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The Remarkable Life Of Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a renowned Brazilian businessman. He is the son of politician Paulo Flavio. Born in 1961, Flavio was raised in Brazil and attended the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in Sao Paulo where he completed his undergraduate in mechanical engineering. Flavio went to the popular New York University where he studied about administration. After graduation, he worked briefly as a professor at the university.

He met and married his wife Jacqueline de Lourdes Torres Coutinho while still in New York. In 1987, they moved to Brazil and joined Eucatex. He first worked in the company’s trade sector before moving to the industrial area where he served until 1996. Flavio was invited to the Eucatex Group Executives by his uncle who was the President of Eucatex at the time. In his position as a Group Executive member, Flavio managed to introduce the use of technology in the management structure of Eucatex. Flavio introduced new ideas that enhanced operational efficiency at the company leading to his election as the company’s president in 1997.

Eucatex was established in 1951. The corporation is regarded as the first environmentally conscious company. The company produces panels and ceiling tiles by using Eucalyptus, as its raw material. Eucatex also uses soft wood fibers as part of their raw materials. The company produces hard boards, soft boards, furniture, varnishes, paints, ceiling panels and tiles.

The corporation’s management made a decision to preserve natural resources using their corporate responsibility arm. Eucatex has bought large tracts of land where they are involved in reforestation projects. Through the reforestation projects, the company is able to meet the growing demand for different furniture products. Flavio has helped the firm start a recycling plant in Salto City. The recycling plant recycles wood waste. Eucatex uses bio gas as its source of fuel. The use of bio gas has served to increase the rate of production.

Flavio is known for being philanthropic. He contributes to community development projects and environmental causes. Recently, he participated in the Idio Carli hospital fundraising drive whose aim was to buy better equipment to improve the health care services. Besides, Flavio is a family man who has a daughter and two sons. His eldest son is an administration student at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. His second child is a chemical engineering graduate in London. His last born child is still a high school student who has dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer in the near future.

Heads Propaganda Recognized As a Leading Advertising Agency in Brazil

Heads Propaganda is a Brazilian advertising company and is ranked among the 20 largest domestically owned advertising agencies in Brazil. Heads Propaganda is also among the five advertising agencies in Rio de Janeiro. This agency has a philosophy that aims at building an agency from the inspiration of life.

The agency has a commitment to working with originality, passion, and knowledge so as to gain the deepest and broadest sense of this world. Heads strive to offer unlimited advertisement in accordance with eclectic seasons. It also focuses on contributing beyond the advertisement. The company is committed to connecting to a converging and competitive environment in terms of communication.

Heads team believes that original ideas can be able to create and foster relationship thereby cementing them. The team wants to have a coherent and strong client-agency relationship as well as brand customer relation. Heads Propaganda has built a bold name for its great performance, and it was chosen in 2011 to be among the best communication agencies within Brazil by Great Place to Work Institute.

The agency has customers such Volvo, the Apothecary, Petrobras, and Shop South Federal Savings Bank. Claudio Loureiro is the co-founder of Heads Propaganda. The agency was born from the mind of a dreamer. Today, it has been recognized as among the largest advertising companies in Brazil.

Loureiro was also in charge of bringing onboard the director Woody Allen. Loureiro is always searching for new advertising forms to add on to the company’s work. He is actively checking what’s new in advertising. While Loureiro may have unusual ideas, they do always work out. He believes that the company’s success comes from the risks it takes.

Heads Propaganda has invested close to $9 million. It has also bought as well as renovated some four-story property in Ipanema. In 2014, the company invited the former Secretary General of the UN who is also a winner of Nobel Peace Prize to Brazil during the celebration of 25 years since its existence. This was a great opportunity for the company to appreciate and recognize the milestone it has achieved since its inception.

The agency has been combining knowledge and has kept up with innovations and technologies. This has created opportunities for growth of the company. The company was formed from the dream of establishing an own business that involves art and nurtures relationship in businesses. It was founded with the dream of having a business activity that has an eye to brands as well as product strategies, according to Loureiro.

Brazilian Lawyers and the Rule of Law

Lawyers in Brazil are encompassed in an association known as the Brazilian Bar Association or OAB, which was founded in 1930. The function of the association is basically to implement and regulate the legal profession in Brazil. Currently, it has a total of 847,921 lawyers as of 2013 and has its head offices in Brasilia, Federal District. It plays the role of vetting in of individuals graduating from law school and certifies them to publicly practice law. Before the Bar approves a lawyer, they have to indulge in mandatory 2-year training, followed by an examination offered both in written and oral form. On approval, they can then take the oaths and register for the organ class. Brazilian law is more or less a derivative of the Portuguese law, an influence of the colonial period and is based on statutes and stare decisis. Brazil is renowned worldwide for regulating their lawyers at a national level.

Brazil is endowed with several law schools making it a destination for law students wishing to pursue legal profession. It has seen the rise of serious corporate lawyers and powerful law firms operating worldwide. The lawyers fall into different categories such as immigration, corporate, environmental, accident and individual/family lawyers. These lawyers may have their own law firms; work as an individual or in partnerships in pursuit of related goals. Leite Tosto e Barros is a famous Brazilian law firm that specializes in business law and legal support for companies. It also takes part in conflict resolution, arbitration, and judicial proceedings. It has its headquarters in Sao Paulo and has employed several native lawyers.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a Brazilian lawyer who mainly deals in civil and commercial litigation and credit recovery. His other talents are in corporate restructuring, international law, and electoral law. Mr. Ricardo is the co-founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados a world class private law firm. He has 20 years of experience practicing law. He is also a member of the Brazilian Bar Association. He started small in an office as a legal consultant but later established his own law firm. He defended powerful individuals, companies, and even government officials and soon he was famous all over the country. He worked hard and professionally despite controversies and tantrums to implement law in Brazil in matters contributing to economic development.

Currently, Brazil has a total of over 800 thousand lawyers registered with the OAB. The OAB has a code of conduct and discipline that regulates the lawyers as they litigate the law. This falls under the ethics sector and is to be applied to all lawyers to ensure fair administration of justice. The superior law of Brazil lies in the federal constitution that is like a manual to all legal officers. It can only be changed through amendment.