in few months could be fatal. Myeloid is the type of cell that develops with this type of cancer. It is often treated with several different type of therapies.


As taken from her CrunchBase page, JeanMarie Guenot Ph.D has over 20 years experience in the industry. She has worked with many companies in research and development, business development, project and alliance management, and venture capital projects. She built and ran a company called SKS Ocular. This company developed drugs and therapies for glaucoma and macular degeneration.


At BioPharma she lead licensing, mergers, acquisitions, and commercial product portfolios. She began her career at Atlas Venture where she managed venture capital investments and started up life science companies. At the University of California she earned her Ph.D and MBA from Wharton School at the University of Pennslyvania.


Jeanmarie’s company continues innovative work in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology with developing new therapies for cancer treatment.  Read some of the medical works personally published by Dr. Guenot on